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Monday, 24 January 2011
11:58:17 PM (GMT)
Phillip ran into the room, staring at Isabella’s body that lay limp on the floor, and then looking back up at her giggling twin. Belle looked like a little girl. She was skinny, and in a ruffled childish dress. Her hair was in messy pigtails, and her smile was innocent. Phillip now understood why the twins got away with everything; they were just innocent to the core. Or so they looked, anyway. The officers ran in after Phillip, shocked at what they saw. Belle skipped around her dead twin’s body, humming. She looked up at the officers. She grinned, innocently. “You came to play?” She asked, she pointed her gun at the first officer, and laughed, “I’m really good at this game. Are you sure you want to play it with me? You just might lose. Bella did. She was such a sweetheart too. And who are you?” Belle pointed her gun at Phillip, and took a step closer to him, “Are you, sorry, were you Bella’s little fuck buddy? I bet you were! I wasn’t ever enough, because well, you know,” She grinned sheepishly and dropped her voice to a whisper, “I didn’t have a dick. God just graced me with my pretty little pussy and that wasn’t enough for Bella I suppose.” Phillip glared at the girl, not wanting to hear anything else from her. He had never wanted to hit a girl before, but Belle just deserved it. “Do you see what you’ve done, playing your little game? Do you? You killed the only human being who gave a shit about you. The only human being who cared if you lived or died and you killed her. Don’t you care? Because now, you could die and no one will cry. No one will notice and no one will care. They’ll say, ‘Oh? That little bitch died? I hope she’s burning in hell for what she did.’ They won’t be saying that it was such a shame. They won’t say you were such a lovely little girl. They’ll just say good riddance. Did you know that if you died, Isabella would have cried? She would have cared? But not anymore, because you killed her. So now, no one gives a fucking shit about you.” “That’s a lie! People will care! I’m too pretty for them not to! And Isabella, she’s faking. She’s not… she’s not dead. You’re a liar! I don’t like liars!” Belle started to cry, and her hands shook. She felt the room begin to spin. Looking down, she saw her twin sister, bleeding. Belle fell on the ground and felt Isabella’s stomach, hoping to find her still breathing. Isabella didn’t move. Belle stared and pushed her sister’s body. “No! She can’t be dead! That’s not true!” Belle screamed, and glared at the officers, “Bring her back! Bring her back!” She began to shriek. “We can’t, Isabelle. Because you killed her. She’s dead. And it’s all your fault.” Venom oozed out of Phillip’s words, but the effect was nothing he had expected. One would think that he would have learned that these twins never did the expected. Belle was quick, no one saw it coming. She put the gun in her mouth and she pulled the trigger. It was fast and it was easy. The people who came to inspect the scene found it interesting that the twins were holding hands, soaked in their own messy blood. After further inspection, it was found out that Isabella was pregnant, with what they presumed was Joshua Lewison’s child. She wasn’t very far in the pregnancy, and no one was saved from the gun shots. After further research, it was discovered that the twins’ mother had gone insane, and committed suicide, shortly after the twins turned six. It was then discovered that the twins’ step mother had sexual abused Belle, thus causing her to “not like” her. The two trauma’s occurring closely together is what researchers presume caused Belle to “take care of” people she disliked. However, why she was so possessive of Isabella is still beyond what any of us know, and it’s doubted that we shall ever find out.

‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   25 January 2011   713639  
*claps claps* Sad ending but good, really good.
enchantedmistakes says :   25 January 2011   569180  

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