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Chapter 4: DangerCategory: Lauren Bridie Kay: A Vampire Love Story
Tuesday, 11 January 2011
05:38:41 AM (GMT)
I could feel my eyes widening as a threatening voice came through the phone. It
sounded strained and muffled slightly but frightening at the same time. “Wh-who are
you?” I stammered slightly, my finger hovering over the end call button. I really
couldn’t care less on whom it was, I just didn’t like the sound of their voice.
“You already know” He whispered as the line dropped dead, the slow ringing
humming in my ears.

I could feel the phone sliding slightly out of my fingers, wanting to hit the floor
and fall to pieces. Slowly, I put the phone down, letting it hit the bench with a
thud. No, no, no I though frantically as I pulled my fringe out of my face with shaky
fingers. Not much scared me due to the fact that I was one of the most deadly things
on Earth. Only one person, or in other words, monster, did. 

I could imagine the whole scene unfolding before me, teeth and claws, a thirst for
blood and death; all of this under the light of the moon. I’d always thought it
brought peace to the world, but I was wrong. I was proved wrong when, when I met it.

Fur covered its body from hair to toe and amber eyes shone with a blood thirsty heir.
Claws piercing the ground as it ran at a supernatural speed and a tail flew behind
it, whipping from side to side as it dogged inanimate objects that stood in its path.
It was the werewolf, the vampires only known predator, well, other than those
babbling idiots’ humans call slayers.

“I have to warn Michael” I said as I walked mechanically out of the room, forcing
myself to walk towards the door. Hopefully it’s not lurking outside my house I
thought with a grimace. I didn’t want to die. I was too young to die. My life was
only at the begging; apart from the fact that I would eventually stop aging.

Sighing I grabbed my coat from the side table and walked out of the house, checking
my back every few steps. I hugged my jacket close to my body as I walked down the
path, tripping every now and then. It would only take ten or so minutes to get to his
house, I hope I’m not too late I thought as I passed under a low hanging tree, the
lower branches getting tangled in my messy hair.


The stars were beginning to come out, shining brightly against the black of the sky.
Looking up for a quick glimpse before I knocked on Michael’s door, I noticed the
moon. It was full. I could feel a scream building up in my throat as I raised my hand
to knock on the door. I whipped my head around as I began to knock, my hand not
connecting with wood but air. Panic swept through my for a micro second. I saw he
face looking at me worried by my expression, with a sigh of relief I began to relax,
pushing past him, eager to get off the porch.

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