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Mini Story, Part 1Category: (general)
Monday, 20 December 2010
08:57:54 PM (GMT)
So, uh.... its a mini story about the past of one of my characters in Azaleus
NOTE TO MEMBERS: This is just small story from one of my characters forms - it
doesn't affect his character any, and certainly shouldn't affect the roleplay

Intro: That's Who I Am
My name is Alexia Dydamas (born in more olden days, as you can guess), and this is my
boring, pathetic story. Well, every cool guy doesn't exactly have a cool backround,
neccesarily, does he? I'm one of those people, and if your a girl, don't read this,
because you'll probably lose interest in me... and i live - or unlive - for girls.
Figure out the damn rest!

Chapter 1: When I Was Younger
I was the runt of the pack - since all of my brothers and sisters were adopted old
(at like, 16 or something when no one would adopt them but my parents), when i was
born, there were no doting brothers or sisters. My mother and father talked about
things that at the time, i would never have understanded. I was a baby. They talked
about 'dirty' things, and adult life in general, but they never swore, or said
something especially bad about me. My only sister that i knew left on my first
birthday, when my hair was still black. I thought she was going out on an errand. I
should've known she wasn't when she was crying so much. I was pretty preoccupied with
the rattle she had gotten me (remember, i was a baby), so i didn't care, but it
developed over time. That's when i learned to walk. I was so small, but a few months
later, she still hadn't come back. I had to find her, to save her, or whatever she
needed. Well, I ended up in an abandoned street with police searching for me. I was
eventually found, but I wondered why the sister I had loved so much had left. Then
the intense love was turned to my mother. Until i was 3, there wasn't one time that I
wasn't with my mother. When I had learned to talk, she was my first word. My
vocabulary quickly intensified, and at 3, i knew most of the smaller words. At age 5,
I was old enough to engage in sports and the such, make friends. I was very skilled
with the weights, and I lived for tag. I liked the monkey bars better than I liked
the slide. Climbing up the slide beat that, even. A year or two later, I stopped
after i fell and broke my leg after climbing up to a place of a little more magnitude
(the roof of our house), and it was a miracle i was even alive. I thought something
broke my fall halfway through, and thats why I lived, but it was different (but I'll
tell you thta later). At age ten, I started to get interested in many more things,
and hate a few things too. The morale of my climbing habit had started up again, and
I loved games. I shyed away from the bullys, who were always unusually cruel. They
were creeps. I hated them. Like any 10-year-old, I was very ready-to-learn, and loved
to impress people with my knowledge. My mother and father were also very smart
people, so that helped, too. I clung to them, because that they would always love

Chapter 2: Teenage Dream
I was a very hyper teenager. I played my games to death, and treasured my computer. I
impressed people more and more, always treasuring the love of my parents more. 14 was
in my opinion the best year in the world at the time. I was a member of every sports
team, constantly had a girlfriend, everyone loved me, and things with my parents were
always great. It stayed that way for a while, till I was 16. At 16, I got a little
rebellious. A little crazy. I stopped thinking before i acted, and started thinking
only of my social life. 16 is still my opinion of the worst year ever, actually. Even
my social life started to hate me. So for an entire year i stayed in my room. There
were many rumors. some thought i immigrated to Australia. Some were genuinely worried
about those people. Some thought I'd transferred. Some thought i changed my phone
number. Some thought i created myself a new life somwhere. But when i turned 18, it
changed. I left the house that night, seeking my sister. When i found her, her eyes
were red. There was spit dripping from her mouth. She looked like a monster. She was
a monster. But i still held her. I don't know why I did that. I don't know why that
the resent for her that I locked up never seeped through even as I saw her like that.
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