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Fail to Mention? ((Part two))Category: Stories
Tuesday, 14 December 2010
07:00:19 PM (GMT)
Hours after searching almost each dragon, I became exhausted. No bond yet, and I
doubt there ever will be. The dragons I looked at already flew off. Only about six
were left here with me. I roamed, wondering which would be mine. I looked at the two
men whom laid on the ground, gazing at the sky as they waited for me. The dragons
were laying down too, probably bored out of their minds. They were peaceful and
patient creatures when it came to this.
	"That's enough. I'm letting you two help me narrow this down. Which out of these six
hold something similar to me?" The blond jumped up to this. He ran over to me as the
bald one stayed on the ground, probably asleep.
	"Let me see, let me see." He let his fingers go through my hair and he examined my
skin bone body figure. If it wasn't for my butt, hips, and c-cup breast, I would be
considered a stick. He smiled and looked up at my face, examining my skin color and
facial features. He looked over at the dragons and he shoo-ed three of them off.
"That's the best I can do. They can hold your personality too, but I could tell the
others had no connection to you at all." He smiled once more in my direction, then
walked to where he once was. I looked at the three dragons that were here, and only
one looked back at me. With my gray cloud coloured eyes.
	It felt as if the breath was knocked out of me. The other dragons roared and flew
off as I felt like I was being lifted into the sky. I couldn't tell, my eyes wouldn't
break the connection the dragon and I was forming. It seemed like I went into a
cloud, all I could see was those eyes, the rest seemed to be lost in a fog. I gasped
as the mist started to swirl around me. The feeling of claws scratched at two points
of my head and my skin, especially my outer right ankle. I screeched in pain as it
started to get unbearable, and it stopped. I was on my knees, on the ground,
breathing hard like I ran a marathon. The blond was next to me, rubbing my back.
	"You alright?" He asked as I started to get my breathing pattern under control. The
dragon in front of me was a darker gray, but still the colour of a dark cloud. I
smiled up at it, then I got a sharp pain at the top of my head.
	"Ow!" I screamed and pressed my hands where the two points of pain started at. Only
problem was I wasn't touching my head, I was touching two small horns. I gasped and
jerked my hands away, then looked at my skin. It slightly shimmered in the light,
like I would if I just got done swimming and the sunlight was reflecting off of the
water droplets. I didn't notice it before, not until I looked closely enough.
	The blond smiled and helped me up. "Congrats. You got the horns and beauty of a
dragon, even though you were beautiful before."
	I flushed and giggled quietly. "Thanks, I guess." I held my breath when I stood on
my ankle, and the pain slowly resided. "I guess I know where my mark is..." 
	The bald one laughed and jogged up to us. "I thought you were faking it so we could
	I raised an eyebrow and lifted my leggings to reveal the tattoo that looked like two
butterfly wings against a heart, in a red outline. "Huh. Creative?" The blond was
staring at my forehead, stun marked the look on his face. "What?"
	He lifted my bangs and pointed at my forehead, the look of shock never leaving. I
frowned and moved my eyes to the bald. He was still a few feet away from us, but he
also froze before getting any closer. The blond reached into his pocket and showed a
mirror. I grabbed it and looked at my forehead, and gasped. The same red design was
swirling on the side of my eyes and marked on my eyelid like eyeliner. I blinked a
few times and my eyelashes suddenly became black instead of gray. "What the...?" I
looked over at the blond.
	"I guess what I said went to it's full extent." He raised his eyebrows and smiled.
"You are beautiful beyond words."
	I flushed again and looked back at the mirror, the design leaving my face and it
returned to normal. "Has anyone had something like this before?"
	"Only one, and she was known to be the most powerful Dragon Tamer. She died not too
long after she found her dragon and  killed the leader. She told the one who was with
her when she died that she would be back as another when danger worse than this
comes." The bald one spoke up after the design was completely gone.
	"Huh. That's weird." That's all I left to that subject. I looked up at the blond and
raised an eyebrow. "So I don't go to school anymore?"
	"Oh, yeah, you will go to school like me. A full six years."
	"Six years! Are they crazy! I only had one more year of school left and now I have
to go for another five? That's some bull!" I crossed my arms and the two started to
laugh at me. Figures.
	"It is much more entertaining than regular school." The blond smiled.
	"That's your opinion." I frowned at the thought. "Where is the school?"
	"It will be yours too." He looked up at the sky. In unison, both of the males
whistled and two dragons appeared. One was white as the bald guy and the other was
burnt orange, like the blond told me. "It's in the sky. Mount your dragon and we'll
meet you there." The two jumped onto the two dragons that flew down, inches from the
	"How am I suppose to do this if I am afraid of heights?"
Last edited: 14 December 2010

‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   14 December 2010   518581  
Please continue? 

Oh, in the 4th the word the has an extra 'e' and in the 14th line you
have 'be' instead of 'the'..
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   14 December 2010   131614  
Omg, thank you >.<

And I'll try :P 
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says :   14 December 2010   410211  


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