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Dumb, Self-Centered Kids + 8 Mile = InspirationCategory: Sick and Twisted School Life
Monday, 13 December 2010
10:06:54 AM (GMT)
So, I watched 8 Mile on Saturday, and now all of my thoughts are in rap.  So, I
decided to express some of those thoughts in rap form.  Be warned, it contains
uncharacteristic swearing and some exaggerations of the truth, but the message is
still there.

This diary entry also contains other musings on the same subject, not written in rap
form, though.  

Next time you call me lazy, uptight or rich,
Bitch take it back.
This is the place I put myself at.
And you don't know what the f*ck
I've been through
Just to prove to the world that I'm not like you.
Six years old, no stories gettin told.
Better learn to multiply-
How you gonna get by?
Seven years later
Pressure comin from all sides
Time to turn the engines on
Stakes about to get high.
Girl, you're in high school now,
Weekend comes around, no party hoppin-
Got a dance competition, univeristy's knockin.
Four hours a night, underline, colour code it
Dance shoes go on, bust your ass,
You ain't broken.
Go to bed, all you're thinking
Is what you didn't get done.
F*ck this life, I though the teenn years
Were s'pposed to be fun!
But it's worth it, see
Cause someday I'm gonna be
High above you lazy assholes
You'll all be lookin at me.
Wake up, go to school, take a look down the hall.
You're all made up, drugged up, knocked up know-it-alls.
I close my eyes and I realize
That day I was dreaming about
Is right here, right now.
So resent me, hate me, talk about me, f*ck me,
But next time you call me lazy, uptight, or rich,
Bitch, take it back.
This is the place I put myself at.
And you don't know what the f*ck 
I've been through
To prove to the world
That I'm not like you.


You think with me, what you see is what you get.  Pretty little brownoser going to an
Ivy League school someday.
You don't know my grandma just passed away.  You don't know my dad had cancer when I
was ten.  You don't know my family's about to be split up.
All you see is me in our perfect alphabetical line, next to Haley and Grace.  Haley's
dad was the principal- she can get whatever she wants, right?  Well, you don't know
that Haley's right under her mom's thumb and she's never even lived her own life. 
Grace is so pretty and Grace is so smart, with her long blonde curls and her science
awards.  Well, you don't know that Grace goes home to her mom and her sister and the
picture of her dad on her bedside table, because he died when she was seven.  
You don't know us.
You don't know that the only difference between our perfect little alphabetical line
and you wrist-cutters, you pot smokers, you drinkers, and all you other self-centered
bitches, is that we don't look for problems.  We look for solution.  We put ourselves
here.  Nobody did it but us.  Nobody gave us anything.  So why don't you just shut
the f*ck up?


I'm sorry you're jealous that I actually use the gray stuff between my ears.  Trust
me, I'm not full of myself.  I'm not perfect.  I don't have an IQ of 140, and
it's enriched classes, not MENSA.  You could be here, too, you know.  I understand
that.  But don't think that doesn't mean I'm not going to get pissed when you shit
all over me because you're too lazy to be here.


You saw WE discriminate?  WE discriminate?!?!  Who brings up your EQAO
scores?  Who wins your math contests?  Who gets perfect on you're literacy test?  Who
goes to the National Science Fair?  Who's building this school's reputation day by
day?  NOT YOU!  In twenty years, who's going to be paying for your
welfare?  WE ARE!!!!!  What do we get for it?  Jack shit.  Because that would
be discrimination.
Discrimination my ass!  We're the ones who are being discriminated against!


It seems like every book, every movie, every song is the story of the outcast; the
underdog; the loser.  When is someone going to tell the story of the queen bee; the
jock; the enriched kids?  When will someone care to listen to our side of the coin?


I'm done now.  
Last edited: 16 December 2010

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   13 December 2010   849663  
A lot of people flaunt their problems like it makes them better than
"I went through all this, so I'm better than you!!!"

I like this a lot, even though I don't like rap.
tiggerlemon101 says:   13 December 2010   716891  
Thank you   I'm not a big rap fan either, except for Eminem, but
like I said it was just floating around in my head. 
summerrain says:   13 December 2010   110109  
Omg, the things 8 Mile can do to you.....
It's really good! :D

Like, damn girl, I didn't think you had it in you. xD
tiggerlemon101 says:   14 December 2010   546508  
I know, right!!!  Me?  Who woulda thunk it?
LOL, my parents officially hate that movie now, though.  :P 
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   17 December 2010   689298  
This was great. to show you how much time,I've been on favebook, I'm
STILL looking for the 'like' button!
JackPower says:   17 December 2010   250718  
Wow rap is so lame. You are so lame. Get the monkey poop outa here.
tiggerlemon101 says :   17 December 2010   371611  
I feel the same way!  I try to 'like' things on every website I go
And thanks.   


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