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Tuesday, 23 November 2010
03:53:30 PM (GMT)
OMIGOSH. I'm going to see Harry Potter again tomorrow :D GUYSSSSS. I HAVE NO FRIENDS ON HERE )': Mygosh, no wonder i left kupika. You're all either loners or like, paedos. MESSAGE MEEE??? ------------- Ok i'm gonna stop moaning and talk-about-my-day-which-is-what-a-diary-is-for-right?? Ahhh well i woke up about 7.50, shoved my hair in a bobble (i should have washed it- it was horrible and slightly greasy and ever so curly all day -.-) and got ready for school. Left my house about 20 past 8, got to school for half past and stood outside form glaring darkly at the most annoying person in the world. My tutor finally turned up and opened the classroom, where i sat watching everyone frantically complete their maths homework. Haha, i did mine last night, and wasn't gonna let them copy. I went to science... My teacher gave us a sheet of paper with some information on and a blank piece of paper and told us to make a leaflet. This was nothing new- we never actually get TAUGHT in her class and end up teaching ourselves. She's worse than Umbridge. Then i had maths and my teacher wasn't in so i sat there doodling on my hand... again. I lost count of how many times i drew the deathly hallows sign. THEN i had uh... PE. That sucked. I can't even PLAY badminton. Then english. Turns out i have to prepare a speech on why i shouldn't be thrown out of a hot air balloon. I'm a 35 year old bloke who has a girlfriend and a son who is 11. I work in a factory. I changed the character profile a little so now i'm a 35 year old lesbian who works in a chocolate factory. After that i had Science again. We finished our leaflets and played bingo. I have to revise everything we've done this year for a test next week, which is a GCSE past paper. She hasn't even taught us anything that's on it. FML. Then i had welsh.... >.< Just because i live in Wales does not mean i actually give a shit about learning the language. Then Art club. I walked around school with kim sticking pictures and posters of BMTH everywhere and taking photos of them. All-in-all, it was rather boring. Tomorrow should be better though- RE (i still haven't done my homework), then Maths, Double food and double art. Message me NOW or feel the wrath of VOLDEMORT. Yeah, that's right. I SAID THE NAME.

victoria8450 says :   23 November 2010   357508  
im seeing it tonight!


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