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Heart BrokeCategory: (general)
Monday, 15 November 2010
03:11:05 AM (GMT)
Due to the number of people that has asked me to write this, i will fulfill their

. Before i had this big crush on another girl. But when i met this girl i

had the biggest crush on her for the longest time. As time went by, she would have

different boyfriends and i would have to endure the pain of watching her and some

P.D.A (public display of affection) with her "boyfriend" . And it hurt me a lot from

time to time. And whenever i would see her hurt, it hurt me even more because she

is going with a guy that can’t treat her right and i know that i would treat her

better then my best. I would treat her the way deserves to be treated. Far better

than a princess. I will do my best to make her as nearly as happy as i am when i see

her smile to me. Then one day i finally build the guts to tell her a little how i

feel because i might as well if she doesn’t have a boyfriend because she is single

the time. And when i do, it just all blows away because she says that she rather has

me as a friend. All the time when she was with her past boyfriends i was always

there for her to talk about her problems. And when she tells me that i was just

Heartbroken...i stopped talking because it was too much for me to bear. Then after a

while i start talking to her again and she is liking one of my friends. And when i

went to a festival with my friend she likes i ask him who he likes, and he says he

likes the her. And as heartbroken as i was, i get them together...i tell them that

they like each other...for the past 5 months they have been going out now and every

time i look at then, i get reminded of the heart break i went through...and all

those 5 months, i was always talking to her about her problems and what they go

through. Before they went out, the guy she is going out with chose another girl over

her, and yet she still likes him which makes me sad and every time she asks him why

he chose that other girl over her, she can’t give him the right answer. This hurts

a lot because she is getting hurt and i know i can treat her a lot better. Then one

they break up...i thought that this could be my opportunity to really prove to her

much i feel..but i really remembered how happy she was with him although he treated

her a little wrong by pushing things too fast and not making wise decisions...as

as i wanted to be with her, i thought about what makes her happy because that’s

that mattered to me...i got them to talk to each other..and i got them back

together...it was a sacrifice i wanted to make to keep her happy....i just posted a

recent picture of me and her we took today on my profile at the party...it shows

that i would probably never be with her more than a friend...but as a

brother...witch means we cant be more than that....heartbreaking...

I need some advice. Not two sense.

‹Legendary Catwoman› says :   15 November 2010   261140  
A pretty story that shows what real love is. = )


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