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Another Day In The YardCategory: (general)
Saturday, 13 November 2010
04:16:20 PM (GMT)
It was a hot summer day, the sun's rays were strong on this particular day. The heat
scorched the grass on the ground, it was a wonder why anyone would want the grass to
be mowed on a day like this, but nonetheless it was a job. And somebody had to do it,
and unfortunately today that someone was me. Poor old me, Fred motherfucking Maddox.
I sat on the porch waiting for the old fat lady to bring around the lawn mower and
then finally after about ten minutes of waiting, she came around with the rusty red
machine and parked it in front of me. It was a wooden fenced in back yard that noone
could see into, except me and the old lady. I sighed as she brought me the lawn mower
to me.
       "Here," she said. "I want it all mow down within an hour."

       "Okay," I replied to the old woman. I knew it was insane to mow a yard that
three acres in size within an hour. But oh well, I would get it done. Without any
problems, I couldn't afford any mishaps.

     She turned around and i started up the mower and just one hour later the old
lady came back with a long metal stick. I was puzzled and then came the stabbing pain
to my side. The metal stick hit my side again and again and again. I was grunting in
pain and then at last i reached out my hand and i grabbed the cold metal stick. I
smiled and yanked the stick away and I turned to her face and looked her right in the
eyes. The look of fear was making me happy, I felt a urge to hurt her and then I
swung the metal stick into her shin and watched as a welt appeared in her skin under
her black skirt. 

       I hit her again in the other shin and then she fell to the ground holding her
legs. The bruises were there, blood rushing up to the surface that wasn't going to be
broken. Not yet, not yet. I smiled wickedly as I threw the metal stick to the chopped
grass that i was working on. I pulled the cord to start the lawn mower again and once
again I looked at the old lady who I notice urinated herself. I started to move the
lawn mower slowly towards her and she screamed in fear, she attempted to get out of
the way. But it was useless, completly useless.

       I pushed it onto the her feet and it shredded her skin and ripped apart her
bones. The lawn mower made grinding sounds from the sawing through her bones, it was
causing her pain, and giving me pleasure. As the lawnmower made it's way to her
kneecaps, the blade stopped and it was broken. I couldnt use it anymore, at least not
to torture her. I pulled it off of her and I looked at her legs, all mutilated and
torn to shreded to broken shards of bones and skin. It looked like paper and flabs of
skin just flapping in the wind. I looked at the sight, the only thing missing was the
maggots, which wouldnt be here for days. The old woman was still alive.

       I looked around the room and saw the shovel, the pitchfork, and the weedeater
leaning against the side of the house. I looked at the old woman and ran and grabbed
the pitchfork and ran back to the old woman. She was on her stomach now, trying to
get way. But I wasnt going to let her. Not that easy. I kicked her over back to her
back and I thrusted the pitchfork's sharp spike-like prongs into her stomach to make
sure she wouldnt try to escape anymore. I walked back and grabbed the weedeater and
walked back to the struggling old woman. She was afraid of me, that or she was
accepting her demise. Accepting me as her murderer, I was the Angel of Death. For

       I turned the weedeater on, and looked her in the eyes. I lowered it slowly
onto her face and watched it rip through her face, the eyeballs ripping to shreds.
Busting, yellowish shit gushes from the eyes and blood starts to pour down her face
like tears. Her teeth fly out as the wire from the weedeater rips apart her jaw and
then i tossed the weedeater down to the ground. She was dead, a gaping hole rest in
her face, I could see brain and tissue matter just laying there.

       I buried her mangled corpse that night in the yeard which would then become my
yard. And thus it was just a day in the yard....

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