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Thursday, 4 November 2010
06:39:20 PM (GMT)
The sun's coming up, telling me I have to go back to my owner. I sighed and waved
bye to David, my owners' true loves' shadow. I close my eyes and think of my owner's
bedroom. Feeling the change in the atmosphere, and the fact I was laying down until I
sat up and strectched, I knew I was back in time. She stood up, as did I. I followed
everymove she made because if I didn't she'll find out about my world. Two different
deminisons connecting by light. Nifty, eh? She is like a shadow to me as I am to her,
but they only difference between us is I don't sleep. I have no energy to loose; none
of us in this world do. We are affected by light, that's why we only appear if
someone is blicking the light. If there is no light, we usually go somewhere else
dark, trying to find friends to communicate with. We are those extra shadows you
humans see. Not ghost nor spirits, magic. But we have to copy the humans, and they
sometimes copy us, like when they are drunk or in a dream. They enter my world then
too, that's why it's strange because you get your power's when you are here, but he
erase that memory from you before you come back. It's dull; no fun at all.
Walking into the similiar school as my "other", I ran into David. I felt my cheeks
flush a rosy pink. Dang it, I thought. I couldn't keep my emotons under
control around him. I fluttered with my fingers, because my plain, black string
backpack held my books.

"Hey," I shyly, look down. My voice is light, advoiding to show any emotions. Like I
said, I'm trying to keep it in control.

"Hey," he replied. By the way his voice sounded, I could tell he was smiling. His
hand stroked my cheek gently. I blushed and knocked my firey red, curly hair over my
face to hide it. David's hand slipped under my chin, and lifting my head, he kissed
me. He was gentle, as always, which made my knees go week and my blush worse. David
moved his lips across my cheek, traveling to my ear softly.

"You're so cute, and very beautiful." He whispered. His warm breath tickled my ear.

I smiled, even thoughI declined his compliment. "We both know I'm not."

His hand fell and began to glare at me. He hated when I said negativce things about
myself. He use to argue with me, but now-a-days he just stares at and and waits 'til
I break. He wouldn't touch me or talk to me; David just stared. Don't get me wrong,
it bothered me. A lot.

"Don't do this, David. Pleas, don't." I pleaded tenderly. David just looked at me, I
sighed. "Ok! Fne, I agree, whatever."

David thre his arms around me, pulling me close, and kissed me fiercely. I gasped,
surprised, but it didn't take long for me to kiss back. Being this close to him
wasn't close enough as my heart wanted me to be. I felt his lips beginning to part,
so I do the same. He hardly kisses like that, where I start to feel like I am part of
him. He knew I liked to kiss like that also, and because so, he only kisses me like
that when I make him happy. I try to do it all the time, but he makes it difficult.

Once we stopped kissing so we could catch our breath, he whispered in my ear like
before. "I love you, Lani, so much."

Blushing again, I whispered into his ear. "I love you, too, David. I will always want
to be with you; forever."

"And always." He pulled away, smiling.

I frowned, not wanting him to move away from me. I wrapped my arms around his waist
and clinged to him. He laughed at me quietly.

"Lani, let go."

"Make me."  I smiled, knowing he wouldn't.

He chuckled. "You asked for it."

"Wha--Eep!" I squeaked when he picked me up. "David!" He laughed at me. "Put me

"Make me." He mocked.

"Ok! You win. Again" I kick my feet as he moved me around in the position a
bride would be into his newly-wed husband's arms.

Like he knew what it reminded me of, he said, "If only you were wearing a white
summer dress." I blushed and he continued, "It would match those pretty rose cheeks
and sexy tan beach skin." My blush deepened.

"You know we can't get married. Yet." I gace him a firty smile and he put me down.

"Yet better be soon. I want something on you to prove that you're taken." He kissed
my cheek.

"Your heart in place of mine isn't enough?"

"Ni-ni," he called me by the nickname he gave me when we were little, "it isn't
visible." David laughed while I frowned.

"But it's enough for me."

"Are you sure? I got something for you, but if you don't want it...." He trailed off
and looked away.

"Oh! Lemme see!" I giggled and jumped up and down, excied. David laughed at me again
and held out a fuzzy box that was long and rectangular. "What is it?" I played with
the white bow on top.

"Open it." He stated simply. After a second of feeling stupid, I done what he said
and gasped.

"Oh..., David...." I was lost for words. A thick, black band wrapped around the
charm. The charm, oh the charm, what a beautiful thing it was. It was a crescent with
a star connecting the ends. The crescent was made with silver, the star was made of
gold with a small diamond in the center. The crescent and the star both have had
pieces cut out to make a gorgeous design.

David slowly walked behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. "Do you like it?"
He questioned, laying his head on my shoulder.

"No." I said. His grip on me tightened, and I knew he was upset. "I love it." I took
it out of the box carefully. "CAn you put it on me?" I handed the ends back to David
so he could tie it around my neck.

*to be continued*
Last edited: 26 November 2010

‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   4 November 2010   723230  
I like it. 

My favorite part is: "No." I said. His grip on me tightened, and I
knew he was upset. "I love it."
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   4 November 2010   694208  
Thanks. xD I've always done those things, get people to think about
one thing then tell them what I really mean. :] 
‹xsilentxtearsxfallx› says:   4 November 2010   823110  
Haha. I did that in Alex. 
‹✬Kaybell❣› says :   4 November 2010   840755  
I've noticed. xD 


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