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Last Summer's Black Heart~ Chapter 13 Part 1Category: Book/Drama
Sunday, 24 October 2010
01:59:23 AM (GMT)
Just Because I Felt Like Posting Something That Was Of My Best Work, This Story Is
Now At Ch.23 And Only Has 2 Chapters Left, But I Thought I Should Share This One Just

Chapter Thirteen; Unexpected is always the worst. 

	A week passes faster than you think when you’re dreading what’s going to happen.
It goes by even faster than when you’re not paying attention to time. Or maybe it
just went by really fast because I had never imagined a day like this would come, a
day where I’d be leaving the one I loved.
	Maggie and I had once again had gone to our ice cream place, and just like she had
said we spent as much time together as we could. And we joked about how the clothes
we had gotten for prom, which was now six weeks away, were at a waste. For we would
not wear them and we had no other use left for them, their only purpose was for prom
	And on Monday I had visited Constance and told her the news, she was upset but told
me not to worry about her because Kraze, Maggie and Claire would take care of her in
my place and that I no longer needed to constantly worry over her. 
	As for my parents, they were very busy with packing and checking to see if every
bill was paid, and if the house needed any repairs before they sold it. 
	But right now that all didn’t matter to me, because I was out in town with Maggie,
it was my eighteenth birthday and we were doing as we had planned, but we were taking
a stop first.
	Maggie didn’t even know what I had planned for when we arrived at Devil’s Cove.

	“Oh geez that’s awful.” Maggie said, as I turned around to show her the shirt
I was wearing. I looked down at the shirt, it didn’t look bad to me, it had skulls
on it and was pretty cool.
	“Really? I think it looks pretty darn good.” I said. Maggie shook her head.
	“Not even Ophelia would follow your trend if you wore that around her.”Maggie
laughed; I nodded and took off the shirt. “Whoa! Jeez warn me before you do
that!” I turned to look at Maggie.
	“It’s not like I have anything to hide, by the way how are Ophelia and Kaleb
doing?” I asked. Maggie looked away from me and picked up a black scarf.
	“Okay I guess, she’s been obsessing over him like crazy. But she’s envy of me
for getting you because she said she can just tell you have some serious muscles
going on, including a six pack. Which you actually do have...” Maggie wondered off
and picked up a hat. I smiled to myself and threw on a white shirt with the words
‘surf’ plastered over it.
	“How about this one?” I asked. Maggie turned to look at me, a baseball hat and
sunglasses on.
	“I like it better, but how about a dress up shirt, they look like they’d suit
you more. Try a pink or gray one.” Maggie told me. I nodded and put the shirt in
the buy pile. And then I stepped off of the lift where the changing rooms where and
headed to the pile of dress shirts, I picked up a black one with small white lines in
	Maggie didn’t know it, but I was planning to drive back from Graceland so I could
take her to the prom, and maybe this shirt would go better with my suit than the
purple shirt I had gotten. 
	Stepping back onto the changing room lift I shrugged on the shirt, and watched as
Maggie came up behind me, hat and glasses gone, she fixed the shoulders for me as I
buttoned up the shirt. And then she stepped back to look at me.
	“What do you think about this one then?” I asked. Maggie quizzically stared at
me and then smiled.
	“I think it suits you way better than normal shirts.” Maggie said. I laughed and
started unbuttoning the shirt.
	“Then I should start buying dress shirts and start wearing them.” I told her.
Maggie nodded and picked up a belt from a rack and looked at it. And then she put it
around my waist and looked at me in the mirror.
	“This belt also suits you.” Maggie said. I looked at her weirdly.
	“What? Are you trying to turn me into a business man?” I asked. Maggie laughed
and took back the belt.
	“No, turning you into a business man is what I want the least. Now if you tucked
in your shirt, then you’d be a real business man.” Maggie told me. I shook my
head and grabbed my gray shirt and threw it back on. Being a business man wasn’t
exactly my dream job.
	“Well then I better not tuck in my shirt.” I said. Maggie smacked me with the
back of her hand on my stomach and then helped me pick up my buy pile. 
	“Want ice cream before we head down to the beach? It’s still pretty early.”  I
said. Maggie thought about what I had said while I paid for my new clothes.
	“Sure why not.”  Maggie said. I smiled, took the bag and shoved the recite into
my pocket and then held the door open for Maggie. We both headed to the truck.
	“How about you go over there and order our ice cream while I put this stuff
away?” I asked, Maggie nodded and I pulled out my wallet to give her ten dollars.
Maggie quickly kissed me on the cheek and then walked off towards the ice cream
	Putting my stuff in the back I lifted up the blanket in the backseat to see if I
hadn’t forgotten my stereo. And there it sat, by big black boom box with my
carefully selected CD inside. I smiled to myself, yeah Maggie would like my surprise.

	Locking my truck up, I shoved my keys into my pocket and ran to catch up to Maggie
who was licking her dripping cotton candy ice cream. I grabbed mine from her hand.
	“Tiger? How’d you know?” I asked, smiling. Maggie laughed and shrugged.
	“I just knew.” I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her in close to hug her, when I
let go Maggie twined her fingers through mine. Which reminded me of the old Japanese
story Maggie had told me about. 
	The Japanese believed that they were connected to their soul mates by an invisible
red thread that was tied to their fingers, and through that thread the bond was
connected. If one was sad or hurt, the other would feel the same way. Too bad I
couldn’t feel what Maggie felt like, but I knew she was happy right now. 
	Licking our ice cream we walked down the board walk and talked about how the summer
had went so far and Maggie joked about how it took me a month to realize that I liked
her, and I joked about how she was the one who had rejected me at first.
	By the time we had finished our ice cream and I had wiped some off of her nose, it
was around seven at night, by the time we reached Devil’s Cove it’d be eight. But
that was okay with me, an hour long drive with Maggie was the best.
	We headed back to the truck still hand in hand and laughing. I let go of Maggie’s
hand momentarily to unlock the car and open her door for her.
	“Thank you.” Maggie said as she hopped in, I bowed like a fool and then smiled
at her before I shut her door and walked around to the driver’s side. 
	When I got into the car I turned up the stereo and pulled out of the parallel
parking spot. Me and Maggie looked at each other, smiled and then we prepared what we
were going to say to each other for an hour in our heads.

	By the time we reached Devil’s Cove it was actually eight thirty two because of my
dilly dawdling.  Maggie was watching the moon reflect off of the ocean’s water as I
pulled out my boom box. 
	I let Maggie watch the moon for a few more seconds as I waited for the CD to load, I
paused the song and then looked back at her.
	“Maggie! Maggie, come over here!” I called; Maggie turned to look at me and then
made her way over. 
	“What is it John?” And then Maggie noticed the boom box, “No way, what are you
doing John?” Maggie asked me. I smiled grabbed her hand, holding her in a slow
dance hold.
	“Having our first dance together of course.” I answered. Maggie laughed and hid
her face from me as I let go of her for a second so I could turn on the song, and
then I quickly moved back so we could start dancing as soon as the song came on.
	“Oh my god John, I didn’t know you were such a romantic!” Maggie said, I
smiled and pulled her close as the song played its smooth remedy. It was: Two is
better than one by Boys like girls featuring Taylor Swift. And I had thought it was
just perfect for us. 
	Maggie tried to stop laughing as I danced her slowly to the beat, and when she
finally did stop laughing she rested her head on my shoulder and turned it so she
could see me.
	“And now I’m thinking two is better than one.” I whispered along to the song
as we danced, Maggie smiled and then I felt her sigh as she relaxed in my hold,
letting me take complete and utter control.
	“Da da da dum dum dee.” I muttered Maggie laughed again, a short soft one at my
poor sound making. I smiled and then pulled her away until she was facing me again,
and then I stepped closer, letting go of her hands and wrapping the around her in a
hug style instead, I kissed Maggie.
	Maggie smiled and then kissed me back. When we pulled away the song was over and all
that was left was static as the boom box tired to play another song, but there
wasn’t another one. 
	I stepped over to the machine and turned it off, then I grabbed Maggie’s hand and
handed her a white lily.
	“John, you’re acting like this is a first date, not your eighteenth birthday.”
Maggie muttered to me as she smelled the flower, I walked around her to grab her
other hand with my hockey jacket in hand.
	“I know but, I love you, so what better way to show it.” I said. Maggie smiled
and then stopped just before the water and sat down. I stood, looking into the sky
like Maggie had, and I thought, I thought about a lot of things. I even thought about
how the wind’s draft brought the water in the ocean back and forth on the ocean’s
shore. How the dark blue of the ocean reflected the night sky and bright moon; it was
like a scene from a movie. Probably the most beautiful scene I had ever seen. 
	“It’s beautiful...” Maggie whispered. I turned to look at Maggie and smiled, I
watched as the wind came to Maggie and blew her hair back then, making her light
purple hair whisk out behind her in a wave of color. I chuckled and finally sat down
beside her, wrapping my hockey team’s coat around Maggie. 
	“I know, that’s why I chose to bring you here. For our last night together...”
I whispered. Maggie laughed now, and pulled the jacket closer to her chest.  I
didn’t want to smile, but I couldn’t resist smiling at Maggie’s laughter. 
	“For tonight at least, don’t talk about that Johnny.” Maggie scolded me.  I
laughed again. How had I met this Maggie again? Oh yeah that was how, a lonely night
a long while ago. Back then Maggie had had the most interesting hair that was styled
up in a cute way.  Maggie was also into a lot of unique things back then. No matter
how you looked at it, you couldn’t see how that Maggie had turned into this
	I smiled to myself. “Hey do you remember...” I cut myself off. There was
something wrong... I turned to look at Maggie and froze.
	“Maggie? Maggie?!” I yelled, I shook her and tried to get some response, any
response. “I swear to god Maggie if you’re faking this it isn’t funny!” I
cried, but still Maggie didn’t respond. 
	I looked around wildly, looking for someone, anyone that could help me, I didn’t
know CPR! 
	“Shit! Maggie, Maggie! Please, please wake up!” I cried. Something was horribly
wrong with Maggie and I didn’t know what it was! I pulled out my cell phone and
dialled nine one one.
	“Come on, come on!” I muttered as the phone rang and rang.
	“Hello?” a voice answered. I sat up straight and looked at Maggie again.
	“Yes hello, my girlfriend is unconscious and won’t wake up no matter what I do,
I need assistance right away.” I said.
	“Okay sir, we’ll send the paramedics right away.” I shook my head, that
wouldn’t be fast enough.
	“No that’s okay, I’ll drive her there, it’s faster that way, just have a
place ready, I’m John Quinn!” I said, and then I hung up the phone. I picked up
Maggie gently in a honeymoon hold and ran her to the car; I dumped her in the front
seat, then ran to the trunk, grabbed the boom box and slammed the trunk door close. 
	Once I was in the car I eagerly started up the engine, and once it was on I stepped
on the gas pedal like there was no tomorrow. 

	When I got to the hospital I was so frantic, and I ran faster than I ever had to the
front desk.
	“What can I—Oh my god, what happened here?!” The front desk lady asked.
	“She passed out on me, she’s unconscious!” I yelled, “Please help her, I
told them to have a place ready, I’m John Quinn.” I said.
	“Oh okay yes, we’ll get her in right away, I suggest calling the family while
you wait, Doctor! Doctor Mathers!” The lady yelled, a man in a long white coat
turned around to face the lady with a clip board and then his face dropped as he saw
who was in my hands.
	“Maggie?!” He asked, he snapped his fingers at some people and then ran over to
me. “What happened to her, I must know!” He said. 
	“She fainted on me!” I responded, the people came down the hall way to us with a
gurney and stopped beside me, I put Maggie down on the gurney and then watched as
they wheeled her away, the doctor yelling instructions at them.
	I looked around the hospital and then pulled out my cell phone, ready to call
Maggie’s family, but then I realized I didn’t even know her family’s home
number I only knew her cell phone number and Ophelia’s.
	Wait, Ophelia was staying at Maggie’s if I called her; I’d just get her to bring
Maggie’s parents with her! I quickly pressed in Ophelia’s number and it felt
forever until she picked up.
	“Well well, John Quinn what a surprise you’re call—” I cut Ophelia off.
	“Yeah yeah, just listen; are you at Maggie’s house right now?” I asked.
	“Yeah why?” Ophelia said. 
	“Because I need you to get her parent’s and bring them down to the hospital,
right now.” I said. I heard Ophelia gasp.
	“Oh shit! Okay I’ll get them and we’ll be there in ten minutes tops okay!”
Ophelia said. I nodded and closed my phone, and then sat down in the blue waiting
	I tapped my foot restlessly as I waited for them to arrive and got dirty looks from
the people around me, so I stopped and instead tapped my fingers on the arm chair. 
	“Where is she?! Where is my daughter?!” A voice yelled as they came running down
the hall in flips flops, a purse flinging on their arm. I stood up.
	“Miss who is your daughter?” The front desk lady asked, I held up my hand to
	“Don’t, I’ve got this.” I said, Ophelia came running down the hall then, her
eyes widened as she saw me.
	“John! John where is she?!” Ophelia asked me.
	“With a Doctor Mathers.” I said. “In ICU.” The woman I took to be Maggie’s
mother wobbled and had to grab onto the desk. I took her hand.
	“Dear god not another one!” She cried. I led her to the waiting chairs and saw
someone who was probably Maggie’s father round the corner to where we were.
	“Is she okay Jayleena?” The man asked. Jayleena looked up at him.
	“She’s in ICU Paul! ICU! It’s happening again, dear god, why do you hate
us!” Jayleena yelled, Paul sat down by his wife and pulled her head into his
	“Shh, shh stay calm, stay calm.” Paul whispered to her. I looked to Ophelia who
was standing beside me biting her nails as she watched her aunt and uncle try to
grasp a hold of reality.
	“Do you have a hold on what’s the matter with Maggie Ricket?” A nurse asked a
doctor as they rushed down to the ICU.
	“I’m not too sure yet Nancy. We’re just going to have to see her in order to
tell, but I have a theory.” The doctor said. I froze, it was like my world had just
completely disappeared and all that was left was the desert wind.
	Had the nurse just said Maggie Ricket? As in Nathan Ricket’s little sister? Had
they just said that Maggie’s real last name was RICKET?! No, no it couldn’t be!
She was too energetic and happy to be Nathan Ricket’s little sister... she
couldn’t be Nathan Ricket’s sister because I loved her! Maggie couldn’t have
cancer! She just couldn’t! She was too kind to have it!
	I whirled around to face the parents.
	“Excuse me, but are you perhaps Mr and Mrs’s Ricket?” I asked. The parents
both looked up at me like I was an idiot. 
	“Of course we are! Who are you is what we should be asking!” Mrs. Ricket yelled
at me, her husband tried to calm her down again, meanwhile I felt like fainting or
	“He’s Johnathan, Johnathan Quinn. He’s Maggie’s boyfriend.” Ophelia said
while pointing at me, I stumbled and fell into a chair.
	“She...she has cancer?” I asked. Ophelia hit me.
	“John don’t ask questions to things you already know!” Ophelia hissed and I
stood up again.
	“But I didn’t know! Maggie never told me! She said her last name was Pickin!”
I cried. Ophelia stood wide eyed and then she blinked.
	“You mean she didn’t tell you...that she has leukemia?!” Ophelia exclaimed.  I
shook my head and sat back down.
	“No, no she didn’t!” I said. Ophelia sat down in shock beside me and stared
blankly at the other side of the waiting room. 
	“It’s a terrible fate to have, especially for her. Maggie always wanted to be a
runner, and then...she got this and her brother died.” Mr. Ricket told me as he
still hugged his weeping wife.
	“I know about your family, I even went to your son’s funeral and had been in the
same school’s as Maggie but...I never knew that your daughter’s name was Maggie
until last month.” I said. Maggie’s dad smiled at me.
	“I’m sure Maggie had her reasons to hide her real last name from you, and
others. But I’m just not too sure that was the right thing for her to do. But
either way, I’m thankful she has a guy like you. One that cared enough to bring her
here.” Mr. Ricket told me, and then he patted my hand. I tried not to look like I
was afraid. I was afraid of the fact that I was in love with a girl that had cancer.
	“Mr and Mrs’s Ricket we’re ready to talk to you now.” Doctor Mathers came
back into the room with the other Doctor that had been talking to the nurse earlier,
the Doctor who had spilled Maggie’s secret to me.
	“It’s okay to say it out loud here Doctor Mathers and Westenlor everyone here is
close to Maggie.” Mr. Ricket said, he squeezed Mrs’s Ricket’s shoulder as if to
brace her for the news to come. Doctor Mathers nodded and then sat down on the table
in front of us; he pushed back his black hair and then looked at Mr and Mrs’s
	“I’m sorry to say this, but Maggie’s cancer has come back.” Doctor
Mather’s said. Mrs. Ricket broke out into a howl and Mr. Ricket struggled to keep
his grip on her as her frantic cries rang though out the hospital. I was just in
complete and utter shock. 
	Ophelia gasped and then looked at me, I felt frozen to the spot and blinked, I just
	“She’s going to have to go through therapy all over again. But we’re hopeful
that it’ll be successful just like last time was.” Doctor Westenlor said, holding
out a chart for the parent’s to sign. Mrs. Ricket batted them away, but Mr. Ricket
took one hand away from her to sign the forms.
	“Well then, as soon as Maggie’s up to it, we’ll start the chemo therapy.”
Doctor Westenlor said, and then both doctors got up and left. A nurse turned the
corner and walked over to us. 
	“If any of you wanna see her now, you can.” The nurse said. Mrs. Ricket immdetly
got up, and dragged Mr. Ricket with her, the nurse gladly led them off to Maggie’s
	“I think I should call Kaleb. I need to talk to someone.” Ophelia said. I nodded
and then rested my head in my hands. 
Part 1
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