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The Chronicles of La Flor de Infierno: White Rose, Chapter 4Category: TCoLFdI:WR
Wednesday, 13 October 2010
07:04:03 PM (GMT)
When we appeared in the forest a ways away from NYC. Jasper sat against a tree,
trying to hold back tears. I turned to face the hooded man. 
     "Who ever you are." I said to him. "Thank you."
     "The thank you is towards you, Flor." he responded. I caught a glimpse of
sparkling turquoise eyes beneath his hood.
     Jasper punched the tree he was leaning against.
     I sighed. "Listen... who ever you are..."
     "I would rather be called by my name." he growled. "Which is Vladimir. By now
you should know what I am." He lowered his hood and we stared at each other for a
long time.
     Jasper clearly had enough.
     "Jordan is dead and all you two can do is exchange pleasantries, names, and that
sort?!" he screamed at us. He brought his fist to the tree again.
     "Jasper... I'm sorry... I had no idea they would even know where I was..."
     "What are you Flor!"
     I paused. How could I tell a human? How could I tell a mortal? I owed it to him
at the least. I got his best friend killed and it was all because of who and what I
     "I'm the... princess of Hell. My father is... the devil, Satan, Lucifer, Diablo,
whatever you prefer to call him." I paused. "He prefers Lucifer, though." I added
     Jasper looked from me to Vladimir. "Is he a demon too?"
     I opened my mouth to answer, but Vladimir cut me off.
     "No. I'm the opposite. An angel." he said softly but determined. He looked up at
the sky. He took a deep breath. "I think I can do something about Jordan. It was no
his time..."
     Jasper's face lit up and hope glimmered in my heart*. If this angel could help
this human, I was going to help. I didn't care it was with an angel.
     "I have no intention on staying, Flor-Belle." said Vladimir.
     I shook my head. "We need you, though. A human isn't safe with... me. We need
someone like you. Someone who knows how to fight something like me in case I go...
     Vladimir crossed his arms. "I'll stay for a week. I'll make my decision to stay
or go at the end of the week."
     "Fine." I growled. I wasn't used to being defied. I looked at Jasper, who had
fallen asleep. I looked up. It was nearly ten at night.
     I turned my attention to Vladimir. "Yes?"
     "You remember how you were to live with Cletus?"
     "Of course I do. It was--" I paused and stared at Vladimir, wide-eyed. "How did
you know?"
     "Me and a few others were... sent down to Hell." he said, looking past me. "Some
were sent to find the two princesses. The other half was sent to monater your father.
I was sent after both you and Stacie. I am to protect the incorrupt one, which is
you. Other angels I cannot yet reveal the names of were sent after the... corrupt
sister, which happens to be Stacie."
     I blinked in disbelief. Stacie was considered corrupt by the angels? And I was
not? What did she do on Earth that I was unaware of?
     "Vladimir..." I said softly. "Stacie lied to me all this time?" I didn't have to
finish the thought. Nor did I have to wait for an answer. "I... I'll be back."
     Without waiting for Vladimir to respond I took off into the woods. I stopped at
a giant... what had Stacie called it? Oak tree? I leaned my forehead against the
bottom of the tree. Tears found their way to my eyes, and they poured out like a
flood. I began to punch the tree. I was only aware of the pain when I saw the blood
on my knuckles and the tree. I just cried harder.
     I was woken from my trance-like-thing by Vladimir's hand on my shoulder.
     "Flor, I'm sorry." he whispered, concern clouding his eyes.
     "No one cares!" I screamed. "Sorries are nothing! No one means anything anymore!
Everything is lies now! Everything! EVERYTHING!" I began to cry again. My knuckles
stung from the cuts. 
     Vladimir put his hands on my shoulders. "Jasper and I are here for you, Flor.
Don't forget that, even though we have just met. We'll always be here for you."
     I nodded and wiped the tears from my eyes.
     "Did I mention your eyes are pretty?"
     "Nothing... nothing."
     I shook Vladimir's hands off my shoulders. "I'm going to sleep..."
     "Goodnight..." whispered Vladimir.

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‹คคг๏ภ; tђє ภєץt гє๒เгtђ ๏› says:   13 October 2010   660068  
i didnt think thats what I sounded like but ok.
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   13 October 2010   794768  
‹zach33› says:   14 October 2010   344433  
they hjave hearts?
‹zach33› says:   14 October 2010   776803  
‹Zboy0112 is my display name.› says:   14 October 2010   766435  
Isn't it weird that Vladmir is the same name in my favorite book
‹Green Spring Grass› says:   15 October 2010   202487  
yes i finally found that and im reading it :DDDDDDDD! 
GlitterKelly shouts :   14 November 2010   898280  
YES I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!! ANGELS ROCK!!!!!!!


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