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To help understand what I'm saying...Category: (general)
Thursday, 7 October 2010
11:38:41 PM (GMT)
My speech pattern has gotten kind of strange and includes words are phrases that you
may not really understand, so here's a listy thing to help.

Number one: Makes tears go 'plub'.
A comment to show that something is negative. For instance, running two mile warm ups
make tears go 'plub', as does realizing there's a mistake on your homework.

The reverse of this is, of course, "Makes happy tears go 'plub'."

Number two: Can go screw itself quietly in a corner with a modified nail gun.

A negative thing that doesn't matter. 
"Hey, Kirti, the directions say to use one format for each phrase."
"Well the directions can go screw themselves quietly in a corner with a modified nail

Number three: Shiz a tiz!
The least urgent of my false curse phrases. There are several.

1- Shiz a tiz!
2- Shiz a tiz on ice!
3- Shiz a tiz on ice without blades!
4- Shiz a tiz, on ice, without blades, next to a furnace!

Number four: And just as a hint, the answer is 'yes'."
What a say to let people know that I am getting a second opinion as a joke to make a

"Jamie, you're a girl, so tell me, true or false (and just as a hint the answer is
'true'), girls are just attracted to clean bicycles?"
"Uh, true?"
"See Graham! Jamie knows what she's talking about here. Let us wash your bike."

Number five: Deferdoodles.
Quite simply, it means "definately".

Number six: Totes Mah Goats.
This a a popular phrase used by all teenagers where I live, but it seems kind of
regional. It just means "totally".

Number seven: Skeevey.
This is definately a phrase only used in my region, but it's used so much that it
keeps sneaking into my conversations.
Disgusting, suspicious, unappealing, creepy, injust.
It can be used a lot of ways. If a person gives you the skeeves, you find them
creepy. A person is skeevey, but a situation can be "skeevtastic", where as a rule or
system can be either. Mind you, it's slang, so none of these rules are absolute. We
just use it however it sounds right.

Number eight: Froshbosh.
A word for "freshmen", along with "Frosh", "freshie", "freshmini", "freshmeat", and

Number nine: What about him?
This is a phrase that means whatever you are exclaiming about is not really
important, to be employed after someone exclaims "Jesus Christ" or "Oh my God!"

Number ten: XC
Cross Country, specifically cross country running. Occasionally abbreiviated to "CC",
but where's the fun in that? The X is the cross, clearly. It may not be the sport of
kings, but it is the sport of masochists. Running ten miles a day, be it pouring rain
or blistering heat, through forests, and up hills- and then up some more hills- is
our thing.

Number eleven: JV.
Stands for Junior Varsity, it's the section of the cross country running team that I
am classified in for races.

Number twelve: Diverticulitous
Technically an inflimation of the lower intestine, it is a word to employ whenever
you have trouble saying a word. After attempting to say something three times I will
say "diverticulitous" to show that what I am failing to say is a word that is
difficult to pronounce, then try the word again and usually get it right.

Number thirteen: Memories that will last a lunchtime
It means we had fun!! Based off the cliche "memories that will last a lifetime.",
because honestly when will they?

Number fourteen: That ____ meets with my approval. My approval and ____ go out for
tea and scones sometimes whilst discussing how awesome that is.
Which means... I like that.

Number fifteen: The answer is 'D', Poland.
Picked up form my dad, any question asked of me that I do not know the answer to is
'D, Poland".

Number sixteen: Y chromosomes

Anyone who posesses a Y chromosome, I.E males. Whereas some people judge to deciding
factor between genders to be between the legs, I just think of it as being inside the
cells. Sometimes girls are referred to simply as XX's.


Number seventeen: You can just suck my completly figurative eight inch

Which I don't say currently because it is unbecoming of a Guilderland Athlete, but it
means "This is a laughing matter, so I don't care."

More coming later, maybe.

If there's anything weird other people say leave it in comments. It might get used
later by a freak with pink hair.
Last edited: 9 October 2010

CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   7 October 2010   703343  
I Call Dumb People Dube Dubes XD
lunasan says:   8 October 2010   334660  
KURAT: Doesn't mean fuck, honestly

as well as "fright!" generally met with confused and/or hurt looks,
but it really just means cool.
tiggerlemon101 says:   8 October 2010   889521  
T-swizzle foshizzle off the hizzle twizzle...

Originally created so that my parents would remember the two things I
want for Christmas which would satisfy me 110% even if I got
absolutely nothing else, not even a chocolate orange:  Taylor Swift's
Speak Now CD and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's new biography.
T-swizzle, as you may know, is apparently Taylor Swift's nickname, and
twizzles are an ice dance maneouvre in which the skaters rotate side
by side on one foot, holding their other blade behind their back.

My mom says she will never remember this, nor will she ever have need
for the random factoid that the names Scott, Tessa, and Taylor Swift
all have an S and a T.  She says she's just remember.  xD

I also say awesomesauce, and a variety of Irish swear-word
substitutions, such as Jesus Murphy and fock'm'all
Kirti says:   8 October 2010   667476  
Interesting use of boldface text. In your mothers defense though, that
fitrst one really does seem hard to remember. 
tiggerlemon101 says :   8 October 2010   640950  
LOL, I suppose.  I guess the only reason it's easy for me is cause I
came up with it. 


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