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Sunday, 3 October 2010
05:45:12 PM (GMT)
okay, i really need someone who can make me an anime drawing.  i would do it but i'm
not that good of a drawer.  i have about 5 original characters that i would like to
be materialized.

1) Jae

   Girl or boy? Girl

   Hair: straight black hair that goes down to about mid back, with a single white
   highlight to the left of her face.  (please no bangs)

   Style: powerful, mysterious, slighly serious, but loves adventure.  loves a good
chalenge and is annoyed by shin (hates her)

   Eyes: light greenish blue

   Skin: pale

   Accessories: A silver necklace with a small heart pendant; and another, slightly
   longer, necklace that is also silver and has a swirly pendant on it.

   Age: 15 (but she looks mature for her age)

   Clothes: punky clothes.  prefeably a purple shirt with black capries.

2) Miki

   Boy or girl: Girl

   Hair:  short, brown hair with blonde highlights  (i'm alittle more leaniant on
this one)

   Style:  Tomboy-ish, has a firey passion to defend herself and is an excellent

   Eyes:  Light Blue with dark, thick bottom eyelashes. wears mascara

   Skin: tan

   Accessories:  several bulky, goudy, dark brown bracelets on both wrists.

   Age:  15

   clothes: preferably a tight green shirt with baggy brown pants.

3) Mei Feng

   Gender:  Girl

   Hair:  orange, curly hair that is up in 2 pigtails.  while up in the pigtails, her
hair is about shoulder length.  she has bangs.

   Style:  Girly, perky and cheerleader-ish

   eyes: golden/light brown (almost yellow)

   skin: pale/pinky

   accessories: a silver charm bracelet on her left wrist and a silver charm anklet
on her right ankle.  wears red lipstick and wears stud earings.

   Age: 16

   Clothes:  Light colors with frilley designs.  a polo shirt with a mini skirt.

4.) Lian

   Gender: girl

   Hair:  Dark Blue, wavy hair that comes down to the middle of her neck.

   Style:  Shy, dark, slighly gothic.  Loves to read and loves explosives.  is
sisters with Shin

   Eyes:  dark, magenta/maroon.  Wears eyeliner that flows from the outer corners of
her eyes into a curly design.

   skin:  extremely pale

   accessories:  wears dark lipstick.  has hidden explosives, bombs, flash bombs,
smoke bombs, slime bombs, and other various weapons hidden in under her clothing.

   Age:  15

   Clothes:  very dark and baggy with a long black coat (in which holds most of her
explosives).  its a gothic sort of style.

5)  Shin

   Gender: girl

   Hair:  Soft Pink (though, you can tell her natural hair color is brown and she
just dyes it pink). it goes down to her shoulder blades and has alot of volume and
dimention.  at the tips, it curls in.

   Style:  Diva (and alittle slutty).  she get jealous very easily and can be very
cold, ruthless and mean.  though she is a diva, she is tougher than she looks.  she
has a passionate rivalry with Jae (totally despises her) and will do almost anything
to see what makes her tick.  she is sisters with Lian.

   Eyes:  reddish brown eye color.  wears pink and purple eyeshadow (along with
mascara and eyeliner)

   skin: pale

   accessories:  various jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets and hoop

   Age:  16

   Clothes:  pinks, purples, reds, and blues.  revealing, low cut shirts.  highheels,
glittery shirts and pants.  short-shorts, mini skirts exc.

Thank you so much (and sorry if i sounded so demanding and specific)!  is there
anyone out there who can make these thoughts a reality.  they would be greatly
appreciated.  send the pictures to me in an email:  coment or send me a message
saying you have a picture that looks like one of these and i'll give you my email and
you can send it to me.  Thankyou so much!  you don't know how much this means to me. 
If you are interested in this at all, contact me, and maybe we can work something out
and i can give you something in exchange. =]


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