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Day 4Category: Life
Sunday, 29 August 2010
03:48:29 PM (GMT)
Well, home at last.

For the first time in more than a week, I will finally be spending a night at home.
We didn't finish cleaning Kozzumel's basement, around midnight last night I got
really tired and said I was going to take a nap, and that when Kozzumel and Milo were
ready to keep working they could come get me. Well, they never did. So the basement
isn't done and the kitchen is still a mess. I would have stayed to help, but when I
woke up I had a text from mom telling me to text her when I got up. So I did, and she
told me to get home. I told her Kozzumel's mom was home and had blocked me into the
driveway by parking behind me, and I didn't want to wake her or Kozzumel up to move
it. She said that if I didn't, she would come by and wake Kozzumel's mom to move the

So I resigned and packed my things, then woke Kozzumel so she could move her mom's
car and came home. When I got here, my own mom was bitching about how our puppy
wouldn't leave her alone and was starting to howl at night from missing me. That was
the only reason she wanted me home. I was glad I had apologized to Kozzumel for not
being able to stay to finish the cleanup, because now there's no way I can get back
or else mom will just throw a huge bitch fit at me. I need to stay home for a few
days to satisfy her, then I will probably end up back at Kozzumel's place on a day
she's not working (she starts her new job Tuesday!) to help out some more.

Now I'm here, watching stuff out of the DVR to clear it out (mom's got a bad habit of
setting everything to 'do not delete until I say so', so it gets full fast and
deletes new recordings before she can get to them) and sorting trading cards that I
intend to make into purses later. Later, once most of my stuff has been watched, I
will probably go back to playing Final Fantasy XII in attempt to beat it and get the
last bits of knowledge for my compendium before moving on to another game. The friend
who asked for it only asked for the stuff from XII, but I feel as if the compendium
itself is something worth continuing for other games. If anyone wants the link to the
place let me know, I am happy to share the knowledge with all ^.^

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