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Things~Taken from Leslie xD.. ^^Category: (general)
Sunday, 25 July 2010
02:41:09 AM (GMT)
Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People (don't say their name):

10. Y on earth would you hurt yourself.? all your doing is giving them nore to talk

9. You were in my life for months, but where did we become enemies.? 
8. I swear to God, if you touch her one more time you wont live to see another

7. Baby we have been through allot, but if i had a choice i wouldn't change a thing.
We have grown so strong it would be very hard to just quit now,So don't give up,
because im hear every step of the way. ^^

6. You want me out.? fine then ill leave!

5. ive liked you for a long time, you just don't no it.. ^^
4. Lets sit in the rain... and smile together

3. Your not any of those things,ima kill who ever told you that bull shit(excuse me

2. No F#@$%^# BURRITO!! ^^

1. Believe me when i say this.... The cops may not be able to find you but i'll
track you down. And when i find you i'll make you suffer like you made her suffer
and it may soil my soul but i will kill you with my own hands for her sake

Nine things about myself:

9. I love the rain
8. I will always be hear to help anyway i can
7. I hate no one the didn't tell me that first and even then i can forgive them
6. I forgive people easy
5. Im gullible xD 
4. I get heated to quick
3. I love my Diosa ^^
2. I have no fear
1. Im super fun

Eight ways to win my heart in relationships:

8.  Alway talk to me about whats on your mind
7.  Be trustworthy 
6.  Let me help you
5.  Have a good time with me ^^
4.  Wanna have alone time so we can get closer
3.  Don't Be so shy.. =) i wont bite you (much).. ^^
2.  Be awsomely awsomed-saused with me(be random with me)
1.  Be a Vampire c[:... yea... you can win me over with just that.. -^^-
Seven things that cross my mind a lot:

7. Death
6. Pain
5. killer
4. fighting
3. love
2. kisses
1. Sevanna♥

Six things I do before I fall asleep:

6.  I
5.  DO
4.  NOT 
2.  ^^ sorry but i dont
1.   hehe
Five people who mean a lot:

5. Haley
4.  Monica
3.  Dalia
2.  Samantha
1.  Sevanna Elizabeth Paz♥

Four things you’re wearing right now:

4. Nike socks
3.  Converse
2.  Skinny jeans
1.  Gray t-shirt

Three songs that you listen to often:

3.  Time of dieing/Three days grace
2.  I'm Yourz/ Jason Mraz
1.  Replay♪♫♪ ^^

Two things you want to do before you die:

2. Kill Him -_-( i will)
1. Marry her..^^
One confession:
Im a Vampire that is obsessed xD

‹Leslie-living Louder.› says :   25 July 2010   931353  
I want that BURRITO!!!!!



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