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Thursday, 15 July 2010
07:11:35 PM (GMT)
I'm warning you. Really, there's a lot of chapters.
Go look for the previous chapter yourself on Meaghan's account.

Chapter 20
Everybody had moved to the living room/dining room of House 2, in silence. Looks of
shock were on all of our faces. Meaghan had her soul taken away from her. I didn’t
even know that was possible. Having your soul stripped from your body? Unheard of to
Ed sat on a couch across the room, surrounded by an aura of seriousness. He was
thinking hard about Meaghan’s predicament. Ever since I’ve known him, people have
described him as a child prodigy, but I don’t think even HE would have any
experience on this kind of thing.
Everybody else had sort of fled by then and was on their own. Little Rin was staying
with Mikino, but other than that, I don’t know where everyone went. I, for one, was
transfixed on the little black bottle that we found in Meaghan’s coat pocket. It
looked like it was blood, but there was something swirling in there that wouldn’t
mix in as well. It was sort of clear-ish, with a purple tint, and sort of danced with
the opaque black liquid.
At that point, the front door opened, and me and Ed turned to see Master standing in
the doorway, his gaze cold. It made me shiver at the sight of it. 
“...I was going to come and inform you on a new mission, seems we have
more... pressing matters on hand.” He told us. I nodded slowly, my focus returning
to the little back bottle.
“So, can I please be completely informed on what happened? I only got a brief
description from Ryoki outside...”
“Well, Meaghan and Ryoki were arguing, like they always do, and Meaghan decided to
blow off some steam, and go for a walk. I went with her, to make sure she’d be
alright. While we were out, we were attacked by a Lycan; the largest one we’ve seen
yet. It...attacked us and took Meaghan away. Sam, hearing a Lycan screech, soon
caught up with me as we followed the Lycan. Meaghan had already been bitten by then,
but was fighting the Lycan like never before. We came to stop the fight, but the
Lycan struck a paw at her torso, and after it took it away, Meaghan’s face was that
of pure shock, and her eyes had a blank stare. She still managed to kill the Lycan,
but ended up collapsing before us. We brought her back here, and after she woke up
again, she told us that it took her soul... and that’s where we are right now.”
Ed explained to Master, leaving out that he was bitten as well and that something I
had within me healed him. We still had no idea what it was, so we decided to keep it
a secret for now. Master stared at Ed, confused.
“ took her soul...?”
“That’s what she said...” Ed responded, as he rested his chin on the back of
his hand. Master closed his eyes in thought.
“So, not only is she infected with the Lycan Virus, but she is missing her soul as
well? I didn’t know such a thing was capable...”
“Well, it is, and now, we’re trying to figure out where her soul went and how we
can return it to Meaghan, along with trying to stop the infection...” Edward
trailed as his vision focused on the little black bottle on the coffee table.
“Is it possible that I may see her?” Master asked us.
“...You can try, but I can’t guarantee she’ll talk to you. She hasn’t been
taking this whole thing seriously. She thinks it’s a dream...” I informed him as
he walked into the bedroom and shut the door. I looked back at Ed, who was focused on
the bottle still. Cautiously, he picked it up and tried to shake the liquid inside
it. The clear-ish liquid spun in circles around the black liquid, but they didn’t
mix. Ed’s eyes then widened as he let out a little gasp.
“What is it? Have you thought of something?”
“...I think I have an idea on where Megs’ soul went.”
“...Ed...You don’t mean-“ I was cut off as the door to Meaghan’s bedroom
opened, and Master walked out.
“Well, it’s like you said. She thinks it’s all a dream. She believes now that
what the kids at the academy said about her being a soulless demon has finally come
true... Hmm? Edward, is something wrong?” He told us, afterwards, focusing his
attention on his former student.
“...I just thought of a theory, that’s all.”
“Oh? Then, let us hear it then.” Master said with encouraging tones. Ed put the
bottle back on the table.
“...Humans are made up of three components; the body, mind, and soul. These parts
are sometimes stripped apart from each other. Meaghan’s case, for example, her soul
was taken, but her body and mind remained. She’s still capable of living, but she
has none of her personality, her traits, or sometimes, memories with her anymore.
They all stayed with the soul. I think that explains why she’s not her normal self,
and is a bit zoned out. As for where the soul went... The Lycan seemed to only take
the soul away from her, not do anything like destroy it. I have a feeling that the
Lycan kept Meaghan’s soul captive within its body before Meaghan killed it.
Therefore, the soul is probably still with the body...and I think... that’s
what’s in this little bottle along with the blood.” Ed explained, sounding like a
dictionary. Master and I gaped at him.
“...You think that clear liquid is Meaghan’s soul?”
“...I can hear sounds coming out of it. The soul is trying to escape. The three
components of the body, if separated, are always trying to get back together.
Therefore, Meaghan’s soul is trying to get back together with her body and mind.
The only problem is how we’re going to get her soul back to her without losing it.
We can’t simply let her drink it right out of the bottle; she’ll drink the Lycan
Blood as well, and that could very well kill her. We need a way to get the soul out
of the blood, but still keep it at hand so we can return it to her. Although, I
haven’t the foggiest idea how we’re supposed to do that.”
Master looked at him suspiciously.
“...You sure seem to be an expert on the subject. How do you know so much?”
Master asked him with an interrogating voice. Edward avoided eye contact with him,
letting out a sigh.
“...I...I’ve had an... experience of someone...having their soul...stripped from
“Oh? I’ve never heard such a thing from you before now. Who was it?”
“...I don’t want to talk about it.” Edward said, his brows upturned in sorrow.
My face mirrored his, with a hint of confusion. Master gave him a strange look.
“...I’d ask why you left that out when you signed up for the academy, but I’m
sure you had your reasons, and it’s not significant as of now. Now, Edward, I’ll
need you to keep thinking on that, I’ve got... other business to attend to.” He
said, as he turned for the door, and left abruptly. I turned back to Ed, who had
resumed his aura of thought while staring at the little black bottle.
“...Is that what’s been bothering you?” I asked him. He just looked up at me
with a confused face.
“You’ve been a bit strange lately, is that what you were upset about? This person
you know that had their soul stripped from them?”
“...That person in particular... has never left my head since I arrived at the
academy. I’m always worried about him, but that’s... not what I’ve been worried
about, as of right now.”
“Who is this guy, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“...Perhaps I’ll tell you once this whole ordeal is done. Now, can we talk about
this later? I need to think about how to re-attacked Meaghan’s soul to her-“
Knock Knock Knock.
Ed and I looked at each other. Had Master locked the door when he left? Confused, I
got up and opened the door. What I saw on the other side were two faces I had not
seen before. The one that I first saw was tall, and wore rounded glasses, similar to
Megs. A grin grew on this new face.
“Hello, dear, allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Umeda!”

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