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Wednesday, 14 July 2010
02:58:53 AM (GMT)
full name: Meaghan J Beakley (MeaghanJellieBeanie =0)
age: 13, 14 in 6 Months
height: 4'11 DAMMIT GROW...
eye coluor: Hazel/Green
glasses: Yup
contacts: Yip
if you have contacts, what's the longest you've worn them?: 14 hrs. 
hair color: Brown

favourite place: Hm...Egypt.
favourite band: Friday Night Boys (It'll Change Like Tomorrow I Bet XD)
favourite song: Mr. Brightside-The Killers
favourite style: Emo/Scene/Skater/Edgy/Neon/JEANS XD
favourite food: Potatoes, Fries
favourite genre: Anything
favourite coluor: PURPLE
favourite country: Canada =3
favourite movie: Erm... Idk Really...They're Not That Good Anymore.

last time grounded: Never, Lucky Me XD
last time hugged:  Yesterday?
last time you cried: 7 Years Ago I Think.
last time you missed someone: Summer, So Lonely In The Summer Time.
last time you drew: Today
last time you went camping: Last Week.
last time you saw a deer: Two Weeks Ago.
last time you saw the mountains: Yesterday =D
did you see them up close: No. 
last time you danced: Yesterday At The Stampede Concerts =D

longest time you've stayed awake: 10 Days, Oh God I Crashed Alseep Pretty Fast.
longest time you've held your breathe: Let's See.. 16 Seconds.
this time without cheating: I Didn't Cheat
longest time in the hot tub: Er...3 hrs.
longest time in the water: Um, 3hrs.

current shoe colour: Black and White, Hightops With Buckles On Them =) Go On, Be
Jealous XD 
current fav shoe stlye: High Tops
current fav shoe make: Hmm...For Running; Puma, For Casual; DC Or Any Kind Of
current poster in your room: Umm I Have A Calender With Chocolate Labs, Does That
current colour of your room: Purple X3
current fav show: Umm Yeah I Buy The Seasons And Watch Them, Supernatural, Lost &
Buffy The Vampire Slayer =3
current style: Me? Well Jeans And Hoodies With Tank Tops Specifacally.
current shoe size: 6-7 Depending On The Shoe.
current amount of people in your house: 4 Almost 3 =) Sister Moves Out Next Year,

years left till pre-drivers license: 6 Months.
years till drivers licnese: 6 Months and Two Years
years till high school: 1, I Leave Valley Creek At Gr.9 And Say Hello To Highschool
At Gr. 10 T_T
years till graduation: 3
years till allowed to go to clubs: 4
years until college: 4 If I Go Straight Away, 5 If I Take A Year Off To Travel.

future job plan: Writer!
future picture of how big of a family you want: Well Lets See...If I Have 5 Kids And
No Girls 6, If I Have 5 Kids And No Boys, 6 Again XD Ideally 5-6, Yes I'm A Family
Person =3
future wedding age picture:25-30
future dream house size: Oh GOD Something A Little Smaller Than My Current House And
Easy To Clean.

Kirti says:   15 July 2010   579675  
Wow, this looks like a fun one! I'm ganna steal it from you~ ♥
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   15 July 2010   298328  
Lol Okay =) Have Fun! 
Kirti says:   15 July 2010   970513  
Incidently, ten days is the longest any human being has ever lived
without sleep- at the ten day mark, the person died.

Being that you're alive, I can only assume that the exhaustion addled
you memory and/or you slept a little without realizing it.

Or you're a zombie.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   15 July 2010   325320  
Really In The Genius World Record Book Someone Told Me That In That
Book A Person Stayed Awake For 12 Days, I Was Trying To Beat It XD

Well My Memory Is Whacked I Can't Remember What I Did Last Month, Much
What I Did Yesterday. 

Kirti says:   15 July 2010   888650  
It's one of the things the evil nazi scientists tested, along with
tstudies on extreme tempature. The horrible data that everyone agrees
should never have been gathered, but medical science couldn't really
exist without.
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says :   15 July 2010   254458  
Weird Nazi's.
Ah That Is True, And Then We COuld Kill Ourselves Without Much Sleep
And Overheating XD 


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