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~*12 Things to know about the new Avartar The Last Airbender Movie *~Category: (general)
Tuesday, 13 July 2010
02:21:54 PM (GMT)
So if your planning on seeing this film, and are thinking its going to be the
best fucking thing EVAR. News Flash; Your mind is a total Fail. But if my
testomony isn't going to stop you, then by all means, (pluse if ur one of those OCD
obsessed fans then ya proubly should be their just to witness the epic fail) Though
Here are somethings you might want to know, before you step through those thearter
doors, buy your tickets, step in line, get you snacks, and sit the crude down, and
waste away for that hour and 45 minuites of your life;

#1) 82% of the characters, seem to not have the same nationality they do in the
animated series.Example; ossama bin ladin could've been casted as Zuko's father.
(though he wasn't) :P

#2) Sokka's and Aang's names are pronounced entirely diffrent.
And sometimes Katara's. Example; Sokka (Sock'a) is now Sokka(Soak'a) xD Aang's is
even weirder.

#3) This movie has no mention of the Kyoshi Warriors Dx 
so who is Sokka gonna hook up with? IKR no Suki ._.

#4) Its directed by that guy that did the Happening; M. Night. Shamalan(sp
nuff said. actually WTF. Now nuff said.

#5) If you haven't seen the series, you might be a little lost, because some of
the explanations are off and rushed.

#6) Aangs tattoes are just some type of chinese hyrogliphic writting, no blue
paint that we're use to..

*#7) Their is no giant water fish that comes to distroy the fire benders at the
north pole, its just a giant wave. 
srry for spoil, but to be honest it was a cool wave. He doesn't do anything with it
though, its half ass- - it just stays in the air until the fire nation retreat. Which
is rather quickly..

#8 ) The credits are quiet cool to look at.
No lie, the credits are better then a good portion of this movie. Yes their that bad

#9) The humor. Srly.  Barely.
theirs only one good funny thing i can remember about this movie, and i'm sure you
guys will agree it was predictable and involved Sokka.
AKA nothing new.

*#10) The movie will have a Sequal. No doubt.
It ended with Azula being introduced as a character, and Aang finishing his training
with Master Paku at the Northern water tribe.

#11) Zuko played by Dave Patel was quiet good through the move.
Though he is the last person i'd cast as the fire lords son, he did hold the anger
and frustration Zuko held,
and from the right angle he could also be considered a 'Hottie' 

and the final, one of the most important if, not most important aspect of this movie,

#12) Sokka is freaking hot  lol
And if there is one reason, to take your well earned monies and spend it on watching
this film. 
Its to see this hot Sokka which his name is Jackson Rathbone(kick ass last name btw).
And also something diffrent.. AKA the epic fail.

But then again, if you've seen the series, and you don't have the resorces or the
time to watch this one, and if you think its gonna suck,pluse if you don't care for a
hottie (such as Jackson), then don't see it.
Trust me, your missing absolutely nothing. Catch the sequal instead, i think
its going to be much more promising!
Plus thats the part where Toph comes it! <3333
Last edited: 13 July 2010

‹~WildBerri~› says:   13 July 2010   139849  
Oh man I saw it too and it was so fucking crappy. They skipped half
the things and it frustrated me so much.
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   13 July 2010   690585  
Its ridiculous, me and my friends think it was just sent out their to
give M.Night more publisity and a big fat pay check. It was a waste of
to B honest i'm totally not going to rush to see the 2nd one, like i
did this one. Cuz he screwed up so bad.. 
‹~WildBerri~› says:   13 July 2010   723451  
Definately, I most likely won't even go to the next one if it's this
bad. They aren't going to mention the warriors either because Night
liked them to much and the movie was about to revolve around them -.-
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   13 July 2010   170486  
Thats..Incredably stupid, and inconsiderate to the Kyoshi warriror fan
girls and boys! Dx i mean, Not only is Sokka totally girl friendless,
but know its possible, M.Night could take his creative license and par
him up with some other girl.
Like Toph! xD (which would be interesting.)
Or Mai? Or Ty Lee. Honestly i hope he turns the next movie around, cuz
obviously i think he lost alot of supporters when he put this movie
‹~WildBerri~› says:   13 July 2010   790906  
Lol it would be interesting if he made Toph Sokka's girlfriend but Ty
Lee would be even more interesting. This was barely even a movie
anyway. He just kept flashing around to parts where they fight
firenation and then it was over. I'm sitting there like WTF??!!!
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   13 July 2010   679999  
IKR! i mean the effects were cool and all, but sometimes i just wanna
see them get one ounce of diolouge RIGHT to help people understand the
OMG that'd be funny if he did go out with Ty Lee, i would think that
to be a good side plot actually. (Hopefully he doesn't freak up ty
lee's character to begin with)
But i hope he doesn't bring in a new character, u know he'd just makes
one up to go with Sokka, cause that would suck, and i think that'd be
misleading ppl who haven't seen the series.. <:O 
‹~WildBerri~› says:   14 July 2010   579011  
Ohman I saw it in 3-D becausethey were out or normal tickets and
NOTHING was in 3-D at all it was horrible. Oh I hope he doesn't that
would just be strange and Ty Lee makes hints about liking him in the
shows too so I think that might be what he does.
Oroborus21 says:   14 July 2010   601036  
re #10, just because the plot leaves off with more to continue doesnt
mean a sequel will get made..ala Flash Gordon or The Golden Compass.

here is my question? for someone who doesnt have all of the airbender
background and wouldnt be bothered by most of what you mentioned (the
not adhering to what you know from the animated series), does the
movie stand ok - just as a movie itself - plotwise actionwise etc. 

is it worth the ridiculous price of a 3D movie? or should i take my
daughter to see something else instead?
‹~WildBerri~› says:   14 July 2010   873904  
Don't go the the 3D one is all I can say nothing in the movie is 3D
except the previews and the credits. If someone didn't know about the
show and doesn't watch it or is planning on not watching it then it is
an okay movie. But it bothers me because I am a big fan of avatar
almost a fanatic but if you don't know the series or have seen it then
it is ok to watch. The effects are pretty good really but the 3D is
‹~WildBerri~› says:   14 July 2010   119727  
Plus, if your daughter is young then it would be a good movie because
smaller children aren't as critical as older ones.
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   14 July 2010   718054  
To be honest, if i didn't know anything about the avatar
series. I wouldn't go, esspecially if i couldn't bring anyone along to
tell what was going on. I mean its okay as just a movie, like- - 5.6
out of 10 as a movie in general.(I heard in 3D it was actually worse
Actually just go watch the series from episode 1, and if you don't
like the first 7ish, then don't watch the movie. SAVE your money, and
even if your daughter wants to see Avatar Really bad, go buy her a
toy, and buy tickets to see Dispicable Me. Such'a better movie..You'll
enjoy it, and she should too.@Aramaki 
ACK. 3D omg i heard that was a terrible waste of money.. Srry ._.''
I saw it in regular, and i couldn't imagine anything being in 3D
excapt the fire balls, and water. (You can't rly see the air). That
sounded sucky to me.. They just did 3D because everyone else was doing
it anyway.. Well atleast u got to keep the glasses! :P
Ty lee would be pretty good, but i'd like to see how Toph would deal
with it.
I always thought Toph and Sokka bonded pretty well.. ^///^ 
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   14 July 2010   523666  
Plus their going to have Sequal because usually you'd do a
whole movie
of a series,and not just stop at a suspense moment.. (sorta like
and they left off, in the type of way, where the music played and
Azula looked up into the screen all evily and -- ... if you'd seen it
you'd be like "Oh ya, Sequal for sure *sad face" lol 
Zelda3443 says:   19 July 2010   662412  
Omg this is so true. My mom actually liked the movie a lot but she's
never seen the TV series so I don't think she got how much they messed
up. I thought they were trying to get all the junk out there, while in
the series you have to wait awhile and make your own assumption until
they give you real explanations. I'm gonna get her into the TV thing,
even though she doesn't really like animated stuff, I think I can get
her into it if I can make her sit down and quit worrying about work
and my brother and the dumbass dishes for half a second.
I like M. Night Shyamalan...he made some fuckin awesome movies...sixth
sense, lady in the water, the village, the happening, signs...in signs
my birthday is included which means i have to love it.
solitarybird wonders:   19 July 2010   850825  
Osama bin Ladin is Arab. If I remember correctly, movie verse Zuko is
Indian. :P

Arabs and Indians aren't the same! They're both from southeast Asia,
but that's like saying Koreans = Chinese = Japanese!

I'm both, true, but I'm a very rare case. xD;

Soaka is a hilarious mispronounciation. It sounds like a bad
Waterbending pun.

No Kyoshi Warriors? ;_; DARNIT. I loved Kyoshi most of all!

Otherwise, brilliant post on all that's wrong with this ridiculous
It's really a travesty compared to the original series...
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› writes:   19 July 2010   867429  

Hey Jess! :D you mom liked the movie?... okay..- -
Heres what you have to do to get your mom to watch the show; you have
to get your mom in one of those saw contraptions, and give her a
choice between her rib cage getted torn out forcefully with two claws.
Or watch this kick ass show. Then say you have, "You 90 secounds to
comply." xP sure its unlikely you'll find a device of murder like that
in your backyard, but a chair, barbie doll hands, some duck tape,
rope,and string, u should give you a nice duplicate! x) 

Eh. M. Night? You like him? **GASP** Well actually i'm the last person
to judge because i only saw one of his movies, The Happening. And for
me, that was just not that good.. Comparing it to other world desaster
movies.. It was pretty bad.. D:
and the acting wasn't good eaither, and no one was 'Hottie' material.
Not even the guys girl friend was considered 'Hottie" more like
All my friends who'd watch the other movies said rest weren't that
good eaither..
Except Dark water. And i was kinda confused when they said he'd be
directing the Avatar movie, initially i thought " WTF? He does horror
stuff, and this is a kids series"

lol IK that, sorry if it seemed offensive >.<
I was trying to be funny. And if you did see Ossama Bin Ladin appear
as Dave's Petal's father, you wouldn't really question it, because
they're features are simular..
(even though he would look old, and you'd be like WTF he's an outlaw
and etc.)

Aang's name is funny too =D
Its pronounced Ong like Gong, with out the G sound.
:P Sokka's name, at first when i saw the animated series.. I thought
they were trying to say Soccer with a foriegn accent or something..

IKR, i was looking forward to see the funny akward, love scenes with
Suki and Sokka.. And their fighting too. But proubly in the next

I wasn't trying to make it seem bad or like a travesty
To be honest all i was pissed when i wrote this... I tried having
balanced writing by writting down what was 'good' about the moving.
But felt like i was not only baffled and confused when i came out the
thearter, I was robbed of my money, and time that i will never get
back. I would hate for you nice people to experience such a thing.. 
InHisWonderland says:   20 July 2010   102494  
I agree;;
On the Prince Zuko thing!!
Eeek so cute(:
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   20 July 2010   375181  

I actually think the scarr he had on in the movie made him look more
Not as hot as Jackson, but still hot in my opinoun. :P 
InHisWonderland says:   20 July 2010   547788  
i'm so glad they didn'tmake the scar all freakish;;
about the only good thing they did with the movie
Sokka was cool;; 
omg i hated how they pronounced Aangs name!!
They friggin demolished it X(
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   20 July 2010   992295  

I think everyone was confused as to why they changed Sokka's and
Aang's names.
What was purpose? like WTF.
IKR Sokka was cool, in the series i always thought he was nerdy and
cute, and funny. But when i saw Jackson i was like 
I feel so bad for the people that paid like $30 to see this movie in
my friend came back telling me it was SHITTY~ and that the only thing
worth seeing in 3D were the credits.. Dx 
InHisWonderland cries:   20 July 2010   623275  
i saw it in 3D!!
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   20 July 2010   550892  

(my friend is usually really harsh 
InHisWonderland says:   20 July 2010   239552  
I don't even remember any 3D-eyness;;
wow, maybe it was. . . .
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   20 July 2010   693236  
Dl; oh well srry..
How much did u pay? 
InHisWonderland says:   20 July 2010   132891  
i think;;??
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   21 July 2010   435068  
Thats pretty cheep, considering how some of my friends had to
pay $30-$45
to see it in 3D. 
SexyTonto says:   21 July 2010   334957  
thanx for the hottie info.
InHisWonderland says:   23 July 2010   149743  
were they with other people??
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says:   23 July 2010   759490  
only like 3 
InHisWonderland says:   23 July 2010   371559  
yeah cause i went with my dad and bro;;
it was 45 then.
‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says :   23 July 2010   763512  
sorry. D:>

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