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Monday, 28 June 2010
04:22:56 AM (GMT)
Photobucket i know most people may think its stupid & unreal for a kid my age to think im inlove with some guy. i am 14, but i am much more mature for my age. so dont judge. & i do think i'm in love. umm, i gave my virginity up to this boy. we've been going out since january 2nd. we've seen eachother practically EVERYDAY since the day we went out. & i've loved him since i met him back in june 26th of 2009. the first day i layed eyes on him i've been crazy for him. but yeah, anyways the point of this whole diary entry is. i'm fourteen years old.. and pregnant with his child. so what do you think of that.. be honest.

Oroborus21 says :   28 June 2010   440911  
I think its sadly not an unusual tale. you arent the first pregnant
teen, theres always been thousands of them.....and like the vast
majority the chances are that 10, 20 years later you will be a lot
wiser and probably recognize that in many ways you made a mistake..of
course having a wonderful child (assuming its healthy and normal, or
even if it wasn't) you wont necessarily regret it and you will
probably have the same old cliche that everyone says, namely some
variaton of "you wouldnt be who you are today without having made the
mistakes of your past or the choices"...

so bottom line is to enjoy your love and your relationship for however
long it lasts and best of luck to you..

many many adults get married or start out relationships in love...and
many many of these eventually break up and dont work what
makes you think you are any different? if anything its even harder to
succeed when youre both so young....its not impossible but the odds
are against you...

...certainly its possible to be in love at any age....just as its
possible to say know how to write after a certain basic level is
achieved...almost anyone can write...yet there is a world of
difference between knowing how to write and being a great writer or
having something unique to say...and so it is with love...that is one
day you will understand that there are diff ways of love that you
hadnt achieved and maybe couldnt achieve at this age of fourteen..

why dont you post an update a year from now...or periodically and let
everyone know how you are doing and what youve learned and whether you
still feel the same i said, i dont expect you to have the
honesty or insight or humility to say this or that was a mistake you
regret because such people are one in a million and virtually no one
does that....but still by sharing your real thoughts and feelings it
will be both instructive and illuminating for some others or all of us
who face such common questions of love and life, choice and


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