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Candy for the good girls.... Spankings for the bad...Category: (general)
Friday, 25 June 2010
05:14:16 PM (GMT)
What is your favourite album?
- I don't know.

When is your birthday?
- March 31st

Who's the last person to text you?
- Logan.

Excited for anything?
- The Fourth of July.

Current mood?
- Headachey???

Are you waiting for anything?
- Something to do.

Last person you said the word "love" to?
- Cynthia.

Look at your inbox, who has sent you the most messages?
- Madison.

Last thing you said?
- "Oh shit, Nick... We kinda have a problem..." (I left a plastic plate on the hot
stove and I was sidetracked with a video game. So I didn't notice that the house was
filled with smoke..... And the plate got melted and burnt.....)

The last person you texted needs you at 3am, do you go?
- Probably.

Plans for tomorrow?
- Masturbate?

Last person you hugged?
- My mom?

The person you like, did you see them today?

Are your parents still married?
- Naye.

What are you listening to?
- The fan blow smoke out of my house.

Who is all in the room with you?
- Princess and Haleigh.

Whats your favorite color?
- Fuck-it-all

Are you and the person you like dating?
- Naye.

What did you do today?
- Made Rice Crispy Treats and cleaned up the melted plate and played video games and

Where is your favorite place to shop at?
- I guess it matters what I want to buy.

You're thinking of someone right?
- Wrong.

Do you miss someone that's not in your life no more?
- I refuse to answer that question on account of the horible grammer.

Do you have any pets?
- Dos perros.

Who annoys you the most?
- MAX.

How old will you be in 2 years?
- Seventeen.

What is your favorite Kool-Aid flavor?
- Grape.

Do you have a wireless keyboard and mouse?
- Wireless mouse, yeah.

Last sporting event you watched on tv or in person?
- I watched a tiny bit of the FIFA World Cup soccer thingy.

Who makes the best fudge?
- Will.

Do you believe that the world is gonna end at 2012?
- Naye.

How many songs are on your iPod or MP3 Player?
- 143.

Have you ever made your own survey?
- Nope.

Have you ever had a pet goldfish?
- Yeah.

When did you last eat waffles?
- A while ago.

What is the most overrated thing in your opinion?
- I don't know.

Do you have a video Skype account?
- Nope.

What color is your bed comforter?
- Nigger.

Does being in love make you gain weight?
- Excesive eating makes you gain weight.

Do your parents have home videos of you as a kid?
- Somewhere.

Do you think Obama has tried drugs?
- Maybe.

What is your favorite radio station?
- I don't know....

What brand is your refrigerator?
- I'm not getting up to check...

When is the last time you went to a birthday party?
- No clue.

What is the best thing to happen to you this year so far?
- I don't know... Turned 15?

How long have you lived in the house you live in?
- I don't know, less than a year? I don't know... fuck you....

Do you read a newspaper daily?
- Nope.

Anything you're really afraid of?
- Spiders.

Have you ever had a really bad haircut?
- This one bitch didn't know what the fuck she was doing and fucked it up twice....

Do you like your peanut butter crunchy or creamy?
- Creamy.

Have you ever ridden a skateboard?
- Yep.

Do you drink enough water on a daily basis?
- No.

Would you burn the American flag for a million dollars?
- Yeah.

The main thing you cant leave your house without?
- Pants?

Do you think the economy is improving yet?
- Yeah.

When was the last time you read a book?
- A long time ago.

Where did you get that shirt you're wearing?
- I don't know...

Do you play pranks on April Fools Day?
- Nope.

Can you see your ribs when you're shirtless?
- No.

What's the first lyric of the last song that you listened to?
- I don't fucking know...

How many bandannas do you own?
- 0.

Do you crack your knuckles a lot?
- Ye.

Have you ever had to get stitches?
- Yeah.

Did you know that you can find out how to make meth on the Internet?
- You can find out anything on the Internet.

Stripes or checkered?
- Stripes.

Don't you hate how cameras are almost everywhere in public now?
- I don't care....

Have you ever shoplifted?
- Yeah.

How do you feel, physically, as of right now?
- Tired.

If you were to make a new account, what would your username be?
- I don't know.

Do you wear white too much or too little? Or in between?
- How much am I supposed to wear?

At school [and if you go to school], is your locker top or bottom?
- I get it all.

Would you put out a cigarette on your tongue for one thousand dollars?
- Ye.

What do you consider 'gothic'?
- Large people with peircings and black baggy clothes.

When you go to the mall, where do you go first?
- What do I want to buy?

Have you ever been to court?
- Yep.

Look to your right. What do you see?
- A shelf my brother made.

Does your mouth hurt right now?
- Naye.

Do you like tire swings?
- Sure.

What's your favorite movie of 2010, so far?
- I don't know.

Do you usually make sound effects when you're bored?
- Si.

Has anyone slapped you across the face before?
- Yeah.

If so, why?
- I don't know.

What would you do if you witnessed domestic violence in public?
- There's two sides to every story...

Do you think that laser hair removal would actually work?
- Probably.

Are you wearing any bracelets right now?
- Naye.

If so, how many?
- None.

Is the heat constantly on in your house?
- Its summer.... So no.

Have you ever sat in a fridge before?
- Probably...

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