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DevotionCategory: Short story.
Sunday, 20 June 2010
12:59:41 AM (GMT)
This is more of a paragraph, than a short story, an extremely short story, but,


As he holds me.

As he holds me, he talks to me. He tells me of his love for me. He tells me how he
thinks about me. How he wants me. He kisses me. He laughs with me, and shares my
sorrows. He wipes my tears away with a fingertip, or a gentle brush of his lips. He
smiles as his face gently moves against mine.

As he holds me.


We lay in the grass, fresh sunlight filtered down through the grainy seeds. He stared
at me, completely unaware of our surroundings, utterly at bliss. I got lost in his
eyes, golden pools of truth, I could see his soul, bursting through, trying to tell
me something.

His hand came to rest on mine, in turn resting on my hip. A small smile played upon
his lips. Before I could stop him, his fingers had reached my stomach. I whimpered,
my eyes grew wide and my lip trembled. No, I whispered in my head, I wasn't
going to break the silence. I was too late. His nimble hands had already woven
themselves under my arms, and onto my waist.

Was I feeling up to this?

He just grinned, his deceitful eyes sparkling with the triumph of a champion. He
started tickling. A small chuckle escaped his lips. That was his weakness, laughter.
I rolled away from him, and tucked myself into a ball. The simple answer, yes.
Alex stared at me, for the second time in the past two minutes... The look in his
eyes dared me to move. He crouched, ready, in position.

"Baby, I was born to run away from you," I smirked, jumping up and darting away from
him, stopping 10 metres away.

"Yeah, but see, that's the problem with your theory," Alex whispered as he shifted
towards me slowly.

"Oh, and what's that, I wonder?" I joked, knowing I had won this argument. Alex ran
and tackled me, a small gleam in his now radiant eyes.

"Well, baby, I was born to catch you." Hmm, he held quite a bit of truth in that
statement. I struggled under him, and he giggled evilly, pinning down my arms
effortlessly. I tried to roll to the side, but he simply straddled me, preventing any
escape techniques. I thought for a moment, and placed my hand on Alex's hip,
'accidentally' slipping it down to his thigh.

"Oopsies... Now, Alex, darling. This could either be very nice for you, or extremely
unpleasant. You're in no position to bargain." It was my turn to giggle evilly, I was
in charge here. Alex relaxed, letting me control him. I flipped us over, so I was
straddling him. But Alex wouldn't give up that easily. He propped himself up onto his
elbows, and glared at me.

"That's cheating, that is," He blew a puff of warm air into my face. "It's unfair." I
fluttered my eyelashes against his cheek, a butterfly kiss.

"What is, honey?" He groaned. My eyes flew open. I... Was sitting on Alex. He'd just
groaned. I'd made him make that sound. Alex bit his lit and took my face in his
hands. He kissed me softly, savouring the moment.

"You are beautiful," He murmured, his lips still against mine. My face grew hot
beside his. "And you blush." I felt the corner of his mouth twitch upwards, and my
face grew hotter. "Chill, baby. It's cute." He grinned again. I slung my arms around
his neck, hugging him tight to me.

"Alex." He laid his head on my shoulder.

"I'm here." He always understood. I breathed in the scent of him. He was right. He's
here. Now. And frankly, now, is all we have to worry about.

As he holds me.


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