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Friday, 4 June 2010
06:05:56 AM (GMT)
Well yesterday durin school my friend offered me to come & smoke wit him during
school. Of course i said yes cuz thatz jus somethin i do on a regular bases. As tha
hours pasted it eventually got ta 6th period. I ditched & went ta tha usual area
where we smoke at. Now i jus thought it waz gonna be me & him  but no...I waz highly
mistaken he brought along his sister, one of her friends, his girlfriend, and dis one
other guy i dont like. But anyway my friend took his backpack off and pulled out dis
unknown drug. It waz called Malice it had a very powerful smell to it & tha color waz
a brown-ish green-ish wit lik black dots all inside tha Malice. At first i waz lik
WTF hell nah im not smokin dat shit! BTW tha smell of tha Malice waz good lol!    I
waz on my way ta leave but my friend's sister told me ta stay & at least try it. And
if i didnt lik it she told me ta jus go home so i walked back ta my friend & and that
beautiful drug. My friend waz tha first ta try this unknown drug & soon enough i waz
next in line ta try it. I hav ta say it at first i waz a lil nervous but i had ta try
this drug i waz DETERMINED.     After everyone smoked tha Pure Malice we all looked
fucked up & bad enough for me my dear mother waz at home waiting for my arrival. AS
soon as that last bell rang i rushed back ta school & went ta tha bathroom. I washed
my face and put dis stuff in ma eyes ta clear tha redness. But still i smelled lik i
been smoking & if my poor mother were ta find out she probably kill me!? I left tha
boy's bathroom & went ta go look for someone that had some type of spray that could
get rid of tha smell. Luckily i ran in2 my friend's sister & she had some type of
spray. She sprayed me down til tha point where i didnt smell lik i waz
smoking....Thank God 4 Her!!! She gave me a huge and smelled me ta make sure i didnt
still smell lik Malice.      I waz alreadly lik 30min late lol. And ma mother is lik
really over protective so i had ta rush home and run lik nevea be4.  Ma mom wasnt
home soo when i got home i took a long shower and i waz thinkin about 2 things Ma
girlfriend Shayna & Pure Malice.       A few hours pasted and it got dark outside.
And damn tha outcome of that drug waz brutal! 1) I lost my vision a few times, 2) I
couldnt sleep for shit, 3) When ma vision came back ta me i kept on seein weird shit,
4) Skitzafrantic kicked in, 5) I promise it waz a time where i couldnt move ma
legs...so i couldnt walk my fuckin dogg! & 6) Half of tha fuckin time i didnt even
know where tha fuck i waz. Lol Malice is truly sum crazy shit that i will try once
agin.     Ok nows it 5:54 AM and i cant fuckin sleep. Oh and im also a lil
hyper....But for sum strange reason i feel lik if i do fall asleep i will A) wont
wake up til lik....I dunno TOMORROW or B) Fall fast asleep and die. Those r ma 2
biggest fears right about now.  Ok soo if im not on tomorrow by at least 3:00 or
later then that mus mean A) im still fast asleep or B) DEAD!    Oh and dis would aslo
HELP call 911 if im not on & tell my mom and Shayna that...I LOVEd them plz and thank
"Pure Malice" Wat a wonderful drug that would kill u & cause other serious damage to
tha human body. 

‹$h@naYn@y› says:   4 June 2010   991387  
Lol babe heres some good advice STOP SMOKIN PERIOD (:
‹Z@cK3ry-I$-y0uR-$up3RH3R0plusurfutureBoyFRi3nd<› says:   4 June 2010   250763  
Yeah what she said! Lol your gonna die (and not too sound fucked up.)
‹$h@naYn@y› says:   4 June 2010   254374  
Thanks lol 
‹<Drop-Dead Handsome>› says:   4 June 2010   632349  
Fuck u guyz!
‹$h@naYn@y› says:   4 June 2010   775634  
‹Z@cK3ry-I$-y0uR-$up3RH3R0plusurfutureBoyFRi3nd<› says:   8 June 2010   962449  
Lol! Little Jason got his ass kicked by a hater lol! And all this
time you, SAID that you, could kick ass but instead you my friend got
your ass kicked! XD
‹$h@naYn@y› says:   10 June 2010   567172  
at least he fought him.... 
‹Novacaneღ› says:   28 July 2010   204856  
I'm not trippin
I'm not a cheater
I'm not a whore
I'm not a player
I'm not a liar
and I dont want you (:
‹<Drop-Dead Handsome>› says:   29 July 2010   213966  
Ok Shay, whatever. U don't have ta want me I couldn't care less...
‹Novacaneღ› says :   29 July 2010   464606  
mmmm how sad

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