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Monday, 10 May 2010
12:44:50 PM (GMT)



This contains my own poltic view, so I'd rather if you didn't take offense to that...
everyone is entitled to their own.

Okay, so basically, to all you ignorant people out there who have no clue about
British politics, we just had one of the bigegst general elections ever to elect our
new Prime Minister.

The Labour party have been incharge of our country for some time now, more recently
lead by a man named Gordon Brown, who had become Prime Minister because the previous
one resigned; therefore, Mr Brown was not elected into power.

Long story short, most people down right hated the man. He kinda ruined our country
during the recession, selling all our gold and what not. (I won't go into it... it's
too complicated.)

And so, when this general election came around, David Cameron and the Conservative
party took the most seats in Parliament, but they did not get the 50% of the vote
majority. They only got 43%.

When this happens, you get something called a hung parliament, where no parties have
the majority, and nothing can really happen unless two parties form a coalition
government to gain over 50%.

Thus, the Tories (that's the Conservaties) had two options. Either: form coaltion
with the third biggest party (behind Labour and themselves), the Liberal Democrats,
or form a minority government in parliament, which is a little risky.

Being the twat and coward he was, Gordon Brown decided to hang on the the prime
minister seat, forcing David Cameron to go into talks with the Lib Dems about
colation. However, these talks seem to be going well, so we expect that either the
Home or Foreign Secretary or even Chancellor will be given to a high seated Lib Dem

Gordon Brown and his Labour government also tried to make talks with the Lib Dems, to
try and secure a coalition, so that they might get the majority, but these EPIC

Thus, with no hope left, Gordon Brown resigned~~ yay!

(Please excuse the inaccuracies in my brief summary of politics... I just wanted to
give the general idea... lol)

And therefore, we now have a Tory (Conservative) governement basically secured for
the future~~ Which is good because I'm part of a Tory family, and, if I was able to
vote, I would probably place my vote with them.

BUTLEIK. My dad went to school with Gordon Brown. Lol.

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   10 May 2010   236401  
Ahah, OR NAWT.

Still looks as if Labour are gonna have some say in our country's
politics tough, Lib Dem talks with the Tories broke down, so guess who
Clegg's chatting with nao? L-a-b-o-u-r! CHECK YEH.

But yeah, this is my opinion too. I think politics os something we're
never going to agree on xD
StarDust says:   10 May 2010   532407  
Yeah the tories are even better at forcing parts of the country into
poverty than the Labour.
Bootheghost says:   10 May 2010   821921  
Actually, the Labour talks with Clegg failed, so Clegg is talking with
Cameron again.
As I said, Cameron will offer Home or Foreign Secretary to one of the
Lib Dems... not Clegg, that other guy. :P Lib Dems and Tories are more
likely to make colation than Labour and Lib Dems anyday.

And Labour have made a mess of this country anyway, so no-one would
really think about giving them another shot tbh. 
Oroborus21 says:   14 May 2010   637122  
what party are the majority in the UK? and is it only england? or do
scots and welsh have a vote too?
Bootheghost says:   14 May 2010   215858  
Atm, The Conservatives have the majority, Labour in second, Lib Dems
are third.

But, David Cameron of the Conservatives just became our new PM, but he
had to form coaltion with Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems. :B

And Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland all vote.
Bootheghost says:   14 May 2010   960081  
See above reply. 
‹carry on my wayward son› says:   14 May 2010   922185  
I wanted to vote for the SMP's, but I suppose the lib dems are
better. (DOWN WITH THE BNP.)*cough* I don't like that david dude much
anyway. -__-
Bootheghost says :   14 May 2010   540271  
I'm just interested to see what happens with this whole coalition...
Cameron and Clegg, really?


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