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Leech. [Chapter Six]Category: Leech.
Sunday, 18 April 2010
06:37:27 PM (GMT)
I woke up at four o' clock in the morning. I got out of bed, being careful
not to wake up Ophelia; I walked out of the room and went into the kitchen,
I opened the the basement door then walked down the stairs. I grabbed some red
candles and put them in a circle whilst pushing Hope's body out of
the way. I checked for her pulse and there was none. I chuckled softly then mumbled
something to myself.
I entered the circle as I pulled out a box of matches and lit the candles with a
match. I took off my shirt and took out my bowie knife; I started carving
the pentagram into my chest, wincing as the blood trickled down my chest. I wiped a
bit of blood with my finger and licked it off.
"My children of the Underworld and Hell. Come to your father, Lucifer. The Beast of
all sins." I invocated.
I inhaled deeply, feeling like my soul left my body. I exhaled slowly, letting out a
deep demonic growl. I let out a scream whilst falling to my knees, panting heavily.
"I'll continue feeding off the pure and goodwilled, I will continue feeding off their
energy. To make me omnious." I invocated again.
I grabbed Hope's body and laid it in front of me, I bent over then slit her throat; I
started to lick the blood up, feeling younger and stronger. I stopped
then licked my lips, and started blowing out the candles. Right when I was about to
blow out the last candle, I heard light footsteps walking down the stairs.
I got up and stepped out of the circle then went up the stairs, grabbing the person.
It ended up being Ophelia who was probably trying to escape.
"Hey dollface." I greeted, smiling slightly.
She looked around the basement then saw Hope's body with her throat slit and blood
flowing down.
"W-W-what did you did you do to her?" She asked, looking at me.
"Oh, I just made sure she was completely dead." I replied, chuckling softly.
"You're a monster." She retorted, slapping me.
My head moved to the side as I rubbed my cheek. I wrapped my arms around her waist,
pulling her closer to me, she tried to wiggle free but I tighten my grip.
"No kiss?" I asked, smirking.
"Let go of me! You pig!" She yelled, squirming.
I bit down on her neck hard until blood trickled down her neck; she winced and tried
to push me away while I licked the blood up. I took out a scalpel from my pocket then
carved 'Beast' into her stomach. She screamed from the pain but kept still since she
feared that I might tear open her stomach, I stopped then put my scalpel away into my
"Good girl." I purred into her ear.
I walked her upstairs and into the living room. I tossed her down on the floor; she
tried to crawl away but I grabbed her by her ankle then put my foot on her back and
pushed her down. I got on my knees then climbed onto her, pinning her down with one
hand; with my free hand, I unzipped my pants whilst licking her neck.
"Say you love me." I whispered lustfully.
"I don't love you." She hissed.
I pulled back her head and growled deeply into her ear, starting to take off my pants
with my free hand and throwing them on the couch.
"Say it now, bitch." I growled, biting her shoulder.
"I love you." She moaned, a tear rolling down her cheek.
I let go of her and laid her down on her back. I pulled out a condom from my pants
pocket; I ripped open the package with my teeth and slid the condom onto my penis. I
climbed up onto her then pinned her down by her wrists as I roughly slid my penis
into her. I thrusted deeply, groaning and growling deep in my throat.
"Every single inch of you belongs to me. And only me." I whispered lustfully in her
ear, hungrily kissing her.
She moved her head and moaned in pain as I thrusted roughly; she started to cry
whilst squirming around.
"I still belong to Dave. I don't even care if he's dead." She stated, sobbing.
I smirked then thrusted harder, making sure she felt every inch of me. She was still
sobbing and wincing from the pain; I pulled out then took the condom off and threw it
"Go shower." I instructed.
She got up stumbling and walked down the wall, walking into the bathroom and closing
the door. I sat on the couch, naked; I grabbed a pack of cigarettes off the coffee
table then took one out and stuck it in my mouth. I lit the cigarette then puffed on
it, looking around my house; lost in complete thoughts.

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