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Leech. [Chapter Three]Category: Leech.
Saturday, 17 April 2010
05:45:12 PM (GMT)
I dragged the old sledgehammer towards the guest bedroom. The hammer sounded
like a chair scraping across a wooden floor. I opened the door slowly, seeing Ophelia
sleeping on the bed while Dave was laying down on the floor in his own pool of now
dried blood, sleeping too. I lifted the sledgehammer high above my head and brought
it down with a great amount of speed.
I heard a bonecrushing crack and blood splattered on the wall and onto me. Dave's
head was completely smashed and I saw a bit of his brain which made me snicker.
Ophelia heard me and got up quickly. She looked down at the floor then let out a
bloodcurdling scream. This pissed me off and I put down the sledgehammer.
"Shut the fuck up!" I yelled, pulling out my bowie knife.
My sudden outburst startled her and made her jump a little.
"Scream again and I'll cut out that tongue of yours." I warned.
She nodded her head "yes" then looked down at Dave again, wiping a tear. I wiped a
bit of blood on my face with my finger then walked towards the bed. I outstretched my
finger to her and smirked.
"Lick the blood off." I demanded.
"No, you're a sick freak." She retorted.
"Lick it now." I growled.
My anger startled her again and she licked the blood off my finger. I chuckled softly
and smirked as I slid my hand down her dress and grabbed her breast. I took my hand
out then started to unzip my pants. Right when I got on the bed, she grabbed the lamp
that was on the nightstand. She hit me on the head with enough force to make me dazed
for a few seconds. She got off the bed then ran out the room. I chased after her and
grabbed her by her waist when she was about to go out the front door.
"Where do you think you're going, sweetheart?" I asked roughly.
"Let me go!" She cried.
I picked her up and tossed her over my shoulder. She wiggled like a worm and kept
pounding on my back with her tiny fists. I walked into the bathroom and put the
toilet seat down then sat her on it. She huffed while I closed the door. I turned on
the shower then started undressing as she looked away disgusted. I got in the shower
without closing the glass door. She was looking at the door, not even paying
attention to me.
"When are you gonna let me go?" She asked.
I heard a hint of sadness in her voice then replied, "You'll be mines forever."
"No! I wanna go home now!" She shouted, getting a bit upset.
"So, how long you and Dave going out?" I asked, changing the subject while scrubbing
blood off my chest.
"Don't change the fuckin' subject on me!" She cried.
I chuckled then said, "Thats what I like about you. You have spunk and a fighter."
She growled softly then got up and walked towards the shower. I just smiled and
looked at the angry expression on her face.
"Whats your name?" She asked, tilting her head to the side.
"Call me Beast." I replied, still smiling.
"Like Beauty and the Beast?" She asked.
"Yes, just that my curse will never be broken by Beauty's love." I explained.
"Hah, come back to reality dumbass." She said sarcastically.
I just chuckled then continued to wash up while she sat back down on the toilet. I
got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist.
"Okay sweetheart, no more Mr. Friendly." I said in this dark sinister velvet voice.
She gasped at how sudden I changed. I grabbed her by her forearm while opening the
bathroom door. I walked her to my bedroom and tossed her onto the bed. I pulled out
some rope from my nightstand drawer then started tying her hands to the bed. I ripped
her dress off of her and took the towel off myself. I threw it into a corner of the
room; I gazed at her chest then smiled slightly.
"Now, listen here, you'll be my wife and apprentice." I told her in the same tone of
voice I had earlier.
"I'll do anything as long I get to stay alive." She replied with a hint of sadness in
her voice.
I smirked then said, "Good girl. You and me will get along well."
I put a condom on then thrusted my penis roughly into her. She winced from the pain
while I growled softly and thrusted harder.
"Stop. Please, stop." She pleaded, starting to sob.
"I thought you were enjoying yourself." I replied laughing.
Tears started to flow down her cheeks and I smiled, feeling sastified. I thrusted
deeper, groaning. She squirmed a little and moaned from the pain. I finally pulled
out; I got out of the bed and threw the condom away
in a wastebasket. I laid back down in the bed, yawning.
"Night Ophelia." I said, kissing her cheek.
All I heard were soft sobs then I finally fell asleep. Tomorrow was gonna be a better
Last edited: 17 April 2010

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