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Wednesday, 7 April 2010
03:48:15 PM (GMT)
1. Who are you?

2. Birthday?
january 9th.

3. Any sore body part?
uuh yeah i tripped up the stairs and there's 
a big bruise on my leg. and my throat and head hurt alot too.

4. Is something bothering you?
nothin at all

5. Waiting for anything?
uuhh not really

6. Play any sports?
nah not really a sports kind of person 

7. If so, do you play varsity sports?

8. What does your last text say?
"you make me really happy, kid"

9. What does the last text from yesterday say?
"the people i work with are fucktards"

10. Did you text your best friend today?

11. How about your boyfriend/girlfriend?
huhuh nope

12. Do you hate writing something really long and getting only an lol or ok?

13. Send pix messages alot?
pix? idk?

14. Whats your profile pic for facebook?
me at port

15. Whos wall did you last write on?
michelle macdonald

16. Last person to chat with?

17. Watch Jersey Shore?
ew no thanks lmfao

18. Do you think its funny or stupid?
stupid is an understatement

19. Whats your hometown?

20. Sooo whos your crush haha?
haha, none, crushes are stupid

21. Whats more important to you in a guy/girl: looks or personality?
personality, looks are nice too.

22. Fav color hair in a guy/girl?
doesn't really matter much.

23. Twilight fan?
i enjoyed the books

24. Top two fav colors?
seafoam green and light gray

25. Did you watch The Hangover?
haha yeess

26. What movie do you want to see in the theaters?
Repo Men but mark said he heard it was shit.
so maybe uhhh HOT TUB TIME MACHINE?

27. Favorite song at the moment?
camilo - said the whale

28. Whats up?
my manhood

29. Who do you sit next to in history?
history was last sem.
i sat next to eric and dakota

30. Bedtime on a school night is?
usually around 10pm

31. Got any plans for this wednesday night?!?
today is wednesday.

32. How about thursday?
yes :D

33. Are you supposed to be doing something right now?
uhhh nope

34. Do you watch the super bowl for the game or the commercials or dont watch it?
i don't watch it lmfao

35. Was 2009 a good year?
overall, not really

36. Whats one thing you want in 2010?
not sure yo

37. Last book you read?
Sticky Fingers

38.Who do you sit next to in reading?
what? lmao

39. Whos gonna be your Valentine this year?
Valentine's Day is next year
and i'm not gonna jinx anything

40. Ever been to Arizona?
i have not

41. How about Ohio?

42. Last time you danced out to some awesome music?!
uhhh not sure

43. Do you like to Skype?
not really

44. Oovoo?
wtf is that lmao

45. Got an iPod?
yes, i do

46. If so, what kind?

47. Think this is long enough?
i've had longer
that's what she said

48. Well its done now! What did you think?  
mixed signals

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