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Sex is a Sin Chapter ElevenCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 16 March 2010
11:37:35 AM (GMT)
"She fucking hates me!" I screamed to Slash, who I realized was a very violent baby.
My nephew. I love me some Slash. He had even taken to calling me 'Momma.'
  "Sing gen, Momma! Sing gen!" he cheered, throwing those brown arms up
enthusiastically. "Sing gen! Daddy?" He peered at the opening door, then grinned.
"Unca Jaaaay!"
   Jace came in and smiled at. "Hey, buddy." His arms wrapped around my waste and he
kissed my cheek. I could feel the hard cold pressure of his teeth against my neck as
he hissed, "Vampires."
  I laughed. "Not in front of my nephew," I teased, feeling slightly scared. I
brushed it off. There's no way he's serious. I'm just being overly dramatic for
  "Slash! Buddy! Where's Bastian?"
  "Daddy up dere in room wit girl."
  "Tell it all," Sebastian said, coming downstairs, hair slightly tousled, and the
girl behind him looked worse. Like she had had rough sex. I had only had it once, but
I assumed rough sex wasn't anything to play with it....the penis on the other
hand....I'm a naughty naughty girl.  Wink, wink.
  "Hey, Daddy!" Slash said, climbing off the sofa and running upstairs for a hug.
Beebee (Author's Note: That's the dog. I completely forgot about for the last ten
chapters! Sorry!) barked and yipped around our feet. Wow. She's getting bigger.
Almost the size of Slash.
  "We're goin' out," Sebastian said, picking up Slash and closing the door.
  As soon as the door was closed, Jace sat on the sofa, and put on the TV. The first
song to pop up was my favorite, "Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry." I love that song. Jace
glanced up at me. 
   "Scream so loud! Getting fuckin' laid!" His arms shot out and grabbed my waist,
pulling me on top of him. He rolled over so that I was underneath and kissed me. "I
said scream, bitch!"
  I let loose a feral snarl that was reserved for cheetahs. I let it simmer into a
seductive purr. I pawed at his waist, clasping my legs around him. "You make me wanna
scream--in terror!"
  He laughed. "Well, you're about to scream a lot more."
  He flashed me a grin.
  And I screamed like hell, throwing him off of me in horror.
  The first four teeth at the top were white and even, not that sharp, smooth, and
like a Colliegate catalouge model. Then next to each tooth on the left and right, two
long elegonated fangs were shown, smooth and sharp and real. The bottom was just the
same. With his mouth closed, the fangs on the bottom werre shifted ever so slightly
to the right so that they didn't touch the top ones.
  He laughed. "Are you scared yet?"
  "Terrified," I said. I think I stuttered. I was too shocked by the fact that
they...wait! This is a joke! I glared at him, hands on my hips. "You manwhore! Stop
lying to me. Come here."
  I walked over to him and tugged on them. "Idiot. You're not supposed to glue them
  "Ow! Ow!" he cried, backing up. "That hurts!"
  "Ugh!" I gave one final tug. "Let me see if I have something for this.." I went
upstairs into the bathroom, looking for soemthing that would say "unstick glue" or
something like that.
   Something warm was on my breath. I turned around to see the flashing, fanged grin
of Jace. A sharp pang came in my neck and everything went black....or black with
those dots you get when you close your eyes.

princessbrandi says:   16 March 2010   915320  
aw mann he is a freakin vampire
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   17 March 2010   456525  
Oh yeaaahh..@princessbrandi 

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