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Meaghan, where do you come up with these things??Category: (general)
Friday, 12 February 2010
12:07:41 PM (GMT)
Megs says:
 Lol, I Had Random Image Of Me Swinging On A Tree When I Read Your Chapter XP
Sam says:
 How the heck did that come along?
Megs says:
 Idk, Just Thought It'd Be Funny If I Was Randomly Swinging On A Tree WHile Ryoki
Approached Something ThaT Looked Like Me XD
Sam says:
 YOu just left the most funny mental image in my head
Megs says:
 Haha I Did? XD Was It The Same As Me, 
 Random Cave Woman Swinging On A Tree, Screaming AYY AYYY AYYY While People Below Are
Attacked By Something That Looks Like Her XD
Sam says:
Megs says:
 That's What I Got XD And Btw I'm in My Night CLothes XDD
Sam says:
Megs says:
 Yea, I Think They Get Ripped On Trees XD
Sam says:
 You'd think.
 That only makes the image funnier
Megs says:
 Lol I Know Right? It's Like I Have A Banna In My Mouth Too XD
Sam says:
Megs says:
 I Am Monkey Cave Woman !
Sam says:
 Ryoki: ...*confused*
Megs says:
 Haha Yeah. Sam: Wakes Up And Thinks She's Dreaming
Sam says:
 Sam: (This can't be real. V_V)
Megs says:
 Lol yeah, Ed: Wa-Was That...Was That MEAGHAN? !
Sam says:
 It's all coming together in my head...

She's insane, but I love her all the same. :'D

‹WeaponFace♥› says:   12 February 2010   223399  
Kirti says:   12 February 2010   657343  
Insanity is relative. She just seems fun!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   12 February 2010   777582  
Fun she is, that's for sure. Although, I'm pretty positive she has an
area that's insane. (You don't go to school with her everyday; I do.) 
Kirti says:   12 February 2010   666331  
That's true. Still, if humans didn't all have a bit of us that's
completly nuts, where'd we get our ideas? Lsts.

Heeeey, I'm watching the winter Olympics. Good luck Canada, I hope
your athletes pwn my countries athletes!
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   12 February 2010   668828  
Haha That Does Sound Crazy Now That I Re-Read It XD But That's Me !

Oh Sam I Think My Brain Is Like 99.9% Insane/Evil And The Other One
Percent Is Perverted XD (Thanks Richard, Parker XP)

Lol Sam, All I Do At School Is Randomly Laugh And Push Guys Into
Lockers, Oh Wait That Does Sound Pretty Radical XD XDD

Lol That Is True, But I Think My Ideas Just Come Out Of Randomness XD
I'll Be Reading Something And Come Up With Something That Isn't Even
Realted To It XD

Lol Why Not Support Your Own Country? But Thanks ^.^ 
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   12 February 2010   997859  
Very excellent point.
Go Canada!

I knew about Richard, but Parker too?

Of course it does! D:< 
CrazyMeaghanJellieBeanie says:   12 February 2010   183852  
Yea, Haven't You Seen That I'm In A Socail Studies Group With Him XD
You Say One Thing And He Says "That's What She Said!" XD

Haha, But It's Fun ! Plus Boys Deserve Torture, The One's At Our
School Are Just Plain Evil, I Am Defender Of Girls ! XXXXDDDDD
Punching Time XD
‹??????› says :   13 February 2010   945336  
This was hilarious. xD
I lOL'D.


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