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Chapter FiveCategory: (general)
Friday, 5 February 2010
08:49:17 PM (GMT)
Too Lazy To Add Link To Ch.4 Right Now, Will Add It Later, Promissseeee !

I Became Un-Lazy XDD

Chapter Five: Long Night, Sweet Time

I sat on the floor of the guest bedroom, untangling my hair from the ponytail it had
been in, the day had been long, and the night would be even longer, for I was going
to stay up all night, because how was I absolutely sure that this old woman that we
had met was actually human and not a Lycan? 
	Although staying up all night wasn’t new for me, my longest record was ten days
without sleep, so this would be just like that, and plus it was for a good cause, I
couldn’t let my friends get hurt right? 
	I sighed as I lay back against the bed’s frame, although I wouldn’t be much use
tomorrow if I didn’t get any sleep that was if there was a tomorrow, if the old
woman wasn’t lying. Ugh, either way I couldn’t and shouldn’t fall asleep, if I
did, I’d never forgive myself. But there was still the urge in the back of my brain
to sleep, so I got up from where I was sitting and went into the bathroom across the
hall and splashed water on my face, that would help for awhile, but not for long.
	My face still stone cold awake from the water, I heard a knock on the door of my
bedroom. I looked up, but didn’t say anything as Ryoki entered carrying tea, wow;
someone was being nice, stupid pedophile. 
“Hey, staying up?” Ryoki asked, as he sat down beside me. 
“Yeah, who knows if she’s lying. Gotta protect my Sam.” I answered, he passed
me a cup of tea, and I put three sugar cubes in it.
“Wow, lay down on the sugar. Well I am too, and I kinda figured a stubborn girl
like you, would too, so I thought we could stay up together.” Ryoki said, while
pouring milk into his tea, he liked milk a lot, no wonder he was so tall. 
“Hey I like the sugar in my tea. And don’t you think it’d be bad if we both
stayed up? Then there’d be two useless, sleepy people tomorrow.” I said. Ryoki
looked over at me, put down his tea and crossed his arms.
“Better two useless people, than four dead people. Or worse, four Lycans.” Ryoki
stated, I couldn’t argue with that, so I just sighed, pushed my hair back, and
leaned back on the bed again. I hated when he was right, I hated how he was such a
tyrant, how... how weird he was! He had to be special with a capital “M” and
“R”, yeah that would explain everything. 
“Hey, I just noticed, I’ve never seen you with your hair down before,
looks...normal.” Ryoki commented, I looked at him out the corner of my eye, was he
jerking my leg?
“What do you mean by, ‘Normal’” I asked, raising my eyebrows, challenging
“I meant, it just seems more you, you don’t seem like the kind to wear ponytails
or put your hair up, that’s all.” Ryoki said he grabbed a bun off of the tray he
had brought in with the tea; he chomped into it, and didn’t glance at me. I think
he had just complimented me, well this was awkward.
	I got up then, not being subtle about it, not saying excuse me, I was rude, deal
with it, jeez, I mean, it was just something I couldn’t help personally, I reached
the window and looked out into the sky, the rain was still pouring heavily, I
couldn’t see any of the beautiful stars or moon in this haze of water, not even the
pretty navy blue, black like sky, that was a bummer. 
I pressed my face closer to the freezing cold window, I pulled away my face fast at
first, shocked from the cold, but went back to pressing my face against it when I
realized how the cold was so refreshing, another thing to keep me up all night. But
even with my face this close to the window, I still couldn’t see anything but the
haze of rain water as it kept dripping down in a fury from the angry gray clouds.
“What are you doing?” Ryoki asked, mumbling through his food, ew, couldn’t he
swallow first? 
	Sighing, I turned from where I was looking at the clouds to face him, narrowing my
eyes at him and flopping down on the bed, looking at the ceiling in a moment of utter
boredom, but I wasn’t down for long, I heard a clash from the room next door, and
was on my feet before Ryoki could blink, before Ed could swear, before Sam could
smile, that was one other thing about me, I was fast, fast for such a small height,
that thing about having longer legs makes you run faster, wasn’t true, I was proof
of that.
	I was out the door of my room before Ryoki was even on his feet and could get behind
me, I didn’t pause in the hallway, I was all about impulse, I never thought, just
acted, I was one big play of improvisation. I grabbed the doorknob to the room and
yanked the door open.
“Hi-ya!” I cried as I crashed into the room. But I stopped my craziness when I
saw it was just Ed sitting on the ground, trying to repair a vase he had broken, what
had been listening or something? That was the only thing I could think of that would
make him so surprised to break a vase, I sighed and sat down beside him.
“Uh...It fell.” Ed said, but he sat up straighter as I bent down to examine the
pieces, the reason he got along well with me was because I was so much shorter than
him, he liked finally having someone to tower over, but that didn’t bother me,
because I believed the guy should be taller.
“Yeah, sure Ed.” I mumbled, while summoning a power I had recently learned, I
could make objects become one again, it was kinda cool, it also meant I could split
them again, and even split a human in half, although that seemed kinda gross, so I
wouldn’t do that. But then again... I might just accidently do that to Ryoki...
“I swear, hey what are you doing?” Ed asked, he was interested, he could see my
hands vibrating, circling the object as they worked to put the pieces back together.
“Putting it back together, what does it look like? Does it look like I’m a human
massager?” I joked, playfully laughing at Ed. My hands shaked once more before the
object snapped back together perfectly. 
	I smiled to myself as Ed stared at it in amazement and I heard a low whistle coming
from behind me, I whipped my head back to see Ryoki standing in the door way,
clapping his hands slowly. I got up and charged at him, with my fist.
“Useless fire bot! Why do you have to insult my powers?! Are you jealous?!” I
yelled, Ryoki stopped clapping and loomed over me. 
“You’re powers are so stupid! They just keep coming! Don’t you have too many
already!” Ryoki yelled. “Freak!” I hit him with my fist.
“Faggot! You’re so gay, that’s why you hate girls and only like Ed!” I
screamed, but couldn’t say any more because Ed had come up to us and was covering
our mouths, so instead I just hit him again.
“Can you stop?! You do realize it’s four in the morning and that you’ll wake
everyone up, right?” Ed stated, he pulled back his hands when we stopped moving. I
crossed my arms and put on my hard stare, and glared at Ryoki, he shivered.
“Right. Well, I’m going to go back to my room.” I said, I walked past Ryoki and
headed to my room. 
“Hey Ryoki aren’t you going to your own room?” Ed asked, I looked back to see
Ryoki freeze behind me and Ed cross his arms and smirk. I spazzed then, going psycho
on Ed and Ryoki, actually in front of them, waving my hands above my head in the
middle of the hall and doing the chicken dance.
“Uh...yeah, but you see, creeper here is being weird.” Ryoki said, laughing to
himself as I stopped mid spazz and looked at him, well glared. “Uh, I’m just
going to go...” Ryoki then muttered, and he turned away from me and Ed’s side of
the hall to his own and shut his door.
I waved to Ed as I went into my own room and shut the door, still on my plan to stay
up all night, I grabbed one of the buns on the tray and began to eat it as the storm
decided to settle down for the morning. 
I was wide awake when everyone finally decided to get up at ten in the morning that
was one of the weird things that happened to me when I stayed up all night, but I
wouldn’t complain, it was a good thing I was wide awake.
“Oh, Meaghan. What are you doing up?” Sam asked as she came out of her room she
still had her night clothes on and was rubbing her eyes. I smiled brightly and jumped
up and down.
“Being hyper, I got the answer I wanted though, old woman isn’t a Lycan!” I
answered her, still jumping, Sam looked at me strangely and walked by.
“Strange midget, always hyper and jumpy, don’t understand how someone could have
so much energy in the morning.” She mumbled, and then she closed the bathroom door.
I waited for the next person to come out.
“Ah! Freak, god scared me, thought you were some sort of machine coming at me!”
Ryoki yelled at me as he closed his door behind him, he didn’t look like me, I
guess he was the opposite of me when he stayed up all night.
“How was your all nighter?” I asked, ignoring his earlier comment. Ryoki yawned
and walked passed me and stopped beside the bathroom door.
“I fell asleep.” He answered, so that’s why... Stupid idiot! He knew I’d stay
up so he went straight to sleep, feeling cruel I turned to face him, a sly smile on
my face.
“Hey Ryoki...” I said. He looked up from where he was looking at a spot on the
hard wood floor to me.
“What?” He asked, scratching his head. He was suspicious of my smile, I could
tell by his tone of voice.
“I know what you are...” I said. He scoffed, and tried not to choke on his laugh,
deciding to play along, he looked at me smiling.
“And what would that be?” He asked. I walked forward until I was in front of him.
Almost face to face with him, my sly smile grew wider.
“Gay.” I answered, and then I kicked him in the sack and ran down the stairs like
a maniac laughing, as he stumbled after me, limping and yelling ‘ouch’.
“Stop.” A gruff voice commanded, and all of a sudden the old lady was in front of
me and I slammed right into her. Ugh, great, and then what else except for stupid
Ryoki to fall on top of me! Maybe I would split him apart! 
“Stupid idiot, get off of us!” I yelled from underneath him, there wasn’t a
movement from him.
“I would, but you hurt a really sensitive area!” Ryoki yelled back. The old lady
grumbled from underneath me.
“Both of you move please, or I can get into Meaghan’s brain and split both of
you!” The old lady said, wow, harsh. I moved first, making Ryoki fall with me as we
crashed to the ground. “Thank you.” The old lady said, she bent down and helped
me up, but didn’t bother to help Ryoki, she just looked at him, and walked off.  I
had to laugh at that.
“Ughhhh, that hurts!” Ryoki mumbled his face in the floor. I sighed and bent
down, and put his arm over my shoulder, and sat him, awkwardly, down in a chair; it
was awkward because of the height difference. 
“Morning you two, I heard a lot of ouches this morning, Ryoki were you being a bad
boy?” Ed laughed as he saw Ryoki sitting on the couch rolling in pain. I turned
away from Ryoki and smirked to myself as I walked off towards the kitchen, this day
was interesting so far. I wonder if it could get better. 
I stepped out of the old lady’s house with Ryoki later on in the day; we were to
check the weather, yeah big important job. Jeez why couldn’t it be something
cooler? Like checking out the scene of a murder, yeah that would be cool.
The ground was still freshly wet from the storm of last night, and the grass was all
over, lots of loose things had been flipped upside down and thrown all around. It was
a mess out here, my mother side was yelling at me to clean it, while the normal me
didn’t want to clean anything. 
“Jeez, that was some storm, look what it did.” Ryoki said my thoughts aloud, I
didn’t look at him though, a limo was pulling up the driveway of the small gray
	I stood looking at the limo pull up, it was kinda like a movie moment, what with my
hair waving in the wind and my coat floating in it as I stood waiting for the car, I
thought it’d be kinda funny if I pulled out my switchblade and waved, I’d seem
like a stalker killer.
The car came to a stop, and a letter was thrown onto the ground, jeez, couldn’t
they just hand us the letters?! But I still walked up to the letter and picked it up,
I ripped it open and read it.
	Couldn’t find you, figured you’d be at the houses, but you weren’t, so we
asked around, people said strange people were looking for a gray house, they told us
where to find it, we sent the limo, come back, you have a new assignment. –Master.
Oh so he couldn’t even come to great us himself, what a lame master, very lame
master, what was he? Afraid of the light? I’ve never actually seen him in the day,
maybe he was a vampire or something, no wait if he was, wouldn’t he have tried to
bite us before? 
I shook my head, I was getting vampire obsessed again, gosh, it seemed like that
always happened out of nowhere, but you had to admit, they were cool, only walking in
the night having all these powers and stuff.
And then I thought to what the master would say when he saw me, he would ask if
I’ve done me yoga, and of course I haven’t so then he would remind me of the
accident that I had caused at the academy with my violence, cutting Trish Waston,
well jeez it was an accident, I mean, she was bugging me, she was being jealous that
I was one of the girls graduating and being accepted and the fact that I was so much
younger than her, and the fact that I had two powers at the time when she only had
one, so then I turned around, totally forgetting my switchblade was in my hand and
accidently cut her. Jeez I didn’t want to be reminded of that twice. 
“Ryoki! We’ve got to go, get the others!” I yelled as I hoped into the black
limo, I didn’t bother to see if went through with my orders. I was too lazy, sleep
deprived; my hyperness had finally worn off. 
When we finally got back to the house I was really grumpy, it hadn’t taken long, or
at least it seemed like that, and I still needed my sleep. So I got out the car
grumpily, hitting Ryoki on the head as I went.
Even as I walked up the hill to our house, I was swaying, so Sam had to walk with me,
I could see her huff from the effort just to keep me straight and from falling. Ed
wasn’t too far behind us, and Ryoki was walking in front of us grumbling about how
I should sleep more often. 
Well excuse me if I wanted to keep everyone safe from a possible lycan. Jeez asshole!
I mean he fell asleep because he knew I would stay up! He was so awful! A tyrant! I
wanted to split him in half just once, it would be so painful for him.
And then I saw Sam looking at me strange, haha, maybe I had a wacky look on my face
“Kyaaaa!!!!” I yelled as I broke free of Sam and ran to my own house in a huff, I
needed to look better, I busted the door open into my house and made a bullet run for
the bathroom, taking a shower in a hurry and then drying off in a hurry and flinging
on my academy clothes, sadly that meant I had to rid of the jeans I had on. 
When I had finished getting dressed I went into the living room to find everyone
standing there wide eyed and looking at me like I was something mutant. Oh... they
saw all of that, haha, crap.
“Uh now that we’re all here, say what you have to say master.” Sam said as she
pulled me to stand beside her.
“It doesn’t look like a good time, I will come back later, bye for now. Oh and
Meaghan, do your yoga please.” The master said as he turned to leave, I looked
away; I was going to laugh, not because the situation was funny, but because I was
embarrassed. And now we would have to wait for the news, well at least that would
leave me with some more time to sleep.

Haha I Made This One A Little To Random XD Oh Wells Its A Spoof! So It Should Be!
Last edited: 11 February 2010

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