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Why are you obcessed with me?Category: (general)
Saturday, 19 December 2009
08:33:45 AM (GMT)

What is your goal in life? 
Song -  Hero/Heroine~ Boys Like Girls
Comment -  o.o hes somewhere..i dont know ?

What do you wish to say to the world? 
Song -  Pop Lock and Drop It-Huey
Comment -  LMFAO 

You think of love as...  
Song -  Too Much- All Time Low
Comment -  Oh thats true. 

You think of hate as... 
Song -  Millionare-Slumdog Millionare Soundtrack
Comment -  umwhat?

You believe in... 
Song - Beautiful Girls-Bayside
Comment - well thats pretty akward

You couldn't live without...  
Song -  When the Day Met the Night-Panic! At The Disco 
Comment -  TOTTALLY <3

You wish you could...  
Song -  Stupid Girls- P!NK
Comment -  lolol no?

You'd love to see a film out called...  
Song -  Neighbors-The Academy Is...
Comment -  sounds like a horror movie 

[More In-Depth About You] 

You dream to be...  
Song -  Girl-Jim Sturgess. 
Comment - OH of course

If you wrote a song, it would be called...  
Song -  All Over Me- Drowning Pool
Comment -  what?

If you made a film of your life it'd be called...  
Song - The Godfather - Mazurka- Nina Rota
Comment - LOLOLOL <3

The theme song would be called...  
Song - Until The Judgement Day-Hawthorne Heights
Comment -  o.o 

My life motto...  
Song - Let Me Sign- Robert Pattinson 
Comment -  No comment.

I spent most my childhood...  
Song - Living In the Sky With Diamonds- Cobra Starship
Comment -  <3 my life

I will not tolerate...  
Song -  Cold-Crossfade
Comment - hmm yes.

[Your Opinions On... Still Shuffling] 

Song -  To the End-My Chemical Romance
Comment -how? 

Nuclear War? 
Song -  Fame<Imfamy
Comment - IT works. 

War in General? 
Song -  Pretty Handsome Awkward- The Used
Comment -  haha =D

Song -  Stickwithyou- Pussy Cat Dolls
Comment - I will always be with music 

Song -  Every Burden Has A Version- The Academy Is...
Comment -  ?

Song -  Misguided Ghosts- Paramore
Comment -  hmm? 

Song -  I want you (She's So Heavy)- The Beatles
Comment - < 3 LOLOLOL

Song -  Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) - A.R. Rahman& Pussy Cat Dolls

Song -  Is it any wonder-Keane
Comment -  sounds soothing

[Shuffle Story] 

I woke up today at 6am. The birds outside woke me. I felt...  
Song -Girlfriend-Lil Mama and Avril Lavine. 

After deciding I'd better get up I decided to listen to my fav band called 
Comment -  =D <3

Their song entitled...  
Song -  I want you (she's So Heavy)- Joe Anderson, Dana Fuchs, T.V. Carpio
Comment - Whatthe?

After getting ready I head downstairs. The phone rings. I think...  
Song - When The Day MEt the Night (Live)- Panic At The Disco
Comment - ..what?

It's my close friend. S(he) wants me to 
Song -  Looking Up-Paramore
Comment - i dont think so. 

With them. I decline telling them I'm 
Song -  PAIN-Three Days Grace
Comment -  hahahahaha <3

and unable to get there. I end the call and watch... 
Song -  Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry)-3oh!3
Comment -  Sounds intersting. 

On TV. When it's finished I decide to go for a walk. My neighbour says... 
Song -  Candy Mountain Cave- Charlie The Unicorn
Comment -  what are smoking mann?

To me as I walk past. I smile and say --- back.  
Song - Like a Boy-Ciara
Comment -  This is a drug street I'm guessing. 

Whilst on my walk I see a stray kitty I mutter...  
Song -  You Never Gave Me Your Money- The Beatles
Comment - HAHAHA WTF

But I move along. As I get closer to town I hear people shouting. I think., 
Song -  Justice In Murder- Coheed&Cambria
Comment -  awkward </3

I rush and see it's a car wreck and someone is stuck inside. I scream... 
Song -  Flying-Secret Machines
Comment -  Drugs are bad for me then. 

and run to a parserby to help me drag them out. They say... 
Song - Helena- My Chemical Romance

Together we drag the person out. They can barely speak. They say... 
Song -  I see You- Mika
Comment -  I am glad you do =D

Collapsing, the paramedics come and tell us... 
Song - Rockstar-Nickelback 
Comment - o.o what

--- I reply.  
Song - Umbrella Beach- Owl City
Comment -  LOLOL <3

I run back home to tell my friends and family. Mum says... 
Song -  Walking On Air-Kerli
Comment - o.o thanks?

and Dad shouts... 
Song - SO What- P!NK
Comment - the thing that makes it sad is because would say something like that. 

I sigh, as the phone rings. It's the guy I helped save. He says... 
Song - Super Massive Black Hole- Muse
Comment - is everyone on drugs?

"No ---" I reply. We decide to keep in contact.  
Song -  Ching-A-Ling- Missy Elliot 
Comment - Well.. awkward phone calls


Your wedding song is...  
Song -  The Tudors Theme- Trevor Morris
Comment -   it could work? 

Your epitaph will read... 
Song -  The Long and Winding Road- The Beatles
Comment -  o.o Great

Your love life theme tune is...  
Song -  Lovebug-Jonas Brothers
Comment -  :]

Your parents theme tune is... 
Song - When It Rains- Paramore
Comment -  what?

You will always be remembered for... 
Song -  Time-Cute Is What We Aim For
Comment - <3

The critics will say this about your film/autobio? 
Song - We Made You-Eminem

Something you wish you told someone but never did is...  
Song -  White And Nerdy- Weird Al

[Finally... Fortune Shuffle!] 

My children will think this of me: 
Song -  Hips Don't Lie- Shakira
Comment - hahaha ew

My partner will propose to me by saying: 
Song -  Get Up- Ciara and Chamillionare
Comment -  um, what?

My Mum will say this on my wedding day: 
Song - Black Horse and the CHerry Tree- KT Tunstall
Comment -  is everyone on drugs here?

My relationship with my husband/wife'll be: 
Song - You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift
Comment - AWWW <3

This coming year is going to be all about: 
Song -  Cure For The Itch- Linkin Park
Comment -  what?

The year after that will be all about: 
Song -  Safe Ride- Cute Is What We Aim For
Comment -  interesting

The last year of my life will be spent: 
Song - Spring Nicht- Tokio Hotel 
Comment - So don't jump, intence

My biggest achievement will be: 
Song -  A Day In The Life- The Beatles
Comment - CAN'T WAIT 

My biggest regret will be: 
Song -  Big Family Stuff- Brian Regan
Comment -  Probably

My last words will be...  
Song -  House of Wolves- My Chemical ROmance
Comment -  o.o ill be killed by wolves

My grandchildren will remember me as: 
Song -  Youth Of The Nation- POD
Comment -  How does this make sence?

[Random - This Section Really is the end. Finish sentences.] 

Roses are...  
Song -  Dirt Off Your Shoulder / Lying from You-Linkin Park&Jay-Z
Comment -  o.o

and violets are... 
Song -  Exogenesis Symphony Part III (Redeption)-Muse
Comment -  eh?

I wish I could learn how to...  
Song -  On The Edge-Tokio Hotel
Comment -  It..makes...sence?

Laughter is... 
Song -  Stay With You-Goo Goo Dolls
Comment -  makes sence o.o 

Tears are... 
Song - Cassie-Flyleaf
Comment -  ;-;

If you don't know me by now... 
Song - Wo Sind Eure Hände-Tokio Hotel (meaning: Where are you hands?) 
Comment - MAKES SENCE <3

Another word for lies is... 
Song - Where The Lines OVerlap-Paramore
Comment -  i get it =D 

A message I have for the world is... 
Song - Dragostea Din Tei-O-ZONE (Numa Numa original) 
Comment - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA <3 - dance- 

How you feel about this survey being over.  
Song - Forgetten Children- Tokio Hotel
Comment -  :-; sad fance

That was pretty epic and amazing
Last edited: 19 December 2009

powerplays says:   19 December 2009   460832  
amazing how the songs seem to fit the questions
SnakebiteHEARTwithaBUBBLEGUMsmile says :   19 December 2009   728686  
the majority 
but not all

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