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LOL. Chapter 1, Part 3. FINISHED VERSION.Category: (general)
Friday, 18 December 2009
07:54:25 PM (GMT)
Erica.. Where to start with her. She was a red head, average. A little brown in it.
She had hazel eyes, with some dark blue. She had pale skin, she was sort of hyper,
and shy at the same time. She was kind to me also, which was pretty cool. We also
have some stuff in common. I sighed, turning to a different direction, I didn’t
want to hang out with them. I tried looking for my group of friends. Though, Sameka
always said they were never allowed over, which I think is unfair. Okay, there is one
detail that I didn’t mention. I’m a tom-boy. No friends that are girls besides
Sameka, which doesn’t count. All my “group” of friends. Are guys. Adrian,
Xavier, Vincent, and Devin. Adrian, I already explained to you. Xavier, he’s cool.
He has pitch black hair, with blonde streaks, his bangs covering one side of his
face. He had a lip ring, and 4 piercing on each ear.  He had pale skin, but not like,
pale, pale. His eye color was bright green, and you could see some brown circling
around it. Which always made him stand out, from the rest of his appearance. He
usually just wore, black, white, and grey. Maybe some green, and dark blue. Adrian
always said that he liked me, let me say this, L.I.A.R. Adrian always just wants me
to make a fool of myself. So, some reasons are I lose my trust in him, which is why I
trust Xavier and Devin more. 
	Hmm.. Describing Vincent.. Sort of hard. In a way. Well, let’s start of with his
hair. It was down to almost touching his shoulders, he had brown hair, with black,
blonde, and red streaks in it. Spiked sort of in the back, and the bottom of his
hair, sort of curved up, like his bangs. He had green eyes, jade-green. With blue,
and hazel. Making some tri-color, weird, mash up. Like, it looked tie-dye. His skin,
a caramel color, tan, white. Good for his color eyes, and hair. Oh yeah, he’s
freakishly tall, he’s about, 6’3”. And he’s a Junior. F.R.E.A.K.Y. I say,
freaky. Devin, describing Devin. Okay, his height, 5’7”, he’s skinnier than
hell, like me. He has blonde hair, black streaks also. His hair is sort of curved,
and straight. It’s short, and it ends about to the middle of his neck. He had one
of those eye brow rings, which was pretty cool. He had white-tan skin, blue-green
eyes. Like an aqua color. We act alike, and yeah. That’s my “group.” That my
friends, is what Sameka is afraid about. She thinks their going to rape me, once we
all go up to my room. First, Vincent is gay, Adrian is straight, and he wouldn’t do
anything like that. Devin, he’s straight also, but we’re like brother and sister.
Xavier.. I have no idea, but he’s Straight. But, of course Sameka can have all the
friends she wants up in her room. Who knows, maybe when I was at work, they already
raped her or something. But, knowing Terri, he probably cares too much for her. I had
went off to my adventurous journey to find my friends. I finally found them in the
back of the school. Xavier, and Devin were sitting down, leaning against the cold
concrete wall. Vincent, was standing, leaning against the wall. Adrian, was climbing
a tree.. I was standing there, raising an eyebrow at Adrian.
	“I don’t know either.” I had hear a husky, voice speak. The voice sounded sort
of like Billie Joe Armstrong. That singer from Green Day. I turned to see, Xavier,
standing besides me now, he rested his head on my shoulder, I wasn’t disturbed by
it, it was like a routine for him. His slow, breathing, and his breath smelt like..
Blood, mixed with cotton candy. An interesting combo, no? “Geez. Xavier take a
tic-tac or something!” I said jokingly, waving a hand in front of my face, everyone
laughed, and Xavier made a funny face. And retorted, “Say what? Oh no, you did not
just go there!” He said in sort of like a girl voice, and tackled me, saying,
“Dog pile!” then all of them immediately reacted, and jumped on top of each
other. Oh what wonderful, and heavy friends I have.
	“Get off…” I urged, trying to push all of them off. They all laughed, getting
up, Adrian lending a hand helping me up, and I gladly took his help. “Gosh! Your
guys are so skinny, how do you guys weigh that much all together?! Oh wait,
Adrian’s not that skinny…” I smirked, holding back a chuckle. “Why am I
always the one being picked on?” My skater boy friend, Adrian, whined, jokingly. We
all laughed lightly, Vincent now climbing the tree, urging for everyone else to come
up. They grinned all together, except for me, and climbed up. I raised an eyebrow,
“Come on! Join the fun, Ayumi~” They said all together. I shook my head, I always
hated heights and they knew this. I have a feeling something bad is going to happen.
Xavier smirked, an evil one. I haven’t seen that smirk.. In like, forever! Now I
know, this is going to be bad. I gulped, when Xavier decided to jump down.

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