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The Unnamed Riddle Chapter One Eridia CanithCategory: STORY
Thursday, 12 November 2009
08:33:41 PM (GMT)
  Rafael stares angrily as his father. "Do we have to to rage a war with the
  His dad nods. "Of course," he says with a crisp British accent, although he was
born and raised in Texas.
  "But why?" Rafael fails to understand.
  "Because wolves are idiotic--"
  "And what does that have to do with us?"
  "Simple, son. We kill them."
  "Okay.....whatever." He walks out of the room, rolling his eyes. "That's not weird
at all. Not at all."
  He doesn't understand why his father hates werewolves so much. As the Prince to a
Kingdom, he's more interested in girls. Women of color. Black girls. His dad, of
course, wants him to marry a nice, semi-rich Mexican girl. His dad, in a way, is a
bit racist. But what can you do?
  As if Rafael listened before. Why now?
  Later, he'll spend more time worrying about his father and the war.
  Now he had to go lady hunting.

CHAPTER ONE-Eridia Cannith.

How could we have known we were going to be stuck in a war?
  It started out as such a normal day! At least, it was for us. By 'us', of course, I
mean Karina and I, best friends, divas, dangerous. And vastly known to be a little,
well, insane.
  "Kari!" I called out, waving my head so I stuck out from the crowd. Usually,
standing out wouldn't be a difficult thing for me to do, but seeing as I was a
four-foot-eight inches tall seventeen year old, my hair, clothes, and eyes were not
likely to help.
  "Erri!" Karina ran over and fished me from the sea of grumpy highschoolers. "God,
girl, I thought you'd drown! What are you wearing?" she added.
  I glanced down. My jet black hair lasted to about the end of my shoulder blades,
right so that the poison purple tips rested against the back of my strapless black
dress, which flared out in a cheerleader-style skirt at my waste and hugged my torso.
I was wearing fishnet leggings, purple-beaded sandels, and multiple Mardi Gras beads
from years past. The outfit was completed with capless motorcycle gloves.
  "What?" I asked innocently, blinking my large lavender eyes at the girl towering
almost a foot over me.
  "Mardi Gras beads?" Karina demanded. "Erri, it's August!"
  "So?" I snapped. "Kari, it's Monday!"
  Karina shot me a look. "What does that have to do with this?"
  "Nothing at all."
  Karina rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Come on, girl, before you get stampeded." She
then began to pull me through the crowd, parting them as easily as Moses parting
waters. The envied abilities of those who are tall.
  "Let me go!" I protested, pulling back with enough force to break free.
Unfortunately, the loss of opposing forces sent me reeling back until I collided into
something hard, tall, muscular, and--
  I spun around in his arms. (He had caught me automatically when I fell.) Looking
up, I saw a towering, tan, brown-haired, Native-American looking boy glancing at me
curiously behind Oakley sunglasses. He had a cruel-looking mouth, high cheekbones,
and a masculine scent. I breathed it in as I struggled to get to my feet.
  "Hey there," he said, flashing a smile. "Watch out now. The crowd is horrible. How
old are you?" he added, eyeing me and probably wondering what a nine-year-old is
doing in the high school building.
  "Sevetenn," I snapped. Then I cursed silently and straightened myself out. With a
smile, I added, "I haven't seen you here before. You must be new. I'm Eridia Cannith.
That's Er-I-dee-ah. Or you can call me Erri. Whatever floats your boat."
  "Nice to meet you, Eridia," he greeted. "I'm Karmen LeOle. And you're right, I'm
new. Love the outfit by the way. Very creative."
  "You do?" I squealed, having never in my life heard anyone say they are demented
enough to love my fashion taste. "I mean, yeah, I know. It's sexy as hell."
  Karmen laughed. "You remind me of a pixie," he said.
  "Yeah, a pixie of destruction," Karina muttered omniously, walking up and joing the
  I stepped hard on her toe and kick harder on the shin. "She's crazy, insane." I
grabbed her. "Come on. Follow me and we can get a smoothie. And go shoot something."
My eyes lit up at the thought. "I love shooting stuff."
  "But, Erri, school's about to start," Karmen said kindly.
  "What are you? A geek? Let's go!" exclaimed Karina, grabbing our hands and pulling
them forward.
  Karmen laughed. "I take it I'm spending the day with you two?" he asked, shades
sliding down to his nose as we exit the building. He seemed hesitant, almost as if he
didn't know whether he was doing this or not.
  "Definitely," I laughed. "Who can you trust better than a pixie and an ogre you
just met in a crowded hall?"
  "Who're ya callin' a ogre?" Karina demanded, indigant.
  "Oh. All right."
  Karmen shook his head as we rushed to my silky black Lambergini Diablo. "You girls
are insane. You're kidnapping me, aren't you?"
  "Yep," Karina and I said in unison.
  We shoved him in forcefully as I climbed into the driver's side. Right as I was
about to take off, I heard him muttering to himself. "What's your problem?" I asked,
pulling on my glasses.
  "Well, Pixie, it's just that this is the best day of my life."
  "Damn straight." And I took off, Mardi Gras beads rattling.
  We drove a while, going nowhere in particular. Finally, Karina broke the silence
and turned and exclaiming to me, her sister in all but blood. 
  "Hey, Erri, I was just thinkin'--"
  "First time for everything."
  "I don't remember you owning a Diablo. I don't remember you owning a Lambhorgini. I
don't remember you owning a car at all, my odd friend," Karina ranted, glancing
dubiously at me. "I think I pointedly remember the dealer denying your attempt to buy
anything, and you egging him for it."
  I looked at her in the corner of my vision. "Care to explain your point, Karina?"
  "Did you steal this?" Karmen demanded, entering into our conversation.
  I turned around in my seat and smiled at him, watching the road vaguely out of one
eye. It didn't matter--Karina wouldn't let me wreck. However, my smiled seemed to
disarm him, and Karmen fell back in his seat in such a daze it made him look almost
  I turned back around, laughing. "God, Karmen, you sure do retreat easily. Most
pleasant fight I ever had." I glanced towards Karina, and she glowered at me. If I
had been anyone else, I would've asked her what is wrong. Being that I was Eridia,
the great and beautiful, though, I knew better.
  I pulled into a truck stop, right next to a group of teenage school-skipper boys. I
whistled, and they spun around in surprise. I smiled and gesured. "Hey! My friend
here, Karina, she needs a date? Who volunteers?"
  They stared blankly at me. There were about five of them--one curly haired blonde
with his shirt off and a Coke in his hand, a tall Asian with a plain face, a Mexican
with his hair cropped short, and a black guy, leaning against the truck door. Oh, and
a tiny brown haired one. 
  I sighed. "Kari, take your pick."
  Kari pursed her lips. "Black boy, get over here!"
  He sputtered. "But, I can't just leave. My truck--"
  "Forget about your truck. Get-over-here!"
  "But--" Another boy cut him off with a punch. It was the blonde. He flipped his
curly blonde hair out of his eyes. "Arcan, weren't you just complaining about being
dateless?" When Arcan moved to reply, the blonde silenced him again. "Go. Now."
  I smiled and waved at the blonde. He smiled and tilted his head to the side. "How
old are you?" he asked, and then saved himself from certain doom by adding, "About
  I giggled and nodded. "Finally, someone can tell."
  "Well, it's pretty obvious. You are driving, you know." The blonde paused a while
and then smiled wider. "I'm Vett."
  "Love it."
  "And I'm Karmen and that is Karina. Now can we please get a move on?" snapped the
Indian previously named.
   I shot a glare at him. "What bit you?"  
  "I'm just impatient, that's all," Karmen assured me. catching my eye. I froze,
suddenly unable to move an inch. There was an odd depth to his caramel eyes--I
noticed vaguely he'd removed his glasses--and for...some reason I couldn't pinpont,
they didn't look...human.
  The expression in them chills my bones and sets my heart running.
  "The mutt's territorial," Vett sneered. His voice snapped me back to the present.
Gratefully, I looked away from Karmen and his utter weirdness.
  "At least I belong here, haunt," Karmen threw back with confusing intensity. I
watched Vett flinch.
  What was with these guys? You would think that they had been enemies all their
lives...except, well, he didn't say anything when we were talking to Arcan. Strange.
   And people say I'm weird.
  Well, since I'm not exactly fond of being struck still as a snake, I made a quick
desicion. Clearing my throat, I spoke, "Well, I don't think you have room to talk,
Karmen. Actually, I think I like Vett a lot more than you." I grinned evilly.
  "What do you mean?" Karmen demanded.
  "Mean by what?"
  "Am I not as good as Vett or something?"
  "Did I say that?"
  "You implied it."
  "Implied what?"
  "Stop messing with my head, Erri!" Karmen shrieked, shaking with rage and
annoyance. Giving him a blithe glance, I giggled.
   Karina chuckled. "Not only your head, dude. She gets to the best--and by that I
mean me--of us."
   "Get out," I said.
   "Get out. Now. Out of my car." I gave him a shove, not achieving anything with it.
I sighed. "Vett, you think you could give me a little help with this....nusience?"
  He laughed, blonde curls shaking. "Sure thing. Kirko, help me out here." The Asian
moved forward, and together they approached Karmen.
  Who went absolutely insane.
  It was the most hilarious thing I had ever seen. One second he was all still and
silent, the next--bang! He launched himself at Vett and Kirko with all the fierceness
of a wild animal. Kirko fell almost immediantly, while Vett stumbled out of the way,
kicking hard to Karmen's side. Thrilled, Karina and I jumped out.
  I can't tell you what happened in the next few moments. It was such a frenzie of
kicks and punches, and, yes, biting. I can tell you, however, that we ended up with
Karina in a nearby tree, Kirko bleeding and unconcious on the ground, Karmen laying
sobbing on in the fetal position, and Vett and I twisted in an intricate pile on the
 "Why, hello there," Vett said, grinning.
  I smiled back. "Hello yourself."
 Of course, at that exact moment, Karina decided to come crashing out of the tree.
  "Hey, Erri!"  she called out. "Look! I found a boy in the tree!"
  "You what?" Vett and I asked in unison. We scrambled up and looked at her oddly.
Then it dawned on me. "Oh, Karina, that's Arcan, remember? Your date."
  "Oh, yeah," she said, dancing. "Hey, Erri, don't ya need a date too now? That could
be Vett! Cool. Now let's go." She hopped into the Lambhorgini.
  I laughed. "You heard the girl," I told Vett. We jumped into my car, leaving Karmen
still crying like a baby.
Later that night, around 1:30 a.m., I woke with a start. I had that inexplicable
feeling of being watched.
  I sat up, rubbing my eyes. Looking around, It took my eyes a moment to adjust, and
then I saw what has been bothering me so much.
  There, in the corner, watching me, was Karmen.
  I threw my bedside lamp at him and screamed.
Last edited: 18 November 2009

catmagic101a says:   12 November 2009   903991  
Very good!:D
2crazy2tell says:   13 November 2009   980446  
Thanks!!!!!!!!! That's Margarite's letter!
2crazy2tell says :   13 November 2009   320078  
as Margarite: I'm redoing in past! Kaelin!


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