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Chapter 2: The BeginningCategory: (general)
Monday, 7 September 2009
11:37:50 PM (GMT)
...... Where... am I? .......... What happened? The... The light...... It
s-swallowed us....... uuhhhhh....................
(Girl's distant voice)"Lucario...... Lucario, wake up!" Wh-what? (Guy's
distant voice)"C'mon lazy dog! Get up!" Huh? "I will shoot you with my
fireballs if you don't get up, I know you can hear us!" "Zelda, Lucario's probably
exausted. She was stupid enough to use her final smash to break the sky you know."
Zelda...... I know that name.... And.. I remember something about breaking the sky
too.... "WAKE UP!" *SMACK* Lucario: "Nnff! If you're gona kick me Marth, at least
make it hurt!" Zelda: "Lucario! You're awake!" Marth: "Defenitely the same old
lucario!" Lucario: "Uh, where are we?" Zelda: "I dunno, I've never seen this place
before..." Marth: "OH MY GOD! WE WERE ABDUCTED BY ALIENS!" Lucario: "First you say I
broke the sky, now it's were abducted by aliens?" Marth: "Yeah! Maybe it wasn't even
sky! Maybe, you broke there disguised space ship, and now we're supposed to pay for
it!" Zelda & Lucario: "........ You're joking right?" Marth: "Hey, it's possible!"
Lucario: "I dunno, this place seems familiar to me..." Zelda: "Really? Have you been
here before?" Lucario: "I think so, but I still don't know where we are." Marth:
"Let's have a look around then." 
     Well, we're in a grassy field, there's a forest over there, mountains over
there, a river over there..... Zelda: "Maybe we should go through the forest."
Marth: "Of course YOU'D want to go through a forest. I say we head fore the
mountains." Lucario: "Actually, I think the forest is a better idea. We'll have cover
from enemies that might be here." Zelda: " :P " Marth: "This forest is creepy..."
Zelda: "Oh, suck it up princess." *Narwoohh!* Don't hurt me! Marth: "
0.0 What was that?!" Zelda: "I dunno, it sounds cute though." Lucario: "It's ok, we
won't hurt you." *Narwoohhhh?* Is that you Lucario? Lucario: "H-how do
you know my name?" Zelda: "Who are you talking to?" Lucario: "Huh? What are you
talking about, I'm talking to that voice." Marth: "You mean the thing that's making
that *Narwoohh* sound?" *Narwoooohh! Narwoohhhh!* It is! It is you!
-Leafeon jumps out- Lucario: "..... L-Leafeon?!" 
     *Narwooh* It has been ages, dear friend. Marth: "Whoa!" Zelda:
"Awww! She's so cute! You know her lucario?. Lucario: "Y-yes, but... no.... It can't
be!" It is lucario. The time has finally come. Lucario: "No..... Why?
Why now?" Zelda: "What's going on? Is something wrong? How can you understand him?"
Marth: "Yeah, and why can't we?" These trainers have many questions...
Lucario: "They're not trainers. These are my friends, Zelda and Marth. I can
understand Leafeon, because she's a pokemon like me." Zelda: "So, we're in another
stage?" Lucario: "No, we're in my homeworld. The world of Pokemon. And now I know
why." Marth: "So, why are we here?"
Last edited: 7 September 2009

ZeldaXprincess12 writes:   8 September 2009   746713  
OMG! there is a leafeon in the story! yayz :D oh yeah...good job on
the story :D
FlameFox says:   8 September 2009   653294  
^^ thx
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   8 September 2009   333965  
i hope you make part 3 soon :D
ZeldaXprincess12 says:   11 September 2009   777148  
oh yeah marth said hi!! XD
FlameFox says:   11 September 2009   544875  
hi marth! X3
ZeldaXprincess12 says :   16 September 2009   239982  
hahaha abducted by aliens XD thats a funny one for marth to say XD


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