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Wednesday, 2 September 2009
10:57:12 PM (GMT)
Let's start with the basics...

Name: cara jane 

Nicknames: caraboo, caramcjaralee, blah, carallelogram, pornstar (don't ask),
carayray, carasene, mascarasenayayjane, caralulu...i have lots.

Birthday: january 4th	

Birthplace: here

Current residence: still here.

Eye color:	 well they're mainly green, but they have a lot of blue in them. and
sometimes some gray. they change colors depending on what i wear, though.

Hair color: it's brown, but it gets blondish and reddish highlights from the sun in
the summer.	

Height: 5'1

Weight: let's just say i haven't reached those triple digits yet :/

Right or left handed: i'ma righty.

Orientation: definitely straight.

Status: single

Heritage:	german and scottish and french and italian!

Shoe size: 6 1/2

Ring size: i don't know.

Graduating year: 2012

Zodiac sign: capricorn

Siblings: 2 sisters, 1 brother

Pets: 1 dog, 4 cats

Now for the favorites...

Color(s): anything bright, really. but i like pink a lot 

Food: chicken, macaroni and cheese, strawberries, cheese, and french fries 

Drink (non-alcoholic): sweet tea!

Drink (alcoholic): i don't really drink...but orange juice and sprite and vodka is
pretty good 

Snack: grapes! do they count as a snack? if not, either salt and vinegar or cheddar
cheese pringles.	


Cereal: either the berry cap'n crunch or the fruit and yogurt special k.

Ice cream: vanilla or orange sherbert. 
Restaurant: olive garden! or the local chinese place 
Fast food place: burger king for the burgers, mcdonald's for the chicken nuggets and
french fries
Store: tjmaxx!
Book: harry potter

Animal: unicorn! haha, no. giraffes 

Movie: i have too many to pick just one.

TV show:	eh, either family guy or secret life i guess.

Quote: "You think the dead we have loved every truly leave us? You think that we
don't recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble?" and "What's
going to come is going to come, and you'll have to meet it when it does."

Type of music: anything, really. probably pop more than anything, though.

Band: Boys Like Girls

Solo artist: Katy Perry

Song: Thunder
Flower: roses

Season: summer

Sport to watch: football, but only in person. not on tv.

Sport to play: gymnastics! it's totally a sport.

This or That?

Pepsi or Coke: coke
Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper: that's a tough one. probably mountain dew
chocolate or vanilla: vanilla	
Mickey D's or Burger King: burger king
love or money:	 love, of course
music or tv: there's music on TVs 
dog or cat: dog	
mom or dad: aw, i can't choose.
truck or car: car	
lake or ocean: ocean, for sure.
rain or sunshine: sunshine!	
country or city:	 city
dark or light: dark
night or day: night
hotmail or yahoo: yahoo

What was your first...?

kiss: hasn't happened yet, actually :/

crush: nick alden
love: not yet
concert: hahaha hilary duff
best friend: fran and milea
pet:	daisy and duke

sport: gymnastics and soccer

time(age and place): again, it hasn't happened yet

Have you ever...?

Been in a fist fight?: nah, i'm not trashy like that	

Lied to someone?: of course

Stolen anything?: my sister's clothes, haha. but other than that, nope.	

Been cheated on?: no

Cheated on someone?: never	

Used someone?: kind of, but i felt really bad about it right after :/

Been lied to to?: oh yeah	

Made out with JUST a friend?:	haha noo

Been in lust?: haha basically

Been engaged?: nope
Kicked somebody in the nuts?: haha yeah, it was an accident though.
Held a gun?: yep

Fired a gun?: yep

Sky dived?: i wish
Bungee jumped?: again, i wish
Gone out of the country:	yes! italia 

Gotten beat up?: no, i'm not trashy like that.

Beat someone up?: nooo, i'm not trashy like that.

Killed an animal?: i stepped on a snail the other day and i like cried haha

Swam in the ocean?: who hasn't?
Smoked (cigarettes)?: never
Smoked (weed)?: definitely never

Drank?: yes
Been drunk?: nowhere near

Dumped someone?:	 yeah

Been dumped?: nope

Had your heart broken?:	nah, just cracked

Broken someone else's heart?: not that i know of

Broken a bone?: nope

Had surgery?: nope

Had an x-ray?:	 yes

Failed a class?: oh goodness no

Skipped school?: nope
Liked someone who didnt like you back?: i think that happens to everybody

Cheated on a test/homework?: well homework, of course. but never a test.

Do you...?

Color your hair: nope

Have tattoos: nope
Have piercings (besides your ears): nope

Drink/smoke: nope

Wanna move somewhere else?: no, i'm good where i am 

Write in cursive or print: it's more like a mix 

Own a web cam: there's one on the laptop

Own a cell phone: of course
Ever get off the computer: haha not really

Know how to drive:	i do!


Clothing: jeans, pink and white cami, black sweater, no shoes 

Mood: i'm alright.

Hair style: down and curly. but natural curly, not curled curly

Listening to: nothing	

Single?: yep

In love?: no	

Want to: go to bed, but i have to do some more homework after this 
Remember your first love?: haven't had one	

Still love them?: see above

Have any gay/lesbian friends?: nope. as bad as this sounds, if i found out one of my
friends was gay/lesbian, i probably wouldn't really be friends with that person
anymore. i just don't believe in that.

Do you believe in...?

Miracles: yes

God:	 yes!

Satan: yes	

Aliens: haha i don't know. i guess not.

Love at first sight: i think it can happen. it's rare, but it can happen.

True love: of course!
"The one": mhm.
Soulmates: i suppose.

Are you...?

A tease: haha sometimes

A daydreamer:	 oh yeah

A bitch/asshole: i don't think so

Sarcastic:	 i can be

An angel:	haha no

A devil: not at all	

A princess: haha my sister says i am

Shy:	yeah

Flirtatious: i can be

Talkative:	 when i'm around my friends, yes

That one you have your eye on or already have...

First thing you notice: overall appeareance

Personality or looks: personality, i guess. looks help, though.

Hair color: brown
Eye color:	 blue or green

Short or tall: taller than me

Romantic or spontaneous: a little bit of both. i think i'd rather have spontaneous
though, if i had to choose.

Hook-up or relationship:	right now, hook-up. but if i like them enough,

Sense of humor or sweet: sense of humor, of course. it'd get boring otherwise.
Height: like 5'8-5'10ish

Weight: not fat, but not like anorexic-ly skinny.

Who makes/made the first move: he should.

Your last...

Hug: meredith?

Kiss:	 N/A

Thing you ate: cheesecake!

Person you texted:	miles

Text you sent: "we need to do something about it"

Person who texted you: miles

Text you received: "me neither "

Person you talked to on the phone: mama

Deep conversation:	i don't know, maggie?

Face to face talked to: my mom

In the future...

Occupation: a translator or a spanish teacher maybe?

Kids: definitely. i want 5 or 6.	

Marriage:	of course.

Wedding spot: a beach would be nice, but my hair would get all messed up, so probably
just a church, or somewhere outside.

Caramia_yo says :   8 July 2013   367722  
Haha that's so weird my name is Cara Jayne

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