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Thursday, 13 August 2009
05:34:51 PM (GMT)
(Because the whole chapter wouldn't fit)

…(This continues for a long while. While this is occurring, we will switch out of
my lyric narrative *for your sake*)

Kozi, with a bit of an irritated look on his face, grabbed French by the arm and drug
her over to the side of the restaurant.

“Um, excuse me? Did I do something wrong?” he whispered in her ear angrily,
“You meet this Klaha, and ignore me, all night long!”

“What?” she said defensively, “Why should I pay any attention to you,
anyway?” With a quick jerk, she flicked his wrist off her shoulder and walked back
to the party that was going on in the middle of the room.

Slowly, the music died away, and all that was left in the J-Rock Café was a bunch of
giggling girls and five men that were probably slightly intoxicated. Miyavi and the
others had left a good while ago (smart people) in a hurry, paying their check and
running out at the speed of light. Klaha and Frenchie had both disappeared, and
Courtney was leaning up against Yu~ki’s arm, both sleeping like babies.

“Hey…Where did Kacie go, actually?” Katie asked, and Gackt took a quick sweep
of the café.

“I think she’s been in the bathroom…for the past hour,” Gackt admitted, “I
didn’t see her leave.”


“Dangit!” I yelled, “I can’t think of ANYTHING! Mmmmmrmph…”

“Come on, Kacie, time to hit the road!” said Rachel’s voice from outside her

“Mermph,” Kacie replied haughtily, pushing open the door and walking back to the
group with a huffy expression on her face.


“So now we’re all back toget…wait. Where did French-?” Katie started.

“I think she and Klaha went outside,” Kozi said stiffly. 

“Well, it’s about time we took our leave, anyway,” Gackt sighed, and they all
walked toward the exit together.

They pushed open the heavy black door and were all hit with a wave of cold air.


All their heads swiveled to the right.

“…French?” Courtney said quietly, but she wasn’t granted a reply; French’s
arms were entwined around a un-cloaked Klaha, and their faces seemed to be smashed

“Wow…” Katie said unbelievingly, “That is quite…disturbing.”

“Get in the effing car,” Kozi mumbled, and he threw open the door of the parked
car and climbed inside at rapid pace.


A disgruntled Katie grabbed French and yanked her into the car, Klaha following
silently behind.

The ride back was basically same as the ride there, only the atmosphere had been
severely awkwarded out due to Frenchie sitting on Klaha’s lap, both still thrashing
like eels. I noticed that every time they got too deep into a kiss, Kozi seemed to
jerk the steering wheel so that they both toppled over.

“Well, that was fun,” Katie said when they finally reached home. And, with not
one more word, she collapsed into Gackt’s arms, fast asleep.

popsciclexdino says:   14 August 2009   539842  
Gabe is my ex?  Is it sad that i like the story so much that i don't
even mind....  Imma bad girlfriend!!!!!!!  *SOBBBB*
Katilix says :   14 August 2009   599132  
It's okay, dearie, it's okay! *pats head gently*


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