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Thursday, 30 July 2009
09:37:05 AM (GMT)
The Puzzle-Piece Effect, Chapter Seven.

*Courtney’s POV*

“Da da da da, Da, DAH DU DAAAAH!” We chorused along with the game, and Cloud
struck his usual victory pose on the screen.

“That. Was. AWESOME!” I yelled as Yu~ki took a celebratory swig of Coke, “I
mean, he was the size of a tank! You should have died!”

“All in the wrists, baby, all in the wrists,” Yu~ki said laughing, flicking the
controller in his hands lightly. I rolled my eyes good-naturedly. 

“So, I have a little victory gift for us,” he said cheerfully, and, from a small
drawer near his TV, he pulled out a huge red box with glossy lettering across its

“POCKY!” I cheered, waving my hands in joy as he passed me the box.

I pulled out a long biscuit covered in chocolate, AKA Pocky, and immediately popped
it into my mouth.

Yu~ki smiled and ate a piece as well. But after swallowing his, he suddenly got a
strange look in his eye, as if he was just struck by a good yet bad idea.

“Hey…Courtney?” he said nonchalantly, snatching the box away from me quickly.

“What?” I said, slightly scandalized that I had been robbed of my Pocky.

“I’ll make you a bet,” he continued, a bit hesitant in his words, “I’m
going to try and beat the next monster…using only pure attacks, no magic / items /
other crap… If I lose, you’ll have the whole box of Pocky to yourself. But if I

“…what?” I said unworriedly, 100% sure that he was going to lose anyway.

“Er…you have to play the Pocky game with me,” he giggled nervously, blushing
through his pale visage.




“You know, the Pocky game!” Katie said casually as she ate.

“Huh?” we all said, leaning closer towards her as she explained.

“You know! When a guy bites one side of the Pocky, and the girl bites the other
side, and they eats towards the middle until they-,”

“We get it, Kat,” French cut in sarcastically.

“Mermph,” Katie pouted, shoving some chocolate down her throat moodily.


“Um…” NO! my mind screamed loudly, NO! DON’T DO IT! NOOOO! “…Yeah,

I felt my mind crash and burn into a thousand smoldering pieces.

He pressed a few buttons on his controller and his next foe popped onto the screen.
For my standards, it looked pretty tough; big green arms, yellow tentacles, huge
sword, etc.

Haha, Yu~ki! I thought greedily to myself, The Pocky is mine! Muahahaha!

“DADADADA, DA DA, DA DA DAAAAAH!” rang the victory music.






I bit the Pocky lightly, feeling my face burn as his eyes bore into mine.

Slowly, our mouths crawled their way toward each other.


Right as we were about to touch…


The Pocky snapped in half as I jerked my head away.


*Rachel’s POV*

“Aaaaaand, there!” I said with a final swish of mascara.

“Hm. Quite cute,” Mana said approvingly as he looked in the mirror, examining his
face with a practiced eye.

“See? Aquamarine looks great with seafoam,” I said proudly, inspecting my
handiwork that spread itself over Mana’s handsome face. My friends didn’t call me
the Makeup Mistress for nothing, I guess.

“Your turn,” Mana said delicately, sitting me down on one of the small bathroom
stools, my back facing the mirror.

Oh yeah. We were doing each others makeup. In the hallway bathroom by the kitchen. 

“So, what’s the deal with the other gals?” Mana asked as he applied a gentle
helping of pale foundation to my face, “Are they…er…adjusting?” 

I sighed exasperatedly and ignored Mana’s attempted subtleness.

“Kat and Gackt are psycho over each other, but they’re both too dumb to realize
that they both like each other in the same way. Kozi most definitely likes French,
but she hasn’t felt the same way yet. Kacie and Kami are way too stubborn to fall
for each other at the moment. And Courtney is in a slow-motion fall for Yu~ki, who
feels the same.”

“A complete and accurate summary,” mused Mana sagely, teasing my bangs with his
jeweled comb. 

“And I….I’m…” I trailed off as Mana turned his flashing eyes to my own.

“…Yes? You?” he said nonchalantly as he continued to make me pretty.

“…” I couldn’t think of what to say. Mana waited in silence, but I didn’t
have a response. After a couple quiet minutes, he turned my chair around so I faced
the mirror.

“All done,” he said with a flourish.

“Whoa!” I exclaimed as my new face greeted me; tons of eyeliner made my eyes pop,
and my lips were painted a beautiful gleaming black.

“I look…I look…” I couldn’t find the right word. Luckily, Mana leaned down
and whispered his answer into my ears.


I blushed and smiled.

“Thank you, Mana-sa-,”

But the rest of my thanks was cut off as Mana pulled me into a sudden, freezing cold


*Frenchie’s POV*

“OW! F@*K!”

“Haha! That’s two more points if you don’t get moving!” Kozi said cheerfully
as he backed off, his weapon clutched firmly in his hands.

“Whoever invented this game is a ****ing idiot!” I yelled, adjusting the strange
outfit I was wearing so that it was a little comfortable.

“That would be the staff of Kingdom Hearts II, dear,” he laughed, slinging his
bat over his shoulder.

Struggling. The idea in itself was stupid. 

He was right; Kingdom Hearts II is to blame.

We both had jackets and straps on our pants that were made of soft Velcro, along with
twin helmets made of the same material. All over us were little orbs, red for Kozi
and grey for me, stuck on the Velcro gently. We also both held bright red bats made
of a thick, stiff material that was softer than wood but still pretty strong. 

“The object of the game is to collect the most orbs from your opponent, darling,”
he said mockingly, “Not to lose them as fast as possible. You’re failing.”

“I WOULD!” I yelled angrily as I took a swing at him, “If you would *OUCH* just
stay *EEP* still for FIVE SECONDS! OW!” 

A few more grey orbs hit the floor, and Kozi snatched them up quickly.

“If you’d rather, we could be playing Catch the Flying Scythe,” Kozi said
sarcastically, “But I figured you had enough of those.”

“YOU’RE *OW* TELLING ME!” I screamed, and with one last hit of his bat, I lost
the last orb that sat on my left shoulder.

“Kozi wins,” he said quietly, and went to pick up the last point-


I had chucked my bat at his crotch.

Triumphantly, he lay on the ground, writhing in pain that seemed to shake his whole
body. I ran over and snatched as many orbs as I could off his form.

“Who wins again, beyotch?” I said victoriously, waving my recovered bat in front
of his face.

“MMMMph…” he replied, glaring with all his might.

And with a last quick kick to his shins, I danced away and sat down on the bed,
swinging my heels happily.

Hang me from the ceiling, and this is what you get.


*Kacie’s POV*

“This is utterly unromantic, you know,” I said dryly.

“Shut up, I love this part,” Kami said sharply, and I fell into silence.

“YAR!” I heard a random unnamed pirate shriek from the screen as Johnny Depp
punched him in the face.

“Johnny Depp is hotter than you,” I said moodily, munching on a box of popcorn in
my hand as I continued to watch my favorite movie. Kami shot me a quick look before
returning to the screen.

He was sitting too close for my liking, plus he was rarely watching the movie; most
of the time, he was staring at the side of my head with an intriguing yet annoying
expression on his face. 

“You have beautiful skin, you know,” he said quietly, still gazing at me with his
gleaming eyes.

“That’s really creepy,” I replied stoically, keeping focus onto the screen.

I felt him wrap a thin arm around me.

“If you think I’m gonna take this, you’ve got another thing coming!” I
snapped, shrugging his arm off. I could see his stung expression from the corner of
my eye. Even I was surprised at the sudden coldness that sprung itself into my voice
and actions.

With a swift flick, he shut off the TV.

“Hey! I was watching tha-…” I trailed off when I met his eyes. He grabbed me by
my shoulders and held me still as I tried to scoot away.

“Why are you such a cold person?” he asked steadily, and I immediately tensed

“Why are you such a stalker?” I retorted failingly, struggling against his oddly
iron-like grip.

“Ever since you got here, you’ve been the only girl that hasn’t had any fun at
all,” he said seriously, shaking his head, “And it’s because you don’t want
to have fun.”

“OF COURSE I DON’T!” I yelled, flinging my hands up into the air, “You
freakin’ grab us off the street, keep us captive in your house, and you want me to
LIKE you guys? Pshno!”

With a firm jerk, I yanked out of his grip and walked towards the door.

I felt my sanity begin to slip away; the anger I felt now was starting to get to the
danger zone. If one person dare tick me off right now-

“I’m going to see one of the girls,” I snapped, but as I ran down the hallway,
I could hear his feet pumping right behind me.


*Katie’s POV*

His hand stroked through my tangled hair, his fingers trailing down and smoothing it
into soft, pink waves. My eyes were closed, but I heard his warm voice wash over me,
keeping me awake.

“I’m glad…she’s smiling…I’m so glad…” His voice made it sound like he
was actually crying, which added to the entire experience itself.

“You sound so beautiful when you read,” I commented, and he chuckled under his

“Shh. This is the best part,” he added before continuing to read from the small
volume clutched in his hands: “Hello, dad? It’s Tamaki. About what we discussed
the other day…I thought about it a lot.”

“No!” I exclaimed, my eyes snapping open with a pleading expression. “No! He
can’t do that! That would ruin the whole book!” 

“SHH.” He said, a little more forcefully this time, and I closed my mouth

For the next few minutes, he plowed through the volume of Ouran High School Host Club
that we had been sharing for the past hour. My head was resting gently on his lap as
he held the book with one hand and caressed my hair with the other. 

“For some reason, I can’t make eye contact with Tamaki!” he said in a slightly
feminine voice. “My heart races so much I can’t breathe!”

If you only knew, I thought humorously to myself, that this was the same way I feel
about you, Gackt-love.

With a final sigh, he shut the volume lightly, setting it down on the pillow beside

“So?” he said expectantly.

“Not my favorite book, no, but it was definitely enjoyable,” I smiled, staring
into his glowing eyes that shone in the near-dark state that was the usual in his
room. “I love your girl voice, Gackt-sama.” He returned the comment with a

“You know…I really liked the part where Tamaki kissed her,” I attempted, trying
to sound nonchalant but utterly failing. Gackt’s expression didn’t change.

“Agreed,” he said lightly, combing my hair down my neck.


“Someone at the door,” I said quickly, and I snapped up to stand-

“OOOOOOW!” I shrieked.

“What’s wr- Oh, snap,”

I tried to jerk my head away from him, but it was in vain; Gackt didn’t realize
this before, but as I had lain on his lap…he had been stroking my hair right near
the zipper of his pants.

“IT’S STUCK!” I yelled in a whisper, “I’M STUCK TO YOUR-!”

“I know!” Gackt murmured, trying to untangle me from the fastener, but I was
pretty screwed; my once-untangled pink locks were tightly wrapped, leaving my head
stuck next to the zipper.

With a creak, the door swung open.


What was the first thing that Kacie saw when she opened Gackt’s door?

Something she would never forget for the rest of her life.

A kneeling Katie. A standing Gackt. A jumping-to-conclusions of sorts occurred.

“Er…Hi, Kacie!” I said nervously, as, with one final rip, Gackt managed to
release my hair from its position. I stood up and quickly brushed myself down in a

“…” I didn’t hear a reply.

“We were just, um,” Gackt tried.

“Um, just trying to-,” I continued.

“Reading. We were reading.” Gackt finished.

“Yes! Reading!” I echoed.


She swiftly grabbed my arm and dragged me out into the hall, a meek Gackt following

When we reached outside, we found Kami standing against the wall, seemingly waiting
for Katie.

“Tell me something, Kat,” she said gently, keeping eye contact as she leaned down
to face me.




I felt the sting of her hand across my face.

“What was that for?” I retorted, rubbing the spot where she had struck me with
her nails.

“You people are going MAD!” she screamed, and I could tell that she must have
finally snapped, “We are freakin’ KIDNAPPED! We’re being held by psychotic
imbeciles that are threatening to kill us, and YOU ARE ALL FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEM!

The next couple minutes of this rant were cut out, as I could not understand half of
it, and the other half contained repeated coarse language that I don’t wish to type
down at the moment (AKA, I’m lazy.)

“Wait, WAIT!” I cut in, and finally, Kacie took a breath. “Please, Kac, listen
to me! We weren’t doing anything, honest, you just caught us at a bad time-!”


“KACIE, SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO HER FOR ONCE!” Kami yelled over top of her.

“STAY OUT OF THIS!” she shrieked back.

“I’m getting sick of this,” I murmured to Gackt, who nodded back. “We should
try and calm her down.”

“AND THAT’S IT!” she said with a final yell, and with a whip of her hair, she
opened the door closest to her (which was the hallway bathroom) and slammed it shut
behind her.

But wait…

Wasn’t there someone in there?

Take a moment…

Remember the previous sections?

Oh yeah. THAT previous section.

“…Rachel?” Kacie said, her voice on the brink of crashing.

“Oh, hi, Kacie!” Rachel said, pulling her mouth away from Mana’s and smiling.




“I really don’t know you guys anymore,” Kacie said with a defeated sigh, and
with one last look behind her, said to Kami: “Let’s go back to the room. Maybe
we’ll catch the end of Pirates.”

She slouched down the hallway out of sight.


I turned to look at Kami, who shrugged.

“I can understand if she’s a little uptight, but…that girl needs to have more
fun in her life,” he said sagely before following her footsteps through the hall.

“Well, that was interesting,” I said to Gackt, and he laughed a bit through his
worried exterior.

“Do you think she really thought that we…well…you know?” he struggled out,
giving me the ‘you know’ look with his eyes.

“Probably,” I admitted, refusing to return his gaze.

“Ah, well, anyway. It’s about time for dinner now, so let’s rally the

He took off down the hall as well.


Oh well. I could get used to this moment-wrecking disappointment.

I just wondered what was going to happen in the next chapter…


I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



Ten puzzle pieces, sitting in a row.

Five for five.

Two are falling in love, but with sudden reluctance.

Two are in love, but cannot come to realize.

Two are best friends, but can they take it when they go a step further?

Two are mere acquaintances, and a new figure looms ahead.

Two are simply enemies, but one has yet to understand…

The next chapter of the Puzzle-Piece Effect shall come soon.


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