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Fun Survey. ♥Category: (general)
Saturday, 11 July 2009
02:55:11 PM (GMT)
General Stuff To Start With: What name do you go by most often? Rey. Is that your real name or a nickname? Nickname, but it's in my real name. Has your birthday come yet this year? Nopee. :DD Where is your mom right now? Downtown, buying our airplane tickets. What were you doing at 4pm? It's only 11:45AM. :D Are you a good speller? Yup. ;D Who was the last person to give you a 'high-five'? My sister, I think. Would you consider yourself a shy person? Only extremely. e_e Can you play the guitar? I attempted to learn and failed, so no. Three things you ate today? Um...I drank peach-flavored Yo-on-the-Go. That's it. How many orange shirts do you own? LOL NOT A LOT. Are you currently taking any prescription medications? Nope. Do you like skim milk? Sure? How did you bring in the New Year? Well, I vid-chatted with Zarr and listened to Check Yes Juliet. Are you missing anyone right now? I'll see them all soon anyways, so no. If you could re-live one moment in the past week what would it be? Ehm...I 'unno. If you could spend 30 minutes with someone who is gone, who would you pick? No idea. Where did you go to grade school at? SBCS: Kindergarten and first grade. Matsumoto: One quarter of second grade. SFB: The rest of second-fifth grade. Have you ever lived in Tennessee? No. Idaho? No. Nebraska? No. Florida? No. Sorry, Laney. >_> Does anyone in your family smoke? He quit a long time ago, but yeah. How many of the people you live with are over 21? Two. Who do you wish you could talk to right this moment? Any one of my friends. How many clocks are in the room you are in? None...unless you count my Nike watch? Do you use MSN messenger? YES. :DD What time will it be in 6 hours? 5:51PM. Have you kissed anyone in the last week? No. Do you enjoy classic rock? At times. :D Have you ever been told you looked like someone famous? No. xD At Christmas, do you have a fake or a real tree? Fake. Do you usually go watch fireworks on the 4th of July? Not usually. Do you remember when the game Oregon Trail was really popular? No...? e_e Does anyone have your heart? Me. >:| /narcissist What did you do last Valentine's Day? Passed out Valentines, received Valentines, ate candy. Can you count to 20 in any other language? Spanish and Visayan (since they're the same). Still working on Tagalog. XD Have you ever had a crush on someone, and found out they liked your friend? Well, he had a crush on both me AND my friend/s. Have you ever been liked by someone you didn't expect would like you? Uh, yeah. Who ended your last relationship? He did. :D But he asked me if we were better off together or just as friends. "I don't really give a shit." "Okay, so should we break up?" "Sure." "Okay." Do Mondays get you down? Not when there's no school! :D How long have you been at your current job? What job? Have you ever been fired? Never been hired. ;D How many times have you been pulled over by the cops? NONE. XD What is your mood like right now? Anxious...somewhat happy, but yeah. Where did you go today? I just woke up an hour ago! XD Do you know anyone who is pregnant right now? No. Do you cut the crusts off your sandwiches? Not anymore. Do you prefer sweet or unsweetened tea? I don't like tea, period. xD Who did you last embarrass yourself in front of? People at Costco. But I was laughing for five minutes afterward so I don't really give a shit. :D Would you rather meet the president or win $500 dollars from the lottery? $500. Duh. What was the reason you last smiled? The pictures I took were really awesome. SHINIGAMI CHOP! A Little About Your Friends: List 8 Good Friends in no particular order. 1. Mell 2. Zoe 3. Zarr 4. Esther 5. Laney 6. Janey 7. Heidi 8. Craig #1 Are you related to this person? No but we're so close it's as if we are. What did you do the last time you hung out? We were at the airport. Would you trust this person to keep a secret? Of course. Who is this person dating? I don't think she's dating anyone. Do you live in the same town? Well, yeah, but she's on vaca right now. #2 Are you dating this person? LOL no. BUT BISEXUAL PRIDE BABYY. Would you consider this person attractive? Of course. :D /fangirls What is this person's full name? Zoe...Dating-Kyle. xD Is this person taller than you? Not that I know of? :D Do you go to the same school? Nope. #3 Is this person engaged? LOLOL no. What color is this person's hair? Black. Where does this person work? Nowhere that I know of. She can't even start her homework! When did you last call this person? When I was at Costco, which was...three days ago? Have you ever been drunk together? Whenever I'm around her I feel either really drunk or really high. xD #4 What is this person likely doing right now? No idea. Does this person have any children? Nope. xDD How did you meet this person? 3rd grade. :D That's the grade she came to our school. Is this person older than you? By seven months. e_e Or was it eight? Where was the last place you went together? Well, I last saw her at school, during her goodbye party... #5 Does this person like rap music? Um, no idea. Has this person ever been arrested? LOL SHE WILL BE. illegalpornography Have you ever had a crush on this person? My...imagination has? When did you last see this person? ...IN A PICTURE. #6 Have you ever met this person's parents? Yup. Her dad is really tall. Is this person still in high school? We're gonna be in seventh grade when we come back from summer vaca, BABAYY. What color are this person's eyes? Hazel. Do you work with this person? No. But we have the same job. EXCEPT SHE GETS FUCKING PAID. e_e #7 Do you and this person share an ex? No. Has she ever had a boyfriend? Where was the last place you went to eat with this person? theater. Nachos and Icees ftw. XDD What color is this person's car? Well, her mom's car dunno. Can this person play the piano? Not that I know of. Does this person like scary movies? I think she'd rather watch a comedy. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, SHE SCREAMED DURING LAND OF THE LOST. e_e #8 How long have you known this person? Since second grade. Does this person have hair past their shoulders? Nope. Does this person have any tattoos? If he did, he would brag. Have you ever kissed? HELL NO. Did you go to grade school with this person? Yeah. :D Finish the Sentence: My hair is: long? I wish I was: eighteen so I could MOVE OUTTA HEREE. The only thing I can't stand: is people not pushing in their chair. It really ticks me off. e_e There is no way: to stop me from getting asymmetrical lip rings in the future. <3 Someday I am going to: move away from here and live happily. ♥ I couldn't live without: my friends and family. ♥ I hate when: people confiscate my possessions. e_e I love it when: people give me stuff. ;D Sometimes I can be: really conceited. SHUT UP ZARR. >_> I am not interested: in high-calorie foods. I wish I was still: living in Guam. </3 ~ THIS WAS ULTRA-FUN. :D

‹Miharu-chan› says:   11 July 2009   998455  
May I steal it? ;3
Conspiring says :   11 July 2009   236573  
It would be most awesome if you do. ;DD

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