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Chapter 3~ CalculationsCategory: (general)
Sunday, 28 June 2009
10:03:35 AM (GMT)
PLEASE COMMENT Math. Undoubtedly my worst subject. Though I’ve done it all a million times, it never seemed easy enough for me to pass. I guess I didn’t have an in brain calculator like the other smart-ass kids here. I walked into the room, seeing and feeling 26 pairs of eyes watching my feline stature creep towards the hunky teacher in front of the room. I was quite surprised that a man so large could fit so much of his body under the mahogany desk that he was crumpled under. From the flabby torso up, he was crouched over the desk very absorbed in a New York City style of paper stacks. I tapped his desk and his round head shot up faster then I could’ve imagined. “Hello you must be Miss Turner.” he said, smiling as if he just opened his eyes to see a god- or in my case, goddess. “Yes, that’s me.” That’s when I took in air. My throat began to burn at a low intensity. He must’ve already had this class. I sighed in relief and inhaled once more. I could swear, whoever our God was, he or she, was out to get me. A low buzz sounded the awakening of the ancient air conditioner. Then a strange scent lightly stung my nose and I inhaled again to get a closer look. Right then my God slapped me in the face. The burning in my throat was just like it was in the parking lot- a branding iron down my throat. I could’ve been crippled by the pain if I was alone. The urge to kill was insane. I cocked my head in the direction of the scent. I was utterly shocked. In the seat was a boy- well a young man who had brown hair that to most human eyes, must’ve looked black and beautiful hazel eyes. His hair was pretty long for a boy; his hair was almost as long as Damien’s, if not longer. His thick, layered bangs covered the upper right of his face and his teeth were smashing a pencil eraser but even then, they were almost as white as mine. Was this the human whom I was destined to love? I hope so. He was so…intriguing. The teacher gave me a small stack of papers, more or less twenty in all, and my God told him to lead me to my bloodlust. I held my breath and made my way towards him. I slipped into the chair only inches from him, and looked at him thoughtfully. He was no longer gnawing on the pencil eraser and was looking down, as if he was reading the stack of papers on his desk. “Hello, my name is Taylor Turner. You are…?” I asked him nonchalant. I was truly shocked that all of a sudden the burning in my throat was just something tapping the back of my mind. Once his hazel eyes met my violet ones, the world felt like it was spinning faster and the only ones not phased was this boy and I. As all the lose pieces of me fluttered away, he held them all with his gravitational pull. It was like every part of me was released and the only one holding me down was him. “Dustin.” he said, his eyes flashing from me to his paper. His eyes were so much like to emeralds held in front of an angel’s face. He was so perfectly interesting it sickened me. A HUMAN! I thought I would eventually give up and be with Damien like Cameo wanted. But a HUMAN? What was this world coming to? “Nice to meet you.” I smiled. I knew if I could blush, I would be doing it now. He smiled then. The smile almost knocked me out of my seat. It was the most wonderful, breathtaking smile that reached his emerald eyes. So I then stretched my invisible hands to him. I gasped it surprise. It was like he wasn’t even there. So was I imagining him? No. He was avoiding my invisible hands. It was impossible! Not even Yuna, Nova’s equally elite sister, could block my hands- and she was a shield! It was insane! How was this HUMAN able to avoid me? Now he became immensely more intriguing. “Nice to meet you too.” he said, looking like he had discovered something different about me then all the other girls. Well he had it right. I was different. Very different. But I could see it in his eyes that he was confused. Could he feel my hands prying at the edges of his mind? If he did then I was done for; if he was smart enough to connect the fact that he felt it since he met me. What was stranger then his ability to block me was that I WANTED to talk to him. I felt guilty leaving the conversation as broken as it was. I wanted to know more. Where was he from? Did he play any sports? What were his hobbies? Did he like to read? Was he smart? And while those questions and much more bounced around my mind, my bloodlust resurfaced. Then only one question mattered. How did he TASTE? I hurriedly erased that thought from my conscious. It mustn’t resurface when he was in such close range of me. When I looked at him again, he was no longer focused on me. He was looking at his stack with a speculative grin. When my eyes strayed to the paper, I noticed the elegant doodles on the corners of the page. Then I looked closer. It was MY name. He was now sketching the face of a girl. She had long hair, big, beautiful eyes, a slender nose and lips- her top lip unnoticeably fuller then normal. When I recognized the shape of the lips I noticed the girl was me. What was going on? Had he already known he would fall in love with me? Maybe he was able to avoid my hands because he was a shinagami or a soul reaper. Or maybe he was just bored. “That’s pretty neat.” I blurted, hoping I could rip the words out of the air and shove them back down my throat. He looked up from his creation with his wonderful smile. “Yea it’s nothing. It’s just a little sketch but I think I messed up your lips.” he sighed as he found a fault within his art. I was dumbfounded that he so gracefully admitted the girl was me. I laughed nervously, “No don’t worry about it, my lips are supposed to be like that. It’s great. It looks like I’m looking into a mirror and looking at myself in pencil.” It was true. I couldn’t find a single thing wrong with his picture. My smile shown in the picture was not forced- it was filled with the pure love and devotion I now felt for him. He had become my world as soon as I caught his scent. And then another one of his smiled caught me breathless. “Are you sure? I mean it IS you but don’t you think it could use some work?” he asked, blood rushing to his cheeks. The light burn in my throat resurfaces. “Well maybe some color would make it better but other then that it’s perfect.” I said feeling the light burn maximize seeing the rosy red of his cheeks. He’s head made one single bob and he turned his face from mine and back to a blank corner of the paper stack. I took out a piece of notebook paper and wrote a single sentence. Do you like math? He chuckled as I slid the note under his arm. He unfolded it and a sigh blew through his lips. I’m good does that count? I tried not to laugh as I read the reply. I wonder if they could consider this flirting. Sure, why not  He chuckled at my poorly drawn smiley face and scribbled another reply. Cool. Nice smiley. Ha. So what do you like to do? I can tell you don’t like math. Dang he was good. I had to think about what I liked to do. I listened to a lot of classical music in my spare time and I wrote and read also. I couldn’t tell him I had to train myself to read minds….or could I? Nothing much. I listen to a lot of older instrumental music and I like to write and read poetry. I do a lot of things to train my mind also  Confusion struck his face as he finished the last sentence. He was obviously trying to conjure up what that meant. Oh cool. What kind of ‘older instrumental’ music do you listen to? Who’s your favorite author? Like that weird feng shui stuff? I chuckled when he mistaken my mind training for feng shui. It wasn’t anything close to that. Well I like Clair De Lune- it my favorite. I also like most of the songs from a composer named Clint Mansell. My favorite from him is named Torchwood. I like the classics by William Shakespeare. Ha Ha, you could say that I guess. He grinned at my note, somehow he looked satisfied with my reply. Ha, never heard of neither one of those. Ha, Romeo and Juliet are the only ones I know. So then, what’s your favorite element? Figures. He didn’t seem like one to listen to classics. But it didn’t bother me. Romeo and Juliet was defiantly my life line right now. It wasn’t the Montague’s and Capulet’s after us- it was the entire world. Humanity and immortality coming together. It just didn’t work and it never will. It somehow saddened me when I discovered that fate. Maybe if you give me math lessons, I’ll give you music lesions. Romeo and Juliet. A great one actually. I envy them. My favorite element would be earth. It’s a very calming element in my guess. What about you? His smile was then replaced with his confused look again. He tapped his chin with the pink eraser and nodded to himself. Sounds like a date. Envy them? Why? Earth would probably be my favorite also. I never even noted a date down on the paper, but I guess he had presumed that’s what I was aiming for. I would have to take care with my words. I could reveal my secret too early and lose him. Then the bell shrieked and everyone jumped from their seats. Dustin jumped to my side and we walked together out the door, with two brand new Calculus textbooks in hand. “Here.” he said sticking a neon yellow sticky note to the top of my book. “We have a test Friday so we can study Thursday. How’s that sound?” He grinned as students rushed around our slow walk. “Oh ok, sounds good.” I smiled and with a wink, he ran towards the other end of the hall. I strayed to my next class hoping I would see him again today. No amount of information could be shoved into my brain and knock him out. He was permanently etched into my mind like stretch marks on a late mother’s belly. The only way he would disappear was by force.
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