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The Puzzle-Piece Effect: Chapter OneCategory: (general)
Sunday, 21 June 2009
10:20:32 PM (GMT)

"Haha! HA!"

      The laugh hung heavily in the chilly air, reaching the stony black sky that
stretched above like a dusky shroud. The only light
was the silver moon, throwing its ghostly rays upon the street. 

6th Avenue.
Where all five girls were staying.

      They walked with a ditzy giggle, shrugging off the mental high from the dance
they had just exited from. Their voices seemed 
to flutter on the wind like tattered butterflies, riding through the waves of frozen
air like an angelic chorus.

      "It's great to be together again!" Katie sang as she pulled the group into an
awkward walking group-hug, causing most of them 
to trip over each others feet and crash into lamposts. But Katie ignored their groans
of protest; she merely pulled the group closer
together. "It's been way too long since I've actually had friends!"

      "Mermph." Kacie groaned, as she was incapable of speech due to the fact that
she was being squeezed up against Katie's handbag. Kacie had never been one for the
whole 'group activities' scene, let alone dances. Tonight had been particularly
unbearable, as she was 
currently missing her favorite late-night Jeopardy hour.

      "Fwa! I think so, too, Kat!" French replied girlishly, stopping to give Katie a
quick solo embrace. But French abruptly pulled away, 
realizing that her skirt was two centimeters askew and quickly rectifying the

      "SAVE THE PENGUINS!" Rachel shouted to the sky, tossing her hair back and
waving her hands out to the sky. The others laughed.

      Courtney was the only one who remained silent. She merely smiled and nodded
cheerfully, hiding the thoughts that were swirling around her head. Deep down,
beneath her happy demeanor...she felt...

Something was about to go wrong.

Terribly, horribly wrong.


      They trekked along the sidewalk, oblivious to the speeding cars that zoomed by
and the many stares they recieved from the people that passed them. But they could
forgive them for staring, I guess; it's not every day that you see a group of five
young women wearing
flamboyant dressed parading down the street at midnight.

One block to go. They walked along.


But suddenly...Katie stopped walking.

The air shifted slightly.

     "W-what's going on?" Kacie whispered. They all heard it; sudden shouting noises
floated to their ears from across the street. Angry
yells echoed down the pavement, causing each girl to feel an odd sense of alarm.
Kacie continued. "Did you guys hear that? It sounds like-"
      "-people yelling at each other." Katie finished the sentence for her. And,
without another word, she bolted across the street towards the noise.

"HEY!" she heard the group chorus behind her, but she did not stop. Her curiosity had
already sparked, and there was no stopping her now.

The group realized this as well. Grudgingly, they dashed after her, Rachel leading
the way.

They streaked over to the place where they had seen Katie vanish.

When they reached her, they were met with quite the odd sight indeed: She was
crouched, her face as pale as a sheet, peeking into an alleyway that sat next to

"What's wrong?" Kacie asked.

"...Nothing at all," Katie replied, her eyes wide, "Look in there. You'll see what's
not wrong."



"Look inside the alley!" she repeated, a bit more urgently.



The girls slowly stuck their heads out from the wall and got a glimpse of the dark
world that was the alley. The walls were dripping, the pavement was cracked, and the
shadows from the buildings that bordered it covered the air like black fog. There
were only five things that they could see; five people, standing together in a huddle
by a thin moonbeam, filtering in from above.

"And?" French whispered, "Who are they?"

"Isn't it obvioius through my reaction?" Katie replied instantly, her hands

"...No. Not at all." French sighed.


"-Gackt," Kacie interrupted. "That man on the right looks exactly like Gackt."


All the girls simultaneously widened their eyes. They knew about Katie's,..
'problem', to say the least. And they definitely knew about her
extreme obsession with the man that sat only a couple yards away.

"It's...getting hard," Katie murmured; now her whole body was shaking. Rachel knelt
down and wrapped an arm around her.

But they suddenly all hushed into silence; the people in the alleyway were speaking

"I don't care about risks, Mana," said a voice in a low accent. Katie recognized
Gackt's voice and shivered.

"But we must be cautious..." another low voice crooned. Katie shook again. I know
that voice...

"Eff cautioius!" Gackt yelled, and a clanging noise as if he had punched some object
echoed to their ears.

"...Quiet." the second voice says. The alley people grew quieter.

"Why'd they stop talking?" French whispered.

"Who are they?" Courtney whispered back.

"What the hell is Gackt doing here?" Katie murmured.

"Why are you eavesdropping on us?"


Suddenly, all the girls jumped as they realized that the voice was not one of

As they were busy talking amongst themselves...

The men had apparently noticed their approach.

Behind each girl now stood a man.


They froze.

The man that Katie had called Gackt was behind her. He leaned down and grabbed her

"How much... did you hear?" he hissed through clenched teeth.


She didn't speak. Couldn't is more the word.

"You're going to make her faint, or something," Kacie murmured to him. She was

"I repeat. How much did you hear?" 


She couldn't speak.

"W-we didn't hear anything, sir," French replied with an out-of-place, nervous
chuckle. "Um, if you really don't mind, we'll be going now-!?"

"Ah-ah-ah!" the man behind French said, quickly snatching her collar in his grasp.
"If you didn't hear anything, then why would you be in such a rush to get away, now,
would ya?"

Katie scanned te men that surrounded them, recognizing each one by one.

“Kozi…” she murmured to herself, “…Mana. Yu~ki. Kami.. And…G-…Ga…”

Her voice was suddenly lost.

Gackt turned to the other members. “So what happens now?”

A man behind Rachel stirred. The girls all looked to him and almost recoiled with
surprise; he was wearing a bright blue Victorian dress, complete with long aquamarine
nails and a blonde ringlet wig. 

“There’s the obvious solution,” he said simply, his voice deep and dark as the
atmosphere. From one of the many folds of his dress, he removed…

A switchblade. A small smirk on his face as he flicked it open.


Now all the girls were speechless.

“Or,” said a slender man with long brown hair, sitting behind Kacie, “We can
just make sure that they don’t have the chance to tell anyone. Non violent, and
simply executed.”

“But we didn’t hear-!?” French tried.


The man behind her slapped her on the head. “Stop trying. We won’t listen.”


That did it.

French shot a quick glance to each man, one by one, and made up her mind.

In one fluid motion, she brought her elbow quickly upwards…and made extreme
personal contact with the man behind her.


“RUN!” French yelled, and like  bullets, four girls sprang up and streaked past.


“WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? GET THEM!!!!!!” Gackt shrieked. And the other four
band members leapt up and followed their prey, pursuing them through the streets.


Huff. Huff.

      Proudly the fastest runner, Courtney sped off down the nearest street at
top-speed. She didn’t bother to look behind her; she felt his feet clashing against
the ground as he chased after her.

      Painful yards rushed by in the blink of an eye. Time was speeding up. All she
could hear now was the wind in her ears and her heavy breath.

Huff. Huff.

      After reaching the outskirts of the city, she gradually slowed down to a halt.

      She had made it.

To double check that nobody was following her, she turned around and gazed at the
empty space behind her. No one was there. A breath of relief.

She turned around to face forward…

And screamed when she saw him there.



Went the roof of the dumpster as it heavily slammed shut. The smell that surrounded
Rachel was…terrible. Horrible. Utterly unbearable. But she tried to tune it out as
she crouched down into the trash.

“Eww…eww…EWWWWW…” she murmured as she felt something wet slosh up against
her ankles.

“What was that?” she heard a deep voice say outside. Crap. Ewwed too loud, she

But as much as Rachel tried, she couldn’t erase the sound of her heavy breathing as
she sucked in the sour air.

And sadly, he heard it. Loud and clear.


Rachel waited until all was silent.

“Phew…” she whistled to herself. She was saf-


Through a hold in the lid of a dumpster, the blade to a switchblade was thrusted in
above her head.


“Yup. She’s in there.” She heard the man say.

With a quick yank of the cover, Rachel was revealed. Her captor, the man in the
bright blue dress, smirked. She was his.


“Oh, no you DON’T!” French shrieked.

“OW! F@*!”

French had hit him again.

“Oh, you little @$_-!”

This time he swung at her. But she managed to dodge.

“You’re-!” a punch to his stomach.

“Screwing with-!” a kick to his crotch.

“The wrong-!” a hard slap.


She dashed away.

Her attacked had had enough. With all his strength, he launched himself in her
direction. She yelled in pain as he tackled her to the ground.

Her head met concrete.


With a withered, fading moan, French slipped out of consciousness…and fainted.


For the first time in her entire intelligent life…

Kacie had no plan.

She felt as if she was totally struck dumb, which was very, very odd in her case. All
she could do was put her feet to the pavement and run.  

She got a good bit down the road until she herself was intercepted.

“Let’s make this easy, shall we?” her pursuer said. She glared. 

Kacie attempted to dodge around him, but this worked to his advantage more than she
thought. He grabbed her running form and used the motion to hoist her up over his

She kicked, she struggled. She even smacked him in the back a couple times.

But, overcome by exhaustion and his unusually vice-like grip…

He felt her slump lifelessly in her arms.

“Piece a’ cake.”


      After each of the other four men set off, Gackt sat back down on the pavement.
They would be caught, he thought, without his help. His head throbbed, his mind
reeled…he was feeling absolutely crappy at the moment. 

Plus he  now had four psycho women on his hands.






For some odd reason, Gackt could only remember seeing four girls running away from
him. But wasn’t there five?

His face showed realization.

“Just now notice?” Katie said smugly.

“Ackt!” Gackt yelled. 

Lo and behold, in the exact same spot that she had first seen Gackt, was Katie,
looking calm and unconcerned as she met the older man’s gaze.

“Why….don’t you run?” Gackt’s surprise had changed to an odd form of
curiosity, his head tilted to the side questioningly. 

“One, because I know that you, as a man with less than 6% body fat and muscles like
a tank, could probably catch me in less that a minute. Even if I ran top speed. And,
two…” she trailed off. She knew why. But she wouldn’t say it out loud, just
yet. “…I’m not sure yet. I’ll think about it later.”


Gackt was a bit confused.

But he was always quick on the recovery.

“Well, then, this’ll be simple,” he shrugged, walking over to her still form
slumped up against the wall. 

His hands slid over her slender wrists. Both of them felt the shock, like
electricity, that ran from the spot they touched.

“W…What are you-?”


She felt cold metal clink against her pale skin.




“You…handcuffed me.”




“Why are you carrying a pair of these around?” she asked, glancing over her
shoulder at her shackled wrists and grinning.

“It never hurts to be careful, Dear,” he chucked, helping her off the ground.

She froze again.

“Y-you just called me a D-Dear.”

“Mm-hmmm.” he hummed.

“But how did you kno-?”

“I could tell. You are a true fan, darling.”


She smiled. 

“Ah, well. Where we headed?” she asked, following him as he led her to a car that
sat parked in the alley.

“Heh. You’ll see.”


So all five were thus captured.

The edges of the puzzle have been set in place.

And now…

To start filling in the middle.

~End Chapter One~


gothprincess says:   22 June 2009   174627  
they all knew of Katies "problem"

yeah, id say! only you would be happy to be kidnapped!
Katilix says:   22 June 2009   113483  
Yeah. My huge problem is, basically, my obsession ^.^

YAY! I get to be handcuffed by GACKT-SAMA!
gothprincess says:   22 June 2009   744977  
its your fantasy isnt it?
Katilix says:   22 June 2009   774875  
....Pretty much. Not too much thought needed about it.
popsciclexdino says:   23 June 2009   328878  
Ixceka says:   23 June 2009   832916  
It's awesome, Kat. You're naturally gifted...brat...  Can't wait to
see how it ends....I love how you captured our characters. Right on
the nose! *o*
Katilix says :   23 June 2009   361734  
Fwees! Thanks muches, both y'alls!


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