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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter Twelve.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 3 June 2009
05:54:41 PM (GMT)
"Roman..." I looked at him strangely."He's gay,too?"
     "Yeah," he said."Well...he's bisexual.I've fooled around with him before.Nothing
serious.But I do really like him."
     "Does he like you?" I asked as we sat in some random seats.
     "Not sure...last time I checked,he was dating this bitch in grade ten."
     "Okay,people!Recess is over,and class is started." Mr.Tibbs clapped twice."We
have a new student with us today.Wanna introduce yourself,Mr.Grove?"
     "Do I have to?" I winced.I wasn't a fan of talking to 20 people I didn't know.
     "Come onnnnn!Just tell us something about yourself.....where did you come from?"
Mr.Tibbs gestured for me to speak.
     "Well,on technical terms..I,uh-"
     "No technical stuff." Mr.T chuckled.
     "Alright.Well,I came from Boston,and I moved here because my family didn't
really care about me."
     "Well,that sucks.Sorry about that.You don't have to get personal if you don't
want to."
     "I don't mind.But yeah.I just recently got the...crap kicked out of me in a gang
fight,and after that,I had enough.So,my sister and I moved here with my aunt." I
     "A gang fight?Really?Were you in it?" some random guy asked.
     "No,I was just walking home from McDonald's,and this guy pops out and he's all
'Yo,gimme some weed',and I don't do drugs,so I told him straight where to go.I even
gave him a map....that was a joke.And then his friends came along and look-" I pulled
up my shirt to reveal three major cuts on my stomach.The whole class gasped.
     "Whoa!" Mr.Tibbs was taken aback by my little explanation of why I was chilling
in his school."That's a lot to handle.I'm terribly sorry,Avery."
     "Yeah,I'm never walking home from McDonald's again," a brunette girl shuddered.
     "Good idea.But yeah,it's all,it is.Am I done introducing myself
now?I think I've said too much,to be honest." I told him.
     Mr.Tibbs nodded."Thanks,Mr.Grove.Now!Let's get started on today's class.Does
anyone want to give Avery a heads-up on what we're doing?"
     Xavier raised his hand."Go ahead,Xavier.And whoever hasn't been paying attention
within the last week,it might be a nice time to start listening now." Mr.Tibbs
     "Kay,so we're studying different kinds of religion.We've been working on it for
about a week before you came,and we're almost done.We have to pick a religion and
write some facts about it.Then we have to give our own opinion on it.We can pair up
for the project,if you want and if Mr.Tibbs approves of it.I don't think he'd expect
you to do it alone anyway."
     "That's true.Sure,you guys can pair up.What religion were you doing
again,Xavier?" Mr.Tibbs asked him.
     "Christianity in general,sir," Xavier replied.
     "Great.Cool.Yeah,you two can pair up.No problem," Mr.T nodded."So,let's get
started now,okay?All of you.Especially you,Cole."
     "Cole" rolled his eyes,but nodded his head.
     Xavier moved his desk over by mine and took out all of the papers he
had."Anyway,I'm mostly done with the project,so we can just pretend we're doing it
and I'll do the rest tonight on my computer."
     "But then I'll get credit for stuff I didn't do....I've gotta do some," I told
him."That's not even fair."
     "It's not a big deal,Avery.I'll finish it up,and you can read a few things off
of the sheet and give your opinion on Christianity...kay?" he gave a small smile.
     "Fine..." I rolled my eyes.
     "Are you even Christian?"
     "Not really.I don't have a religion.Although I think it would be fun to do the
whole voodoo shit on people.What's that religion called?" I asked him.
     "I don't know.Something about witchcraft...and yeah,that'd be fun."
     "Fer sure.So,anyway,do you and Skye and Roman hang out outside of school?" I was
     "Mhm.We've been inseperable since grade seven," Xavier grinned as he picked at a
piece of string hanging from his long-sleeved striped shirt.
     "Awesome.We should all hang out sometime," I suggested.
     "You best believe it," he said.
     "Hmm...uh,I can,but I'm not sure about Skye and Roman.Skye has dance class
sometime during the week,and Roman goes to art classes three times a week.Not sure
when the exact dates are,so...maybe."
     So,we talked for a while longer about random things that weren't even relevant
to religion class at all.When the bell rang,we got up and hurried off to the
cafeteria to meet up with Skye and Roman.

‹Kyliebear has quit› says:   3 June 2009   559349  
Good chapter <3
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 June 2009   377321  
SexFlavouredPancakes says:   4 June 2009   441816  
‹karissaatethem› says:   4 June 2009   832993  
Kyle shut up. you're really annoying and whiny and just lame. 
"Kylosaur Likes His Coffee Black"  Wtf's that? jesus. 
are you trying to make your name involve mindless self indulgence
lyrics? holy shit you're retarded. just go complain to zane the fake
who's pictures btw are on google.
‹karissaatethem› says:   4 June 2009   419817  
Oh btw courtney.your story makes life better<3
BooRadley says:   4 June 2009   525852  
are avery & roman going to hook up?
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   4 June 2009   616776  
That's really mean,though.

And no.Roman and Xavier are going to hook up. 


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