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I'm worried for my friend...Category: (general)
Saturday, 30 May 2009
10:33:28 AM (GMT)
Ok, so I have my buddy from down the street who often comes over. He doesn't act
like a second grader, he acts my age. 

Well, anyway, He was over yesterday, and my brother was making him watch him play
Oblivion (As usual lately.) When he started crying every so often. We could both tell
he was upset about something, but we weren't sure what. We asked him if he was ok and
if we could help, but he said he was fine.

But then he started stuttering.

It's weird though, he'd only stutter if the word related to death. So he couldn't say
the words death, dead, kill, ECT.
But there was another word he couldn't say.


That's the name of his deceased brother, who was born with a terminal illness. I'm
not even sure if he lived past one year old.

Is this some sort of Post-Traumatic Disorder? Or is it just a weird thing he's going

I've prayed for him, trying not to sound like it's for my own sake, but I'm not sure
if God'll respond because it sounded self-centered. (He doesn't answer prayers like
that. Like, if you prayed for a Ferrari, he'll just ignore you. xD)

Do you guys have any idea?

callie11 says:   30 May 2009   336985  
He's in second grade? I'd say it's something he hasn't gotten over from his brother's death. No matter how mature he acts around you and his friends, his grief maturity level is probably around that of a second grader (or however old he is). If he hasn't, he should either talk with his parents or school counselor about it (they probably talked about it when his brother died, but he might have stopped talking). Counselors have a way of making things like that easier.
Kirti says :   31 May 2009   956552  
Forget praying for a second! If God wants this kid to be helped then
that's why he had you notice the stuttering!

Give him annonomous support. Judging by how mature he acts around you
and the fact that he claimed to be fine, telling him that you know
somethings bothering him is a very bad idea. Making him feel like
everyone around him views him as a weak child won't solve anything. 

He lives nearby, so I would recomend sliping unsigned notes through
his mail slot saying things like "You're special." "You're important."
and things like that. Don't say anything about "I love you" though,
'cause if it's a secret admiorer then he'll try to find out who it is.
I'd sstay anyway from things like "Jesus loves you" as well, because
Jesus loves everyone and if this poor kid's in pain then telling him
what he already knows probably won't be much help. For the same reason
I would recomend not writng a note saying "You're mom loves you."

School counselors also have a unique way of having you talk about your
problems so that no good comes from talking about them at all. He
should talk to his parents, but stay away from the school counselors.
He could get bullied for crying in school, which wouldn't help
anything either.

Well that's my advice. Don't feel obligated to listen to me.


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