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ATTENTION EVERYONE.Category: (general)
Thursday, 23 April 2009
11:10:30 PM (GMT)
STOP;; Typing like this;; And titling things like this: I FEEL SO;; CRAZY;; (: Etc, and so on. I'm talking to you, scenetards and emokids. And quit abusing the semi-colon. You're doing it wrong. Okay? Thanks. ♥ I LOVE YOU ALL, NO OFFENSE, NOW BRING ME A SODA BEFORE I GET MAD
Last edited: 30 April 2009

Mewmewkitten says:   24 April 2009   871978  
This is how you use it; they do it wrong. c:

It's as annoying as &&. >:U
feelslikeheroine says:   24 April 2009   633434  
Oh dear god, the semi-colon. I was starting to think no one really
noticed the abuse. It's in their profiles, it's in their display
names, it's everywhere. Like that wasn't insulting grammar enough,
they also double it. 
Satsujin says:   24 April 2009   178878  
but, sugartastic, it makes them feel;;

special && unique
Timelord says:   24 April 2009   664825  
Ily Ren;;



‹GatorBoots› says:   24 April 2009   371837  

I'm original.
Even though over 9000 people disagree.

Fuck scene kids.
‹burblegurm› says:   24 April 2009   231512  
Basically I used it once :l
though I don't think I abuse it e_o
‹ERASED› says:   24 April 2009   699962  
The ; symbol is used to seperate two sentences. 8D
‹ERASED› says:   24 April 2009   258739  
Or I mean, the seperation of two sentences in one.
It's replacing "and" "or" "but" "nor" and etc.
DoOp says:   26 April 2009   958537  
;;;;;; .?wat! I dun get u. ;;;I so cunfosed. :E

Lol : ) I'm just playing.
Lyncheh says:   26 April 2009   371981  
But; I thought you; loved me; don't you mean;;;;doin it;;;;rong?
sugartastic says:   30 April 2009   661531  
Haha. XDDDD How embarrassing! I noticed that "doing it right"
sentence RIGHT after I wrote the entry, and tried to correct it. Alas!
:O I was on Safari on my iPod, and it wouldn't let me correct it... so
I totally forgot to fix it. <3

I feel like an idiot. ;u; Thanks for telling me though! <3 I would
have left it like that. XDDD That would have sucked.
sugartastic says:   30 April 2009   321761  
I feel;;

like an idiot.

LOLOL what a bad attempt at being "edgy" or "original". XD Or deep.

And aww TL! ;u; You're always so sweet! XD -hugs- ♥ ILU2! *-* <333
You're always so kind, that's why you're the best! ^^ <3
Sanyu says:   30 April 2009   125429  
I use ;;

Butttt I use it as a crying emoji! Not a um, suspension building
VelvetMercuryNebula says:   30 April 2009   789156  
It makes me feel;;
Unique && Mysterious;;

Oh dear God, I hate it too.
‹VanillaTwilight› says:   1 May 2009   376288  
I sometimes do it. o:
just had to admit.
And i use it as a face too Sanyu.
I don't think i'm emo or scene thou, don't worry. :D
fruity says:   1 May 2009   273292  
your 'well right but if ppl wanna use the keyboard to make
things look pretty them let them [do iiht]. x
sugartastic says:   1 May 2009   128581  
Fruity, it doesn't look pretty. o.o It looks ridiculous most of the
time, in my opinion. Also -- I don't know where people get this idea,
but I don't control Kupika. XDDD I just voice my opinions about
it and its trends. I can't actually CONTROL people. :3 (But that would
be kinda cool haha. :3)

Is '[do iiht]. x' also one of those things? o.o Hm... trends are so
roar says:   1 May 2009   643339  
fruitys correctt. & so are you. id does look good, when it isnt over
done. imo its fine unless you have tones of crap [~LiEk
DihzZ]♥; x

yaadigg? y/n.
‹VanillaTwilight› says :   1 May 2009   998515  
Yeah. ^^
People just have their own ways of making their text or typing or
whatever look nice! And everyone has their own opinion on what looks
good, or doesn't.
But for example i just like it when people decorate their txt by using
lots of smileys and making it look exciting because it's so much
funner to read! :D
But i do hate it when people OVER do it. That's annoying.
Still i do this.;;
Eep. But anyway what i most hate is when people tYp lEiK dIzZ.
Haha. <3


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