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Pomeranian Wolves? Huh? Poodle Wolves?! (My grades too... Urgh)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 25 March 2009
07:46:47 PM (GMT)
Pomeranians. Those, fluffy, fox-like, cute yipping dogs one might find specially

Wolves. I do hope you know what wolves are.

So, anyways, our group was reading Julie of the Wolves. And so this conversation
struck up:

"The wolf you drew on the folder looks like a dog." The person sitting next to me
remarked about our folder.

"Dogs are wolves." This other guy said.

"Well, no, dogs are domesticated." She replied.

"Yeah, but they're still wolves."

"No, they're dogs."





"Wait, wait, wait!" I interrupted. "If dogs are wolves then... Does that mean
Pomeranians are wolves too?"

"Um... I guess so." The guy said.

"Hey, think about those surrounding a caribou for the kill!" The girl who drew the
folder sitting across from me cheerfully remarked. "Poodle wolves! Chihuahua wolves
hunting in a pack, foaming at the mouth!"

It was an awesome topic.


Grades. Soooo...?

Yeah yeah. Straight A's. 



Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid STEREOTYPES.

Effing stereotypes. STEREOTYPICAL stereotypes.


I hate it. When people assume. I'd always get. Straight A's just. Because...


I once got a B last time.

This other person: You got straight A's again, right? (Me: *Thinking* OH. MY. GOSH.

Me: No. I got a B.

Other person: OMG, RLLY?!!!!!!!1111!!!11-One-

Me: YES REALLY!!! *Anger* (Okay, so I wasn't really yelling. And I didn't sound
angry. I totally was though.)

I mean, seriously. That's so... I'd like to get straight F's just to spite those
people. But that would be shallow. And I'd like fail everything. So, um...

What? I can't get A's just because I'm smart? Noooo, I'm already smart
because I'm Asian apparently! Not because I have actual, you know, hard earned

Oh, wait. It is. Because, since I do get good grades, I must study more than the
average person. Therefore, I MUST NOT HAVE ANY SOCIAL LIFE. 

I probably don't help the matter all that much by wearing all these non-brand clothes
and looking all scruffy and stuff. But still.

Yeaah, I'm expecting way too much of the average person at my school. Just 'cause
they're all COMPLETE-

No, I won't go that far. But stereotypes are just plain irritating. 

I was royally pissed off today. 

Thank you for listening (Ackhem, reading) to my rant.

Gosh, I hate stereotypes.

Hawkeye15 says:   18 April 2009   892242  
That first thing was hilarious!
Poodle wolves!
Oroborus21 says:   21 April 2009   778798  
poodle wolves?
‹A role to play› whispers :   21 April 2009   643914  
Yes. ^^


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