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Saturday, 7 March 2009
01:13:57 PM (GMT)
Backround: Who gave birth to you? My mother,KateMarie the second Who is your biological father? Olise Goren. Do you live with both of your biological parents? Yes. Do you like your parents? Yes. Do you get along with your parents? Totally. Where were you born? Sydney,Australia. What date were you born? August first. Do you have any siblings? No. You are child number? Child number one. Do you have a large family? UGH NO. What is your family like? Randomness funniest depression.d check: About you:What is your name? KateMarie . Do you have a nickname? Kate Marie MARS kAY KAY ArieKat. hahaha How old are you now? Twelve. What color are your eyes? Hazel brown. What color is your natural hair? Light brown. Do you dye your hair? yes. Do you have a 'style'? Yes. Are you wealthy or poor? Wealthy. Are you single or taken? Singlee. Do you have any tattoos?Tattoos? Nope. my baby skin wont take that (:. Do you have any piercings? Nope. How tall are you? 5" 2' What is your favorite: Food? Spanish,Italian. Song? Energy-Keri Hilson Mood? Depression/Happiness. Animal? Every kind. Person? My best friend. Color? Blue. Movie? ...CANT ANSWER. TV Show? Any tv shhow thats on tv. Thing to do? Ballet. Future Goals: What do you want to be when you 'grow up'? Fashion designer/Photographer. Do you want to get married? Yes. Do you have someone in mind? NO. What age do you plan to be married? 24. Do you have kids? How many? NONE. Do you want (more) kids? How many? 2 Girl,Boy I dont care. Do you know what would you name if it was a girl? Vanessa,Mallory,KateMarie,Or Anastaysia. Do you know what would you name if it was a boy? James, Skylar,Kenwerd. Who would be your dream mate? WHY WOULD I KNOW. What is your dream house like? Figure it out. What is your dream car? The most awesomesst im going to be so tottally rich. Any goals not mentioned above? Nope. Which goal of yours keeps you alive? Children. Do you honestly think you'll accomplish your goals?Probably. Yes, no, sometimes or maybe?Yes. Are you on a diet? Nope. Are you happy? Yeah. Are you at home? Yes. Are you nice? Kindof. Are you understanding? Yes. Are you attractive? Umm Yeno?. Are you athletic? Tottaly. Are you caring? I Dont know Are you annoying? You wouldn't even wanna come near me bby Are you spoiled? No Are you picky? No Are you smart? Straight A's? Yeah. Are you dumb? At times. Are you trust worthy? It depends on who you are. Are you crazy? Yes. Are you weird? Yeah. Are you romantic? Umm I dont know HOBO Are you sweet? Tottaly NOT Are you funny? I Have no clue HOBO Are you normal? Not really Are you popular? Not planing to be. Are you tall? Not really Are you skinny? Yeah Are you fat? No Are you muscular? My legs are.. I Run to her house everyday, <3bestfrand Are you amazing? In my world Are you perfect? NO Are you talkative? YES Are you shy? NO Are you responsible? YES Are you mean? Yeah.. Are you addicted to anything? Yes Are you easily influenced? Yeah. Have you ever had a pet rock? Yes Have you ever wet your bed over the age of 12? Gross. Have you ever written a song? Yes Have you ever been in love? Yes Have you ever danced in Public? Yes. Have you ever given a fake smile? Always. Have you ever made out in a theatre?Yeah. Have you ever cheated on someone? No. Have you ever danced in the rain? Yes. Have you ever gotten a broken heart? Yeah. Have you ever sent a hate e-mail? Yeah Have you ever won a race? Yes. Have you ever failed a grade? No Have you ever made a website? No Have you ever blew something up? Yes. Have you ever swam in the ocean? Yes. Have you ever spread a rumor? Nope. Have you ever written a short story? Yes. Have you ever licked a 12 volt battery? no. Have you ever been on TV? Yeno? Have you ever had an imaginary friend? Yes. Have you ever had a boy/girlfriend? Yes. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? Yes. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep? Yes Can you whistle? Yes. Can you play an instrument? Flute and Violin and Piano Can you touch your nose with your tounge? Yeah Can you lick your elbow? No. Can you speak another language? Yeah French Do you shower every day? Yeah. Do you dream? Yes. Do you day-dream? Yes. Do you wish upon stars? Yes. Do you wish you could have someone you can't? Yes. Do you smoke? No. Do you drink? No Do you have a cell phone? Yeah. Do you have your OWN computer? Yes. Do you have an iPod? Yeah Do you have a pet? dog. Do you want a pet? Why do you care? Do you see ghosts? No Do you like where you live? Yeahhhh Do you lie a lot? I DONT KNOW Do you like to be alone? Yes. Do you miss anyone?Yes Do you think you’re taller than most people your age? No. Do you eat a lot of candy? Yeah. Do you love chocolate? Nope. Do you like somebody on MySpace? No Do you have a MySpace?No Do you have any talents? Yes. Do you like to travel? Yes. Do you hate it when people copy you? Yes. Right now: Are you alone? Yes. Are hungry? yes. How are you feeling? Happy How's life in general? Idkk Is there any noise around you? Tv and Jane yellingit What are you thinking about right now? Messages eatting What are you wearing? Skinny jeans and aa peace shirt What is the weather like? brightday What is your mood? Happy What date is it? March 7th What time is it? 6:16 What season is it right now? I Cant tell you Where are you? Home. What are you listening to? Jane yelling at tv Are you having a good day? Yea Do you like school? Nope. What time does school start? 915am. What's the name of your school? Why would i tell you What grade you are in? 7th Who's your favorite teacher? Miss Lye Who's your least favorite teacher? Mr.Thoom What's your favorite subject? Math What time does school end? 4:15 When will/did you graduate from High School? Cant tell you.ght now: Would you: Ever have an abortion? Nope. Go out with somebody of the same sex?no. Go out with your ex's friend? No Kiss your boy/girlfriend with your parents watching? Probably Tease a monkey at the zoo? Yeah never again Shoplift? Yes Write homosexual in sharpie on the Mona Lisa? Probably Cry in public? Yes Cuss in front of family? Yes Run naked in a famous city? not ever Go to the forest alone? yes Go to visit a random person at any prison?Fuck no cheat on a test? No

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