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Just another stupid entry.Category: (general)
Tuesday, 13 January 2009
11:22:15 PM (GMT)
Hey all. 
I know. 
It's been quite a long time since I've posted in this here diary on this here site. 
Let me just tell you, I've been busy.
And at the current moment I'm in a shitty mood.
I never really understood why those preps at school would always write in their
facebook statuses "Waiting for my romeo", or "This happy ending isn't so happy
anymore" Or shit like that, whatever. 
I didn't get it because, it seems like there's SO much more to life then
relationships, boys, and school. 
It's bullshit that that's what people believe in.
I usually spit my guts out on my blog, but today I feel like getting into the heads
of you Kupikians, or whatever the hell you're called. 
Sorry for being so cranky by the way, usually I'm a happy-go-lucky nice peaceful
person. But right now, like I said, I'm in a shitty mood. :/
So anyways. 
I have this huge project due Friday, (which I havn't started yet btw)
and it shouldn't be a big deal, I mean, I never do homework.
But this term I want to get a good mark before I fail english.
So my project's on Global Warming.
And I have no idea what it's all about.
It sounds like a bunch of boring crap.
But it's what I care about.
I chose the topic.
I want to show my classmates and my stupid school that we can save the planet before
we're all blown to itty bitty peices before we have to.
But, that's not my reason for my pissy-moodness. 
What I wanted to actually vent about which I couldn't remember about until just now,
was about what my teacher was talking about.
He said.. "Technology is tearing apart relationships now a days."
And before I could block out the sound of his voice like I usually do so it's just a
low buzz, It clicked in my mind. It really made sense.
So I thought to myself, that's really true. So here's some of my own thoughts: 
The more gadgets and ways of communicating in the twenty-first century are just too
much. Because people meet online, and then if they live in the same town, they go to
meet each other, and they tell each other how much they love one another on msn, or
facebook, or whatever online dating website they met on, and when they finally meet,
it's extremely awkward. They can't say how much they claimed to love eachother like
they did on msn, because it's much easier said then done. 
This is exactly what happened to me. 
My friend Shawn introduced me to Christian on msn, and I hardly knew him, but saw him
around school, so we started to get to know each other on there, and wouldn't you
know it, one day he just happened to get a crush on me. Though we still hadn't said a
word to each other in real life, we knew we both liked each others personalities on
msn. So a while later, he asked me out. Yup. He finally popped the question. On msn,
of course. So the day we got back to school, I walked up to him to say hello, since
you know, he was now my boyfriend. And uhh yeah. It was the most awkward moment of my
life. But err yeah, it got a little better, after the first month it wasn't as
awkward, he put his arms around my waist and we hung out at lunch and breaks and
stuff. But I still wouldn't kiss him. Okay, so I'll confess. I'm SUPER frigid. 
And uhh.. I have to say, I've never kissed a guy in my life. :/
So, when he leaned in for the big moment, I just gave him a hug, and walked away.
Cause I'm lame like that.
I'm not one to get asked out much, my record is three. Including him xD
I've been dating since grade seven, and I've had a new boyfriend every year. 
If you're wondering, I'm now in grade nine >__>
Yeah. So anyways, We were getting better with the awkwardness, and just when we were
at two months, he breaks my heart. 
Guess why?
Because it was awkward.
So yeah.
I learned my lesson.
I'm NEVER meeting guys on msn ever again.
Especially since he built up my feelings, and crashed them down.
Oh well, he turned out to be a man whore anyways.
Out of the three I've dated, 
All three turned out to be like that.
But I'm okay.
It hurt when he dumped me, but I only cried for two minutes x3
But what really hurt, is him replacing me after not even a week.
Guess who with?
The one prep he hasn't dated yet.
He went out with every popular girl in the whole school, except her.
And I guess I was just an exception, since I don't have a stereotype.
But oh well.
Life goes on.
Now read this post I made for a forum I posted in ^_^

It's amazing, until it ends.
Cause' it can't last forever when your a teenager. 
But then, does love ever last when your an adult?
You know your going to get your heart broken, 
but you still keep on exploring.
Cause what else is there to do?
You don't see it coming, 
but still you hold on.
Because you don't know how bad it feels,
until it happens. 

P.s: I don't care if you think this post is lame.
it was just something I needed to do to vent.
Some moral support would be great, actually ^-^
So thanks. I hope you enjoyed it.

‹*=ForgottenInNothingness=*› says:   14 January 2009   853825  
you are amazing!
And I know how that whole online dating thing goes it took me three
times to learn my lesson. three asshole boyfriends until i finaly
caught on. It was the last one that really broke the ice.

im thinking about posting a response to this in my diary. if you don't
RainboTaz says :   14 January 2009   565865  
Awe :]
And Okay that's fine ! ^-^


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