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Monday, 22 December 2008
03:23:45 PM (GMT)
Welcome To Sammer's cool diary about sites that are AWESOME

Ok, I'm Sammers, as you probably know... Maybe you could even read my profile, lolz.

Just copy that link into your URL and you are set. And btw monky_grrly is me,
whenever you see a *** it means that my username is monky_grrly but if it isn't I'll
be sure to put it down!
This site you adopt cute little monsters and care for them. You can message your
friends and get a pet by growing flowers. You can shop in Monstro City and buy items
for your pet and house.

*** and monkygrrly w/o the _
This is supposed to be a future-powered site where everyone moves on hoverboards...
To check out their page go to
oh and btw FANTAGE stands for fantastic age... lolz

This is a DISNEY site about the pixies like Tinker Bell and you basically for girls
since you can't create a girl pixie but you can choose what talent she has, what she
looks like and her outfit, and even her name, though you have to choose between the
names they give you to choose from. You can also chat and other stuff like that
though you have to pay to become a premium member with special privliges. 

username is gabaehr {my sister made it up}
You go around on quests and stuff but the objective of the game really is do whatever
you want to do... There is a lot of cheats on the internet if you are stuck on a

It says that you can be an elf while doing good things in the real world, but I don't
really get it since I don't play it too much. You can design your elf and home while
chatting to other characters. It's not very popular so not many elves are there to
talk to!

6. http://www.
THEE BEST SITE EVER! They have created a whole world bursting with fun activities and
such. You adopt a virtual neopet and eanr neopoints through games and contests. You
use those points to buy things for your pet. You have to buy neocash card though if
you want to shop and the NeoMall. You have to be {or pretend} you are 13+ so you can
join/make guild, neomail and have neofriends and go onto the forums a.k.a. boards. 

Sorry peoples but my stupid parents have banned me from this site. I would recommend
13+ to only use this site.
You make a WeeMee and can msg your friends and chat in Wee World a.k.a. Dome City.

Don't really know how to explain this site so check it out for yourself!

Don't have an account
Technically you have to be {pretend} 13+ to play Runescape but I play it anyways
because It's really kool! You have a character and can do so many quests! It's set in
the time of nights and dragons and this site is really WORLDWIDE!

If you have any good chatting , RPG, Sim, or Strategy games email them to me and
I'll add them!

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