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Friends with her again, huh? :|Category: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
Friday, 5 December 2008
07:44:16 PM (GMT)
I'm sick and tired of ranting and being annoying. But I need to vent somewhere. -_- This is totally ridiculous. That stupid girl that made that "list"? Yeah, I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about. One of her friends (who happens to be a friend of JASMINE'S) was mad at her too because well... her behavior is unacceptable and she's just mean. Then the friend goes BACK to this "list-maker" and starts sucking up to her? And suddenly they're magically friends again? Because the friend just decided to give up and kiss up to her friend? WHAT IS THAT?! SERIOUSLY. This friend of Jasmine's -- she probably doesn't even know who I am -- or maybe she does. We've talked once or twice before, but we're not exactly friends. Yet I'm just so DISGUSTED at her behavior. What is THAT? "Oh, I hate you! You're horrible! And you insult me everyday and say I'm a retard!" then the next day after she INSULTS you, you turn around and say "I love you you're my best friend LOL time to kiss up to you now for no reason!". You're not fooling ANYONE. If you were a real friend you wouldn't be sitting there while your friend acted like an immature retard and just LET HER. You'd talk to her about it or try to fix it. Not be all "oh we're magically friends again" like you made up, PRETENDING you don't see how stupid she is. You're not a real friend, you're a tool. You just sit there and smile at her and play nice instead of being a friend and letting her KNOW what you think and trying to HELP her. And by help her, no, I don't mean sitting there and going "ily lol". UGH. And what's up with this? You comment on her entries like 30948394 times before, saying how stupid she is and begging her to stop hurting her friends. Then you turn around and comment and say "That's not the list was about. You guys are stupid." or whatever you said? Well, isn't THAT the pot calling the kettle black! :| You're so unbelievably stupid -- and disappointing. What kind of friend ARE you? You're on our side about that stupid journal and now you just switch over to hers and suck up to her? Pathetic. Have a BACKBONE. Learn how to stand up for yourself. And no, insulting everyone and being intolerant of their religion is not right. No matter how much you suck up to her and pretend to be friends again, it's NOT right. You're both wrong. She's wrong for being intolerant of Christians and YOU'RE wrong for sitting there and LETTING her walk all over you and her friends. You're pathetic. You're WORSE than her. YOU'RE the idiot -- are you stupider than her, or are you just too braindead to stand up for what you think is right? I liked you before -- you're Jasmine's friend, you probably still are -- and you were just way awesome. You always spoke up for what you believed in and you stood up to people that hurt your friends. You protected them and cared for them, and I thought you were just so awesome for that. It was really admirable. Then the next thing I know, you're friends with the girl calling Jasmine a RETARD and insulting her religion? Not only that, but the girl who said she'd like to KILL her sister? You make me sick. Both of you. I don't like you anymore, no. You don't protect your friends. You're not funny and nice. You let your friends shove you and your other friends around instead of telling them to stop or protecting them. That's just weak. You're changing for the worse. I wish you'd act like you used to. I know we didn't talk much, but I always saw you around and thought you were great -- one of Jasmine's most awesome friends. I knew she could count on you to protect her from that retarded Katie kid. Or at least, know the difference between RIGHT and WRONG. And yes, insulting someone for their religious beliefs is wrong. It's wrong and it's intolerant. I don't care HOW many people pushed Christianity on you or came to your door. Or that your stupid hamster died so you magically converted to atheism, as if you thought your hamster would live forever or something (seriously, that's severe retardation right there) -- you do NOT go around and hate everyone of the same religion just because ONE religious person annoyed you. That's like saying "oh this Asian kid was mean to me so I HATE ALL ASIANS" or something equally ridiculous. It's intolerant and makes you look like you don't have the brain power to see people for their individual traits. Everyone is unique; not every Christian is the same and stereotyping others for their beliefs, race or gender is childish. You kids need to learn to GROW OUT OF IT. I was told by someone that being intolerant of others will do nothing for you. Hating someone for their beliefs or what they look like will get you nowhere in life. You'll be miserable, and nothing good will come from it. Hopefully one day, you'll learn this. And you, the girl this entry is directed toward -- you should learn this too. Your friend is doing something WRONG. If you really care for her, talk to her about it. FIX IT. Help her. Do something. But don't sit there and agree with her on everything as she's hurting her friends and causing hateful uproars. If you were a good friend, you'd know this. But then again, I don't think you are. You were a good friend. I know it for a fact; Jasmine told me all about you and I saw it for myself. Now -- to put it in simple terms -- you suck. You and your behavior. GROW UP. Learn to stand up for yourself. Don't let yourself be pushed around and used. And the kissing up you're doing? It's making me want to puke. Jasmine too. "Oh I love you now". GAG. If that was true, you'd feel comfortable to express your opinions to her and she would learn to accept them instead of hurting you about them. That's not "love", that's just fear. You agree with everything she says because you're AFRAID of being rejected and insulted. A backbone. Get one. Who is this for? A friend of my sister's. Her name start with an "O". It should be obvious to her; when she's reading this, every should fit into place and she knows who she is. Jasmine knows too, so if she wants to figure out if it's for her or not, and her name starts with an "O" and she's Jasmine's friend, then she can ask Jasmine. And I assure you -- you really crossed the line. Edit: Also. I'd like to make something clear -- please don't insist that you're still "nice to Jasmine". You may still show that you're polite to her, but it's a slap in the face that you agree with and approve of someone that insulted her and disrespects her so much. Someone that causes her HARM. You may act nice to her face but if you really cared for Jasmine, you wouldn't let people talk trash about her and then agree with the person, saying "ily" or whatever. -_- Don't make me laugh. Also, I do think you're not as bad as Katie, but it's still pretty awful that you let that go on. Comments are locked.
Last edited: 5 December 2008

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