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The girl who found love part 3 chapter 21Category: (general)
Tuesday, 2 December 2008
07:50:55 PM (GMT)
The police came in with Jessica and Brooke and they went up to Taylor and the police
officer said 

Police: We have to take Eddie he abuse you and almost killed you and that is against
the law and he might do it again and hurt Brooke. You have a choice your daughter or
your husband. 

Taylor: My daughter. 

The police man gave her Brooke and he went to Eddie and stood him up and he cuffed
him and Eddie begged for her to change her mind but she got up slowly and she took
the ring off her finger and said 

Taylor: Me and Brooke divorce you and I hate you

Eddie: This isn’t fair. I saved you and I gave every to you. Taylor please don’t
do this.

Taylor: Officer please take him out of this room now.

The officer nodded and he smiled and said goodbye and he walked out of the room with
Eddie.  Taylor sat back on the bed and she hugged Brooke. 

The next day Taylor went home and she packed Eddie stuff up and she put them in the
front hall and she sat on the bed and then Jessica came in and said 

Jessica: Can I take Brooke to the park.

Taylor: Sure and if you need me I will be at the coffee shop and hear is my cell
phone number.

Jessica nodded and she grab Brooke from her room and they walked outside and down the
street to the park.  Taylor heard a knock on the door and she went downstairs to see
who it was. She open the door and Eddie was there and he said 

Eddie: I am out on bail so ha and move over I’m hungry and you better have food on
the table 

Taylor shook her head no and she hand him the bag and said 

Taylor: I brought the house and all the stuff because I found out you use m credit
card so this means I get to stay and so dose the stuff and if you will excuse me I
have some where to go. 

Eddie: No you don’t you and me are going inside and going to eat.

Taylor: No we aren’t and you better leave right now and never come back.

Eddie was getting mad now and he slap her and push her insider she reach for the
phone and called the police while Eddie was in the kitchen.  Eddie sat in arm chair
and he at his sandwich and he turn the TV on.  Taylor turned it off and took the
sandwich and she throw it away. He got up and hit her and Taylor slap him and told
him to get out now. 

Eddie picked her up and Taylor screamed and kicked him non stop in the chest. He
flung her on the couch and he had a grin on his face. She told him no and she slapped
him as he took his shirt and pants off. She screamed hoping a neighbor with here,

He took off her shirt and she hit him and said no and then he took off her skirt. She
started to move and she try to get away but he didn’t let her. He picked her up and
brought her upstairs while she was screaming and kicking. 

He throw on the bed and tied her down. She screamed and then she began to cry. He
took off  her bra and underwear and he took off his boxers. He blindfold her and he
stuck his dick in her. She screamed out no and he took it out and he put a condom on
and he put his dick back in and he started to go in and out and then he went deeper
and then he started to go fast. She screamed no while he did it and then stuck his
dick her mouth. He shoved it in her throat and she gage and  he kept putting it in
out of her mouth and he kiss her tears go down her face. She felt cold and wish he
would go away. He continue though. He cum all over her and he put on another condom
and he went back inside and then he went deep and fast and found her special spot.
She started to cum and bleed. He laugh and went faster then he stop and he rubbed her
boobs and kiss her as she whisper stop. He just laugh and then he cum all over her
while she just laid there as she bleed.  He dig his fingers and her pussy and he took
them out and licked her blood.  

He heard the door open and he tied her down and he tapped her mouth as heavy foot
steps ran up the stairs.  Two police men came in the room and said to Eddie to freeze
and the police let him put his boxers on and he hand cuffed him and he went down
stairs and put his pants on and shirt on. 

The police women untied Taylor and she helped her wash up and she then help her get
some clothes on and she hugged her and comforted her as she cry.  The police women
helped her in the police car to be taken to the hospital

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   3 December 2008   844888  
Please contiune
‹Emma Bear› says:   3 December 2008   852429  
I will
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   3 December 2008   384341  
omg!! what is wrong with eddie!! gawd!!! that's terrible!!! omg! plz
‹Emma Bear› says :   3 December 2008   244822  
I will

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