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Friday, 14 November 2008
01:51:25 PM (GMT)
Keely slowly opened her eyes to be welcomed by a whitewash ceiling.  She slowly
started getting up. Her body felt sore all over. The room around was very light and
airy with white sheets on the bed where she was laying. Odd, she thought. She
didn’t remember getting here. Last thing she remembered was darkness enveloping her
in the woods. She looked around and saw something that made her jump and her heart
pound. Dante’s painting, that she was meant to retrieve for him yesterday, was
propped up on the wall. How did it get here? Her thoughts drifted to the vampire that
she met yesterday. 
Suddenly, a woman burst through the door. A plump maid bustled in with a green dress
lying across her arms. One side of her face was covered in burn-like boils but this
didn’t shock Keely as she saw all sorts of creatures in the market. 
“Good morning lovely!” She beamed as she laid the dress on the chair. “You
might want to get out of those clothes. Cold they are. I would’ve done it last
night for ya’ but your gentleman said to leave you to rest.”
Keely looked at her. 
“What gentleman?”
“That vampire! Wasn’t he with you? Well, you were completely out of it anyway, so
how would you know?” And she gave a loud, bubbly chuckle.
“He…he brought me here?” She stuttered.
“Course. Mind you, he didn’t stick around. Just came, paid and left.”
“Paid? Paid for what?” Keely asked completely confused.
“The room. And he wasn’t short of money when he left either, I might add. I
suggest you keep him,” And she gave Keely a cheesy wink. She walked into what
looked like a bathroom and started running a bath. Keely realised where she was. An
Inn. She didn’t know which Inn but she knew what an Inn looked like. She was in an
en-suite room at the top of the building. It cost a lot and she hadn’t stayed in a
room like this before. Why would he pay for a room for her? Wouldn’t he know which
house was hers if he watched her? She shivered at the thought and when she remembered
the conversation yesterday.
“I suggest you take a bath before you get in that lovely dress he brought ya. It
seems a shame to get in dirty before you step outside. Oh, he did want me to give you
a message. Was a bit hard to remember so I had to write it down.” And the maid
pulled a crumpled, little paper out of her apron.
“Sorry for the misunderstanding yesterday so as an apology accept this paid room
and dress. I also brought you the painting you required, unfortunately, you have to
make up the excuse for your ‘painter’.” The maid read. Keely couldn’t help
but give a little smile at the last bit. 
“If that’s all, I’ll be out your hair.” And the maid left as quickly as she
had arrived.
Keely quickly took a bath and slipped on the dress. It didn’t fit exactly but it
was very pretty. She left the Inn and walked outside. She knew where she was now. She
was on one of the main streets leading off the market; she would be there in less
than an hour. She started off but it wasn’t soon until she heard another pair of
footsteps mimicking hers. She stopped and looked around. And there he was. The
“What do you want?” She asked, still a bit shocked that he had returned.
“Couldn’t go without a thank-you.” And he flashed his charming smile again.
“Well, you aren’t getting one.” She replied and walked off in the direction to
the market. She would normally say thank-you to anyone who had helped but she felt
different when she was with him and she didn’t want to say thank-you. 
“That dress looks nice. Does it fit?” He asked as he followed her, an inch
“None of your business. And I’m not keeping it. I’ll return it when I wash my
“You sound like you’ve only got one set of clothes.” He replied smugly. Keely
wanted to laugh but couldn’t. Not when he was making fun of her. She stopped in her
tracks and spun round. The vampire looked like he was expecting this. 
“Who do you think you are? You take me to some god-forbidden woods…”
“After saving you, if I recall.”
“Then confess that you spy on me…”
“I didn’t say that, you presumed that.”
“And then you dress me up like some doll!”
“You’re the one who put it on.” He replied calmly.
“Urgh! Will you just go away!” Keely screamed, frustrated that he was so calm
about her accusations and was winning the argument.
She carried on walking, a bit faster this time though she knew it wouldn’t make a
difference, he would keep up with ease.
“Sorry about leaving you there. Did I get the right painting?” He asked a bit
more concerned.
“Where did you get it anyway? Did you break into my house or something?”
“Is it the right one?” He repeated.
“How did you get into the house?”
“Is it the right one?” He repeated yet again but this time, more slowly. Keely
“Yes. Look, who are you, anyway?” Keely asked as they approached the market.
“Thorn…” He whispered. She looked back but he was gone. 

The day was warming up on Aplecragg Work-House. The workers were out working on the
fields. Jinx was working on the outskirts. She was well known although she didn’t
socialise much with the other workers. It wasn’t the best reputation but she never
cared what people thought of her anyway. Her best friend Lars was working his way
towards her. This was their weekly routine. The creatures and humans couldn’t mix
as it was forbidden but they always managed to speak to each other even if it was for
a mere second.
“Hey.” He whispered as he dug next to her.
“Hi.” She whispered back, a little smile growing on her face.
“Your markings look darker.” Lars commented as he sneaked a look.
“I know. I’m getting worried.”
“Why?” Lars asked concerned. Jinx opened her mouth but she did not confess what
was worrying her, instead all she said was,
“They’re looking.” Lars moved away quickly, not looking back.
At the dinner hall Lars sat with his older brother, Borje. Jinx was on the other
side. She got up and strode past them, flicking a piece of cloth to their feet. Borje
let his fork slip of his hand and the sound of the CLANG as it hit the floor bounced
around the room. He leant to pick it up and with it the cloth. He handed Lars the
Meet me by the water duct at moonrise. Lars smiled. The meeting was on.

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   14 November 2008   372314  
Yay! I like "my" character. ^^

The story is great as always! Thanx for updating it so quick. =)
‹Emafie› says:   14 November 2008   881423  
YAY!!! So glad that u liked ur character. I had this horrible feelin
that u wudn't and then u'd complain and yeah... bt u liked it!!! ^^
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   14 November 2008   212333  
You.Are.Uh-mazin'!! ^^
But you probably already knew that. xP
‹Emafie› says:   14 November 2008   446271  
ummm...I don't think I did, bt thx!!! 
I must get the awesumness from u! XD
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   14 November 2008   461329  
A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit
of his friends. 
~Friedrich Nietzsche
‹Emafie› says :   14 November 2008   985747  
Wow, that so rocks!!! It's so deep! That guy's...just great!!! See
that's a saying to be proud of!! 
I just go round with 'Finder's keepers, loser's weepers.' 
It sucks compared to his.   


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