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Liek I gots the dance ticketCategory: school!
Thursday, 23 October 2008
04:28:44 PM (GMT)
Math Club
Let the function R¤S be defined as R¤S= 2R=S². For instance, 2¤3 would have a
value of (2x2+3²), which yeilds a vallue of 13. What is the value of 4¤-1?

D: I gots 9 but everyone else says it's 16! 
I don't get it. Let alone the rest of the problems 

We took a test on "The Third Level" D: I forgot to study but it was simple.

I suck at picking out direct objects, indirect objects, object of prep., and object
compliment. it's just tooo hard!! We also learned appositive they hard too. In other
news I got a 26/30 on my personal narrative :D

We made a triangle box thingy [I forgot what it's called] out of a circle. and we
learned about inequalities. ._. they confused me.

Uhhh we worked on Unit 1 Review thingg. 

:D yer 7th grade made an ONLY 7th grade bump ciricle. STILL Katrina butted in. D< 
Psh Janelle's not listening to her dentist xD I'm eating something chewy. I had fruit
snacks ^_^
I went crazy at lunch. I was like "CASSIE'S GOING TO KILLL US!! SHE KILLED THE
Ohh I got my dance ticket too :D YAY! freaking $5 
aw we have to pay for refills this time

We learned about Pangeae and we didn't outline we kept talking about the land bridge
theory and the Continental Drift theory. Cassie and I were talking and she called
Chrissy a hoe. [don't ask how the convo came up] and I said well she's the hoe for
poe. xD God we couldn't stop laughing and she was like she's poe's hoehoe and then
she said Idaho. [look back in previous dairy entries for that Idaho thing] 

o_o EEEEPPPP They turned the lights off in the locker room!! Yeah 1) it was hard to
change in the freaking dark and 2) I HATE THE DARK. 
Ohmigosh I made my very first, first down today I'm soo happy. xD 

Effects of Exploration? eh? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN! and are there really 25 tribes in
the Plains region? :o So again I was talking to Cassie and I told her that PJ looked
at me during religion when we were praying and stuff and I noticed and looked back
and he smiled. She thinks he likes me. PSH. 

xD HA I'm getting scolded for swearing. By a freaking 3rd grader and yet that person
swears too. Bleh he's all like Janelle said the F word. God and yet he swears too he
admitted that he did. Whatever.

Timez for homework ickk and piano later :D
Last edited: 23 October 2008

‹<3 Her lips taste like a loaded gun</3› says:   23 October 2008   676837 sounds confusing....
‹Duckie♥› says:   23 October 2008   263789  
Lmao. I always cuss on the bus :D
‹Samantha;;ShushYourLips♥› says:   23 October 2008   329293  
Wait, in math, you are learning about..?
I'm learning about Function Forms ;D
It. Sucks.
Big Time.

We cuss anytime we get at chance at my school. .___.
Teachers just say 'Watch the language' Nothing else xD
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   23 October 2008   339572  
function forms?

xD lol
‹Samantha;;ShushYourLips♥› says:   23 October 2008   873135  
lMAO. Yeah.

A=LW Solve for W


The slant is Division D8
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says :   23 October 2008   796289  
o.o woah


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